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Google Nest WiFi with WiFi 6, Thread, and Google Assistant

Google Nest WiFi with WiFi 6, Thread, and Google Assistant

The second generation Google Nest WiFi was announced on October 15, 2019, at the Pixel 4 hardware event.

Google Nest WiFi will most likely have WiFi 6, operate using Thread, and have built-in Google Assistant.

I have a Google WiFi 3-pack arranged in my home and they have made using Wi-Fi seamless. I can go anywhere in the house; no dead spots. The mesh system will also determine priority between 5Ghz and 2.4Ghz to ensure you get the best signal. It’s fantastic!

FCC filings back in 2017 confirmed that Google was working on improving their Google WiFi with a few really cool rumored features.

Google Nest WiFi with WiFi 6

It looks like the new Google Nest WiFi will operate using WiFi 6, otherwise known as 802.11ax. This will allow you to operate more devices at the same time.

Of course, Google is going to try to get more devices in your home at one time. This probably coincides with their hardware announcement on October 15, 2019.

Although still unconfirmed, we call expect WiFi 6E as the third band of signal to the mix. WiFi 6E has the following features and benefits:

wider channelsextremely low latencies
less interferencehigh capacity
more contiguous spectrumgigabit speeds
Features and Benefits of WiFi 6E

Google Nest WiFi with Thread

We’ve speculated at Automate Your Life for a long time, that Thread is going to be the next big thing for IoT (internet of things) in your home!

Think of each device talking to each other, making your network stronger and more connected at each device instead of relying on one hub located somewhere where there is signal interference; now each device acts to ‘self-heal’ the network.

Note: The Google Nest Hub Max and a few ZigBee (QPG6095) products are already certified by the Thread Group.

What is Thread?

We also talk about Thread in our article here. Thread is a protocol developed by the Thread Group.

Google is one of the major contributors to the Thread Group. It is anticipated that the Google Nest line of products will begin to use Thread as a way to mesh their devices together to create a self-healing device network.

Watch the below to know more about Thread.

WATCH & LEARN: All About Thread!

Google Nest WiFi Mesh with Google Assistant

Disclaimer: You don’t need both a Mini and a Nest WiFi Mesh (Nest WiFi Router and Point(s).

The new Google Nest Wifi Mesh is going to have a built-in smart speaker for you to connect with Google Assistant. It might be possible to manage your internet traffic with voice commands or get statistics on your traffic.

For example, you can ask your Google Nest WiFi if it could do a ‘Network Check’, or control internet access to certain devices; either way, it seems that this could be groundbreaking for how IoT is managed at home.

Putting WiFi 6, Thread, and Google Assistant into the Google Nest WiFi devices will make home automation devices more connected, more reliable (less failures), and allow for more devices to fill the home.

If you’re looking for a quick tutorial on how to relink Google Mini to a Google Account, I have written about it in this article.

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