Your Google Home, Google Assistant, and Google Nest products have all kinds of new updates and new features that are ready for you to use. Most of the news and new updates for your Google Home are available on Android only right now, as iOS has fallen a bit behind.

What is Face Match?

Face Match is another way for users to access their Google Nest Hub displays. Your facial features are used to recognize you.

Does Lenovo Smart Display have Face Match?

No, the Lenovo Smart display does not currently support face match. Sept 2019.

Does Google Nest Max have Face Match?

Yes, the Google Nest Max display can use Face Match to positively identify the account user.

Will Android Auto be supported in 2020?

Android Auto will no longer be supported in 2020. Google is introducing Google Assistant Driving Mode.

What is Google Assistant Driving Mode?

The Google Assistant Driving mode is Google’s new application to replace Android Auto. You will be able to start the application by saying: “Hey Google, lets drive.”

How do you trigger the stopwatch with the Google Assistant?

You can start a stopwatch by asking Google Assistant: “Ok, Google, start stopwatch.” You can stop the stopwatch by asking Google Assistant : “Ok, Google, stop stopwatch”

What is Soli?

Google Soli is a gesture sensor that uses radar to track motion of the human hand.

Does Ambient Mode work on the Lenovo Smart Clock?

The latest update (Sept 2019) allows the Lenovo Smart Clock to work in Ambient Mode.

Is the Nest Hub available in India?

Yes, the Google Nest Hub is now available in India.

The Google Home application has a number of new features, including giving reminders to your family or living mates and Face Match. There’s also just a ton of Google Assistant updates when you’re on Android too, as your ability to read messages (not only SMS) but WhatsApp, Telegram, and Discord. There are also just a ton of new products too related to Google Assistant, and the upcoming Nest Mini is going to be a very interesting product.

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