If you’re in the middle of deciding whether or not you should upgrade to the Google Nest Hub Max from the Google Nest Hub, or if you’re trying to decide which of these smart displays to put in your smart home, then this is the comparison review for you.

We will walk you through the biggest differences and similarities between the Nest Hub and the Nest Hub Max and tell you whether or not I think it’s worth it for you to buy the Nest Hub Max over the Nest Hub, despite it’s $100 USD differential in price. Let’s see who wins the ultimate battle for Google Smart Display: The Nest Hub vs. The Nest Hub Max.

The Google Nest Hub

The Google Nest Hub, or previously known as the Google Home Hub, is currently on retail for $130 USD. The Nest Hub is the first in a line of competitive smart displays that boasted a 7-inch touchscreen. It’s competitors like the Echo Show and the Lenovo Smart Display have tried to emulate Google’s necessity in the home. The Google Nest Hub does not have a camera, however. It was Google’s way to stop people from hacking and seeing what was going on in the home. The Nest Hub is great for checking recipes, seeing your photo albums, playing music, and watching YouTube videos. The Nest Hub will also help you plan out your day with programmable daily routines. The Nest Hub is available in white or charcoal.

The Nest Hub Max

Google’s Nest Hub Max was released in September. The Nest Hub Max boasts two 18mm tweeters and a 75mm subwoofer. Talk about power. It needs a 30 Watt adaptor. It’s a powerful performance speaker that can be placed in your living room, kitchen or office. It will blow your socks off in either room. The 10-inch display is clean and outshines the marketplace with its high-resolution screen. The Nest Hub Max has a number of interesting features built-in to the display:

  1. Nest Cam: Google has integrated the popular and high-performance 5MP Nest Cam into the device. It can be used as a stationary security camera by connecting it to your Nest account.
  2. FaceMatch: The built-in camera will also use Face Match to recognize and follow you in the room while using Google Duo. The Face Match will also recognize you to give you Google Assistant’s personal experience, helping you with your commute, and information pertinent to you.
  3. Gestures: No more need to tell Google to stop playing music. Now you can just show the hand. Yes, Google has allowed hand gestures to be used to cancel or stop playing a song, or ending a video call. Just wave the hand.
  4. Chromecast: The Nest Hub Max has Chromecast, so you can cast to and from the Nest Hub Max from another device. I’m guessing this may have to do with the future of services like Google Stadia.
  5. Far-field microphones: The Nest Hub Max has two far-field microphones. The Google Assistant on-board will now be able to hear you better no matter where you are in the room.

With all these features, it may be a good value considering that it’s only $100 USD more than the Nest Hub.

Specifications of the Google Nest Hub vs. Nest Hub Max

  Google Nest Hub Nest Hub Max
Communication WiFi, Bluetooth, Chromecast Built-in WiFi, Bluetooth, Thread, Chromecast Built-in
Display 7″  LCD Touchscreen Display 10″ LCD Touchscreen Display, with 5MP Nest Cam Enabled
Colors Sand, Aqua, Chalk, Charcoal Chalk, Charcoal
Sound Full-Range Speaker, with microphone 2 – 18mm tweeters, 1-75mm subwoofer, and 2 far-field microphones
Power Adaptor 15 W 30 W
Size 178.5mm W x 118 mm T x 67.3 mm D 250mm W x 182.6 mm T x 101 mm D
Price $130 USD $230 USD

Both the Google Nest Hub and the Nest Hub Max are ready to help you with your daily routines. Google brought in some amazing features that will help personalize your experience with home automation. The Google Nest Hub with its 7-inch touchscreen display is a staple in your office or kitchen. The Nest Hub Max is a powerful speaker, 5 MP camera, communication, and streaming device for $100 USD more than it’s sibling Nest Hub. Either way, you’re not going to go wrong based on what you need in the home.

Thank you for reading. In the meantime, remember: Don’t Hate, Automate.

What is the Google Nest Hub Max?

The Google Nest Hub Max is a Google-Assistant enabled Smart Display with a 10” HD screen. It has WiFi, Bluetooth (5.0), and Thread connectivity capabilities, as well as a full stereo speaker system, 2 far-field microphones, ultrasound sensing capabilities, and voice and face match technology. Face Match is made possible by the Nest Camera embedded directly into the device. All of this, for $229 USD.

What does the Nest Hub Max do?

The Nest Hub Max: Plays music and video from YouTube; get general information; run through recipes, play games and answer trivia. You can also make phone and video calls through Google Duo.

Does the Nest Hub Max have a Thread Border Router?

No, Google's Nest Hub Max does not have a Thread Border Router, meaning it cannot start a Thread network with the Nest Hub Max.

What are far-field microphones?

Far-Field Microphones receive simple wave signals that omit the amplitude in the signal, resulting in easier processing of sound far away from the microphone. The Nest Hub Max has two of these microphones to reach the other side of the room.

Where can I get the Google Nest Hub and the Nest Hub Max?

You can buy the Nest Hub at most online and tech stores for retail of $130 USD. The Nest Hub Max will be available in the Google Store on October 15 for a price of $230 USD.

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