Google Nest Hub Max FAQ

Here are some frequently asked questions (FAQ’s) about the Google Nest Hub Max. The Nest Hub Max was released in a few countries already in September. Hoping that you’re already making the most out of your Google Nest Hub Max. Enjoy the Nest Hub Max FAQ:

5MP Nest Cam: 5MP Nest Cam into the device. It can be used a stationary security camera by connecting it to your Nest account.

Face Match: Google Assistant will know when you enter the room and have the screen ready to go with pertinent information to your day; drive time to work, your calendar, your personalized news feeds.

Gestures: You will be able to use hand gestures to stop music and video calls. More hand gestures are on the way. Stay tuned.

Far-field microphones: These two microphones will be able to hear you from across the room.

What is Nest Hub Max?

The Google Nest Hub Max is a Google-Assistant enabled Smart Display with a 10” HD screen. The Nest Hub Max can distinguish hand gestures and uses face match to distinguish each user.

What is Google Nest?

The Nest is Google’s suite of home automation products, that keep the home safe. Nest products include the Nest Protect, Nest Guard, Nest Thermostats, Nest Cameras, Nest Door Bell, and Nest Hubs.

What are the Nest Hub Max Specs?

It has WiFi, Bluetooth (5.0), and Thread connectivity capabilities, as well as a full stereo speaker system, 2 far-field microphones, ultrasound sensing capabilities, and voice and face match technology.  Face Match is made possible by the Nest Camera embedded directly into the device. 

How is Nest Hub Max sound quality?

The Nest Hub max is equipped with two (2) 10 Watt Tweeters, and a 30 Watt sub-woofer. That means you’re getting some serious sound from relatively small device.

What does Nest Hub Max do?

It’s a smart display, which is a smart speaker with a visual interface.
The Nest Hub Max can:
– Play music and videos from services like YouTube.
– get general information.
– run through recipes.
– play games and answer trivia, get stock quotes.
– tell you the weather.
– manage your calendar, shopping list, and give you access to news from all over the world. 
– It can make phone calls in many countries, and now video calls through Google Duo.
– The device itself is Chromecast built-in, which means it can stream from many apps on your phone or tablet. Simply tap that button and up pops the video in stunning HD resolution.
– The Nest Camera on board means that we have access to a whole other dimension of features.  Facial recognition gives us the ability to get more personalized results for everything we do with the device.
– The Nest Camera can also fully act like a security camera, and Google Duo video calls are incredible with a moving and zooming camera.
Gesture control is available for starting and stopping music, ending alarms and timers, and also stopping voice interactions with the voice assistant.  There’s nothing else you can do with gestures yet.
– It acts as a smart home controller, with the ability to connect devices from literally hundreds of other manufacturers and thousands of other services.  It’s also the first Thread End-Router put out on a Google Nest device (the Nest Guard was a border router…big difference), so that gives you some additional automation options for running a Thread network.
– It’s a Bluetooth speaker, a Bluetooth speaker controller, a digital photo frame, a shopping interface (in some countries) with its shopping list, Google Maps in a light version, and it can even make reservations for you.  It will also run more complex automations called routines if you set them up.
You will find this information on YouTube Automate Your Life Channel.

When is the Nest Hub Max available?

The Google Nest Hub Max is available on September 9, 2019 in the United States, Australia and the United Kingdom.

Where can I buy the nest hub max?

You can buy the Nest Hub Max from United States, Australia and United Kingdom retailers. For example, you can buy from:
Best Buy USA:
B&H Video:

How do I setup Nest Hub Max?

You will need the Google Home App, which can be found on the Google Play Store, or the Apple App Store.
You will also need the Nest App, which can also be found on both the Google Play Store (Nest App), and Apple App Store (Nest App).
You will need to run through the Google Home App Setup. You can see the setup on the Youtube Channel : Automate Your Life

How do I use Nest Hub Max?

You can use the Nest Hub Max by stating Google Assistant Commands. You start by saying “Ok, Google”, or “Hey Google”. You can also use hand gestures to
Then you can ask Google to:
– Play music and videos
– get general information.
– list recipes for meal ideas.
– play games and answer trivia, get stock quotes.
– tell you the weather.
– manage your calendar, shopping list, and give you access to news from all over the world. 
make phone calls in many countries, and now video calls through Google Duo.
– Stream movies on your screen.
– Show your security camera streams.
– Stop or start music, or hang up a video call with Gesture Control
– Sync your devices.
– Make reservations to participating vendors.

What are Far Field Microphones?

Far-Field Microphones receive simple wave signals that omit the amplitude in the signal, resulting in easier processing of sound far away from the microphone. The Nest Hub Max has two of these microphones to reach the other side of the room.

Hope you enjoy using the Google Nest Hub Max. Everything you’re going to need to set up and use your Google Nest Hub Max is here and ready for you in the video below. You’ll see how to set up your Nest Hub Max, get it working, choose all the right settings, and then how to use all the new and interesting features.

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