Google is working on connecting your TV to Nest Audio through Chromecast Integration

The option to connect your Nest Audio to the new Chromecast with Google TV. I know many of us have been looking to connect our TV experience to an entertainment system or a smart speaker. We have been looking for ways to connect your TV to your speakers for a while now. We’ve been trying to connect our TV to the IKEA SYMFONISK (Sonos) speakers. We found out that the only way to do that is by using Apple TV. You can also pair speakers to Amazon’s Fire TV. But not on Google’s Chromecast. I would love to connect my TV to a pair of Nest Audio Speakers.

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Abner Li from 9to5Google talked about Wall Street Journal’s report that they confirmed Google is working on Nest Audio and Chromecast Integration. The WSJ was comparing the Nest Audio, Apple HomePod Mini, and Amazon Echo. They were able to get confirmation from Google that it’s “working on Nest-Audio Chromecast Integration.”

Lots of Questions surrounding Nest Audio with Chromecast Integration

I guess there’s a lot of questions to be asked. For one: Is just the Nest Audio? Why is it just Nest Audio? Why now? Why not have this option available when you released the new Chromecast with Google TV and Nest Audio at the same time? Is there an option to include the other Nest and Google smart speakers?

I mean, it’s kind of hard to understand why Google hasn’t figured this out or made this feature available already. You can connect to all your other smart speakers to Apple TV and Fire TV. Is this strategy to control the utilization of smart speakers? Does it make everything previous to the Nest Audio obsolete for Home Entertainment integration? What happens to the Nest Mini? What happens to the Nest Hub Max? What happens to the Google Home Max? 

These are all good questions I guess to ask Google, but it’s good news that this is actually going to happen. Google is allowing us to create a Home Entertainment system! Hopefully, it’s a 5.1 sound system meaning that it has two front speakers (Nest Audio pair?), two back speakers (Nest Mini’s?), a central channel (Nest Mini), and Subwoofer (Google Home Max). Ah ya! I just got my dream Google Home Entertainment system laid out in my mind.

What is a 5.1 Surround System?

A 5.1 Surround System consists of a Front left and right speakers, Surround (or Back) left and right speakers, a center channel, and a subwoofer.

Nest Audio with Chromecast Integration

Nest Audio with Chromecast Integration is something to get excited about. I hope that it integrates for other speakers soon and I hope that this is actually a real thing. It could solidify Google’s position in the Smart Home Entertainment space.