Google developers are ready to converge at Google I/O this year on May 18-20, 2021. It looks like Google is ready to announce new Hardware, according to a post from Scott Brown from Android Authority. Google is set to talk about Google Assistant, becoming 5 years old, and what’s new in store for developers. The other keynote is about what’s new in Smart Home. I think this is where Google I/O announces some new hardware.

UPDATE May 18, 2021: Live Stream from Google I/O Keynote Here

(So no real hardware updates… other than an upcoming wearable)

New Hardware might include a New Nest Cam

It’s been speculated that the Nest Cam needs some upgrading. The Nest Indoor and Outdoor cam have been in service for quite some time. I think some of the competitors have made their way past the features of Nest cameras now. It’s time to see what Google can do now.

Here is an article earlier this month about Google Updates, including speculation on the new Nest Cam:

Scott Brown from Android Authority reminded us that Nest had discontinued its security system and that it is possible that Nest has a new security system in store for us.

Google I/O May 18-20, 2021

Google Assistant at Google I/O

The Google I/O conference will be fully virtual this year, which means, that, virtually everyone is invited. One of the first keynote speaches will focus on Google Assistant, it’s history, and new PRODUCT updates. Yes!!

Google I/O will then dive into more Google Assistant and Voice capabilities with technical sessions such as:

New Google Assistant features and New Hardware announcements at Google I/O

It looks like Google I/O will be focusing on the power of using your voice to manage your Smart Home. It’s great that they are giving developers the ability to provide conversations with our smart speakers, displays, and devices. Maybe this where Google continues its focus on the embedded AI chips to respond to your voice faster? I’m excited to see what tools Google I/O provides developers to make new Hardware and a better Google Assistant.

Image Credit: Google