Sunrise/Sunset Google Assistant Routine is available for some users.

In December 2020, Google came out with the Home and Away routines separate from the other Google Home Routines in Google Home App. Google also allowed certain users to add Google Assistant Routine shortcuts to the home screen. However, it seems that it has been rolled out to almost everybody.

However, now Google has started with testing. According to XDA Developers, there’s a new Routine feature that allows users to select sunrise and sunset as triggers for any routine.

The new sunset sunrise trigger is available in the Beta release of the Google Home App v2.35.1.5. In fact, as I check my Pixel 3A XL phone today (December 14th, 2020), I notice that the regular routines in the Google Home App User Interface (UI) have changed! It is fascinating how Google has been quickly rolling out these Google Home App Routines in quick phases over the past couple of weeks.

Update: December 19, 2020. Home and Away Routines are now available

The new Google Assistant Routine UI gives you three options to activate or trigger a Routine:

  1.  Voice Command: Start your Routine with a custom voice command.
  2.  Time: Start your Routine at a specified time.
  3.  Sunrise/Sunset: The Routine will start or end at the sunrise/sunset time at your location. 
    1. The sunrise/sunset routine gives you an option to select how many minutes before or after sunrise or sunset you want the routine to start. 
    2. You can also choose the days of the week you wish to the sunrise/sunset, and if that wasn’t enough, 
    3. you could also select the device and what you want the sunrise sunset routine to occur.

Google Home App Routines

Google is starting to simplify the home automation routines in your home, so you don’t need other services. This new User Interface (UI) and Sunrise/Sunset Google Assistant Routine are only available for a select number of users on the Google Home Beta program. I think we’re going to see these new options be integrated very soon.

Source: XDA Developers 

Update: December 19, 2020. We have updated this article with a YouTube video tutorial to setup your own Home and Away Routines