Google and Nest WiFi Rolling out Network Performance Improvements on Slow Connections

Slow internet speeds over your Google or Nest WiFi Network? Google is rolling out software upgrades for the Nest and Google WiFi systems to get you back up to speed – so to speak. Sanjay Noronha, Product Manager at Google Nest just wrote a blog post talking about Google’s recent efforts to improve your home WiFi network speeds.

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Google has already announced leaked rollouts to most of its products including the Android TV Chromecast device codenamed Sabrina, improvements to Google Duo, and increased gaming through Stadia. This means that your WiFi is going to need some optimization to keep everything going in 2020. So Google is rolling out software updates for the Google and Nest WiFi systems.

Google and Nest WiFi Improvements

Sanjay from Google Nest says:

  • that Google will improve the Security and Stability;
  • Improve connection speeds on wireless networks and optimization: Google WiFi and Nest WiFi will find stable WiFi radio channels to ensure that you don’t get disconnected or bogged down.
  • Smarter ‘Priority’ Device handling: meaning that when you need the speed that you want on your primary devices, the Google or Nest WiFi system will find ways to get you what you need.

Google and Nest WiFi Software Updates

The software updates for both Google and Nest WiFi routers will happen automatically. No need to for you do anything. I’m looking forward to seeing how Google improves my Google WiFi for all the upcoming devices.