Get Your Kids to Read Bedtime Stories on the Amazon Echo

I just placed and Echo Show 5 on my office desk over the weekend. As I was telling you before, I want to understand more about the Amazon Alexa platform so I can begin sharing my experiences with you. This powerful Echo device is now sitting on my desk; What can I do with it?

What if you are running out of time for bedtime, and need to do something else during that time. What if you’re just tired and need that extra time to relax. Could the Echo read bedtime stories to your kids!? Yes, it can!

I was looking at Amazon’s Blog for some ideas, the first thing that popped up was Disney Stories. Now it’s actually called the Disney Stories Skill, and you’ll need the Amazon Alexa App on your Smart Phone to activate it. I’m going to walk you through the steps.

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Alexa Skill: Alexa, Open Disney Stories

I thought it was as easy as asking Alexa to Open Disney Stories as it said in the Amazon Blog. No, there are few steps in between. I’m going to walk you through them. This is the first Alexa Skill that I have added. I’m excited.

  • First, you need to get the Amazon Alexa App installed on your device before requesting your Echo Show or Echo Dot to use Disney Stories. Go to Google Play or your Apple Store to install it. I recommend using your Amazon store account so everything will sync properly.
  • Once you’ve installed the Amazon Alexa App, you can be ready to say to your Echo Device: “Alexa, open Disney Stories.” Alexa will then prompt you to check out your Alexa App.
  • Open the Alexa App, you will have to scroll down to the card: “Permission Requested: Disney Stories…” Touch “ALLOW
  • Amazon will take you to your Amazon login account on your default browser. It will say: “Your permission will apply to the following profiles:” You will need to ‘Continue
  • Sign-In using your Amazon account credentials. You will be taken the webpage, which will tell you that your parental consent has been saved.
  • Then you will be asked to verify (if this is your first time) that it is you. You can send a code using SMS. Press “Send code”
  • The Alexa App will show that it’s “Enabling Skill.” It should only take a minute or so.
  • Now you can, say “Alexa, open Disney Stories.” Alexa will now take you to Disney Stories and begin reading the first Disney Story. We were taken to Cinderella first.

There you have it. Disney Stories is my first Alexa Skill. I hope that it brings you hours of entertainment for you and your family!