Did you know that you can manage your Wyze App on a PC? Yes, you can view and configure your Wyze Devices using a PC. I’m going to show you one way to do this. I’ve been looking for ways to use my PC to manage my Smart Home. I use my PC to configure the Hubitat Elevation Platform, however, if there were a no-hub-required smart device, I would like to free up my mobile device and use the big screen (monitor) instead.

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Google Play Apps on BlueStacks

I’ve come across BlueStacks. BlueStacks was made to get Android gaming Apps on the PC. Imagine playing your favorite mobile game and seeing it in higher resolution or on a large monitor. Well, I tried it out in the last couple of days. I wanted to see if I could manage any Smart App in the same way. I can look at the camera view on a large monitor and have left up there while I work. Maybe you want to use it as a monitor, then you can just create a window on your PC and continue working; and you can manage the App the same way you would on a mobile device, but use your mouse and keyboard instead.

In this user guide, we’ll take you through the setup process.

Play your favorite games on BlueStacks:

Star Trek Fleet Command
Avatar: Pandora Rising
Rise of Kingdoms: Lost Crusade

Pre-requisites for setting up Wyze on your PC:

  • BlueStacks: You will need to install BlueStacks on your PC. Go to www.bluestacks.com and click ‘Download BlueStacks’. You will be taken through the download process.
  • Hard Drive Space. Make sure you install BlueStacks on a hard drive that you know you will have space for. Maybe you’re going to figure out that you will be gaming and managing your Smart Home, so you’ll need space.
  • Google Account: In order to get Android Apps, you will need to access Google Play store with a Google Account. However, you’ll be buying or accessing the Google Play store in the BlueStacks program.

Setup Wyze App on Your PC

  • Once you have downloaded the BlueStacks program, there will be a tab for the Google Play Store. Click this tab. It’s the actual Google Play Store where you will get any app that you need.
  • Search for “Wyze App” and press enter.
  • You will see the Google Play Store Page for Wyze. Press Install. It will take a few minutes for the App to install.
  • Click Open App. You will be taken to the Wyze App login, just like you would on a mobile device.
  • Login into your Wyze Account.
  • The Wyze App will then run much like it would on a mobile device. Like I said, I’m using it to view on camera right now, however, you can set it up to have ‘multiple instances’.

Fullscreen View of Wyze Camera on PC

Now you will be able to have a full view of your selected Wyze Camera on your monitor. It will be big and awesome. I’m really enjoying having a full view of my Wyze Cam on my PC monitor. I enjoy having a mini-control center for my Wyze App. It runs smooth and I can have multi-screens. I’m going to have fun playing around with this. I think you will too.

You can play your Google Play games on your PC by using BlueStacks:

Star Trek Fleet Command
Avatar: Pandora Rising
Rise of Kingdoms: Lost Crusade