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Flic Buttons and Hub Setup and Review

via IFTTT Flic Buttons and Hub Setup and Review

Flic is pretty simple when it comes to home automation. The product is essentially a button that you can use in a number of ways to automate functions around your home and/or office.

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Overall, I like the implementation of the Flic buttons, and I especially like the inclusion of the Flic Hub. The reason I say that is the Hub allows you to maintain a connection at all times and it raises the rate of success with the buttons overall.

The #Flic buttons use a low power Bluetooth connection to make their connection to your iOS or Android device (or PC/Mac). From there, you can connect a number of services to them and use a click/double click/hold command with the buttons to initiate different actions.

The Hub takes that low power Bluetooth connection and turns it into a very stable, Ethernet-based connection that also allows the connection of the IR blaster. The IR blaster can then be used to work with other IR types of remotes and this means all kinds of great automation of your TV and entertainment devices. I love this simple implementation of IR remotes.

Overall, I think the simplicity of Flic is great and I really do love the Flic #Hub as an addition. I think there’s great potential here for a lot of people to implement a ton of automation with something that’s so simple.

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