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Flic Buttons and Hub Setup and Review (Updated)

Flic Buttons and Hub Setup and Review (Updated)

Flic is pretty simple when it comes to home automation. The product is essentially a button that you can use in a number of ways to automate functions around your home and/or office.

Overall, I like the implementation of the Flic buttons, and I especially like the inclusion of the Flic Hub. The reason I say that is the Hub allows you to maintain a connection at all times and it raises the rate of success with the buttons overall.


The Flic buttons use a low-power Bluetooth connection to make their connection to your iOS or Android device (or PC/Mac). From there, you can connect a number of services to them and use a click/double click/hold command with the buttons to initiate different actions.

The Hub takes that low-power Bluetooth connection and turns it into a very stable, Ethernet-based connection that also allows the connection of the IR blaster.

The IR blaster can then be used to work with other IR types of remotes and this means all kinds of great automation of your TV and entertainment devices! I love this simple implementation of IR remotes.

Are Flic Buttons worth it?

Flic buttons are definitely worth it!

I’d say the performance of Flic buttons is at the top range which makes it a good investment for everyone. It’ll allow you to control apps and devices using a smart button. It’s convenient and it makes your home automation run better in many aspects.

The Flic smart button can be used in many ways such as controlling smart lights like Philip Hue, IKEA Trådfri, and LIFX. You can also use it to control music systems like Sonos and Spotify. There’s much much more to Flic buttons. Indeed, a versatile device!

Therefore, it’s worth integrating the smart button from Flic into your smart home automation!

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Do I need a hub for Flic Buttons?

You don’t need a hub for Flic buttons!

Apart from being an affordable device, the fact that Flic buttons do not need hub is a good news for everyone. Still, the platform is going to be more affordable and reliable if you use the hub.

I have a few recommendations for the best smart home hubs in the video below. Check it out!

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What are the versions of Flic buttons?

The version of Flic buttons are:

  • Original Flic
  • Powered Flic
  • Flic 2

I like Flic the most because of its features. It has more features compared to its previous versions. You can use Flic at home, in your car, or at the office.

good designtemperamental functionality
easy setup
easy navigation
great functionality

The Verdict

Overall, I think the simplicity of Flic is great and I really do love the Flic Hub as an addition. I think there’s great potential here for a lot of people to implement a ton of automation with something that’s so simple.

Let us know what you think about the Flic buttons!