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Fixing Common Onn TV Sound Problems (Step By Step Guide)

Fixing Common Onn TV Sound Problems (Step By Step Guide)

Have you been annoyed lately by the sound quality of your Onn TV? You’re not alone. Many Onn TV owners experience issues with poor sound, no sound at all, or a weird buzzing or crackling noise coming from the speakers.

The good news is most common Onn TV sound problems are easy to fix yourself without needing to call out an expensive technician.

In this article, we’ll walk you through some simple troubleshooting steps to get your Onn TV to sound great again in no time. First, we’ll show you how to check for loose speaker connections or cabling issues.

Then we’ll cover how to perform a factory reset of your Onn TV settings to fix any software glitches preventing sound.

And finally, we’ll discuss when it may be time to replace components like the internal speakers or sound card to fully restore audio. So don’t despair; with a few basic fixes, you’ll be enjoying your favorite shows, movies, and music on your Onn TV again in no time!

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No Sound From Your Onn TV

 An image of a  Onn TV, highlighting the process of troubleshooting and fixing no sound issues on the TV.
Resolving No Sound Issues on Your Onn TV

If there’s no sound coming from your Onn TV, don’t panic just yet.

  • First, make sure your Onn TV is actually on! It’s an easy mistake to make. Double-check that the power cable is plugged in properly and the TV is turned on.
  • Next, check if your Onn TV’s volume level needs to be adjusted. Grab your remote and turn the volume up. If that doesn’t work, try pressing the mute button to ensure the sound isn’t muted.
  • It’s also possible that your Onn TV’s audio settings have been changed accidentally. Go into your TV’s menu and ensure the audio or speaker option is set to ‘internal speakers’ or something similar. Make sure any additional audio options like ‘external speakers’ or ‘Bluetooth audio’ are disabled.

If there’s still no sound, the issue could be with your connected devices like cable boxes, streaming devices, or gaming consoles. Ensure all cables connecting them to your Onn TV are secure, and the devices themselves are powered on.

You may need to change the input source on your Onn TV to the correct input where your device is connected.

Onn TV Volume Fluctuates or Cuts Out Intermittently

Here’s a helpful YouTube video that provides instructions on how to fix the sound on your Onn TV

If the volume on your Onn TV is fluctuating or cutting out, a few issues could be the culprit.

Double-check that the power cable is plugged in securely to both the wall outlet and your TV and that your HDMI or other input cables linking your devices are also tightly connected. Loose or damaged cables are a common cause of intermittent sound.

It’s also possible that another electronic device is interfering with your TV’s audio signal. Things like cordless phones, microwaves, and wireless routers operating on the 2.4 GHz frequency band can sometimes disrupt sound. Try relocating your TV a few feet away from other electronics to see if that helps.

Software issues

If issues continue after checking connections, isolating interference, and updating software, it’s possible your TV may have an internal hardware problem. In that case, you’ll want to contact Onn support for further troubleshooting and potential repair or replacement options.

With some patience and deduction, you can get to the root of your Onn TV’s temperamental audio. Try the easy fixes first before worrying it’s anything too serious!

Static or Crackling Sounds From Onn TV Speakers

Dealing with Static or Crackling Sounds
Onn Tv with no Sound, only disturbing sound coming out

If your Onn TV is making static or crackling sounds from the built-in speakers, a few issues could be to blame. Try these steps to fix the problem:

Check your cable connections. Make sure all cables connecting your Onn TV to external devices like a cable box, Blu-ray player, or streaming device are securely plugged in.

Loose or improperly connected cables can cause interference that leads to static sounds. Unplug each cable and plug it back in firmly to ensure a solid connection.

Adjust the volume. If the volume on your Onn TV is turned up too high, it can cause the speakers to crackle or pop. Lower the volume to an acceptable level to see if the sounds disappear.

Reset your Onn TV. If cables and volume levels seem fine and the software is up to date, but you’re still hearing crackling, try performing a reset of your Onn TV. A reset can refresh the memory and software to resolve temporary glitches causing the sounds.

Onn TV Sound Delayed or Out of Sync

 An image illustrating an Onn TV screen showing a video playing, indicating delayed audio, representing troubleshooting steps for resolving sound delay issues on the TV.
Addressing Onn TV Sound Delay Issues

If the sound on your Onn TV seems out of sync with the video, there are a few things you can try to fix it.

First, make sure your TV is set to the correct audio input. Double-check that the audio cables are securely connected to the correct audio input ports on your TV and any external devices like a soundbar, receiver, or streaming player. Loose or improperly connected cables are a common cause of audio delay or loss of sound.

Next, turn off any audio enhancement features on your TV, like virtual surround sound or bass boost. These features can sometimes introduce latency and affect audio synchronization. Go into your TV’s audio or sound settings menu and disable any audio enhancement or effects options.

Finally, if you’re using an external streaming device or player, the audio could be out of sync from that source. Make sure any streaming players, including cable or satellite boxes, connected to your Onn TV also have the latest software updates installed. You may also need to adjust the audio delay or sync settings on the external device to match up with your TV’s display.

Fixing External Speaker Issues With Your Onn TV

If the sound from your Onn TV’s built-in speakers is muffled, distorted, or not working at all, it’s possible there’s an issue with your external speaker setup. Here are some things to check:

IssuePossible Solutions
Loose or disconnected speaker wiresEnsure speaker wires are securely plugged into the correct jacks on the TV. Loose connections can disrupt audio transmission.
Faulty or damaged speakersConnect different external speakers to determine if the current speakers are malfunctioning. Consider repairing or replacing them if needed.
Incorrect audio output settingsCheck your TV’s audio settings. Navigate to the ‘Audio’ or ‘Sound’ options in the menu, then select ‘Output.’ Ensure ‘External Speakers‘ or ‘Audio Out’ is chosen to direct audio to external speakers.
Outdated device firmwareUpdate TV and speaker firmware. Download the latest firmware from the manufacturer’s website onto a USB drive, connect it to the TV, and follow on-screen instructions to install the update.
Following these solutions should help resolve external speaker problems with your Onn TV, ensuring your audio experience is restored.


How can I address fluctuating volume or audio cuts on my Onn TV?

Verify secure cable connections, as loose cables can cause intermittent sound.

Watch out for electronic interference. Repositioning your TV away from devices operating on the 2.4 GHz frequency band might help.

What steps can I take if there’s a delay in audio or audio is out of sync with the video?

First, confirm that your TV’s audio input settings are accurate and cables are properly connected.

If external devices are used, ensure they’re updated. Adjust the audio delay or sync settings on these devices to align with your TV’s display.

How do I troubleshoot static or crackling sounds from my Onn TV’s speakers?

Start by checking cable connections and adjusting the volume level. If issues persist, perform a reset of your TV.

Unplugging the power cable for around 30 seconds and then powering on the TV might resolve temporary glitches causing the sounds.

My Onn TV’s built-in speakers aren’t working well. What can I do?

This could stem from loose or disconnected speaker wires, faulty speakers, incorrect audio output settings, or outdated firmware.

Ensure wires are securely connected, consider trying different external speakers, check audio settings, and update firmware if needed.

The Final Say

  • Tackle Onn TV audio problems with ease using our step-by-step guide.
  • Verify power, adjust settings, and inspect cables to address common sound loss.
  • Fluctuating volume might indicate loose cables or electronic interference. Software glitches? Update your TV and speaker firmware for a potential fix.
  • For static or crackling sounds, check cables and adjust volume levels. Audio delay? Confirm audio input and disable enhancements.
  • External speaker troubles? Ensure wire connections, assess speaker condition, adjust settings, or update firmware. With these solutions, your Onn TV audio will be back to optimal performance.

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