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Firestick Won’t Turn On (A Step-By-Step Guide)

Firestick Won’t Turn On (A Step-By-Step Guide)

Imagine you come home late from work and just want to chill watching a show or a movie. You crack open a soda can, grab snacks, and get all snuggled up but… your “Amazon Fire TV Stick” wouldn’t turn on and now all you’re stuck with is a black screen, a handful of chips, and your disappointed face.

If this is you don’t worry, we at Automate Your Life have got your back with our guide on troubleshooting a Fire TV Stick that won’t turn on. This step-by-step guide will help even the most clueless users through easy solutions that anybody can perform.

To summarize, here are the steps you can take to fix your problem:

What to do?Explanation
Set up your Amazon TV Fire StickStick your Fire TV Stick in the HDMI port and connect to a power supply
Restart Your Fire TV StickYou’ll need to simultaneously press and hold the “select” and “play/pause” keys for roughly five seconds to restart your firestick
Make Sure You Have Your TV on the Right InputGrab your TV remote and go to source or input and change it to the correct Input.
Connect to a Different HDMI PortConnect your Fire TV Stick to a new port and switch to it
Try a Different TVTry a different TV, and if it starts to work, the problem is most probably in your TV
Change Out the CablesChange out all the cables with ones that you’re sure are in working condition
Tinker with the charging portIf everything fails to work, push the charging tab up with something and make sure it is just below the center of the port
A summary of solutions discussed in this article
TV with streaming services such as Netflix and prime video
TV with streaming services

Are Fire TV Sticks Worth Buying?

In my opinion, Fire TV Sticks are definitely worth buying. The Amazon Fire TV Stick is a media streaming device that simply makes your TV smart.

It enables you to access all of your preferred choice of TV series and movies from well-known streaming services like Netflix, Hulu, HBO Max, Disney+, and Amazon Prime in one location on a well-liked, user-friendly platform.

Imagine being able to bring your TV with you everywhere you go. With the Amazon Fire TV Stick, you have that functionality. All of your material is stored on the entirely removable and portable Fire TV Stick. Simply take your Fire TV stick and unplug it from your TV and bring it along when you travel. You may instantly access all of your favorite shows and movies by plugging your Fire TV stick into any TV that’s compatible.

Before we move on to the solutions, we must first ensure that the Fire TV Stick is set up properly and that the cause of the problem isn’t a setup problem.

How to Install Your Fire TV Stick?

This little guide would help you double-check that all your connections are nice and snug and work as intended:

  • Stick your Fire TV Stick in the HDMI port and make sure it’s not loose.
  • Plug your “Sticks” power adapter into the wall and make sure the plug is turned on 

If you’re looking for a more in-depth guide then do take a look at this guide by Aston Warren on getting the full use of your Fire Stick.

After this, you’ll be all set and if the Fire TV Stick still doesn’t work we hope that our troubleshooting guide fixes your problem so without further ado let’s move on to the guide.

TV remote in hand with TV in background
TV with remote

Step One: Restart Your Fire TV Stick

The first thing to attempt is restarting your Firestick if it’s displaying a blank screen. You’ll need to simultaneously press and hold the “select” and “play/pause” keys for roughly five seconds in order to do this without having access to the settings menu.

You can release the controller’s buttons when you see the Fire TV logo, which indicates that the device has shut down and is resetting.

If the device doesn’t reset make sure the batteries in your Fire TV Stick still have juice in them. A Bluetooth connection which the Fire Stick works on drains a lot more than a normal Infrared remote. For that reason, investing in a new set of batteries wouldn’t hurt.

Step Two: Make Sure You Have Your TV on the Right Input

To accomplish this, locate the HDMI port on the back of your TV where your Firestick is currently connected in. The HDMI port that your Firestick is attached to should be marked with a label or other marking according to your TV above the HDMI connection.

Now, make sure that the input you’re on is the same as the input your Fire Stick is connected to. If not, grab your TV remote (not the Fire TV Stick remote) and go to source or input depending on your TV and change it to the correct Input.

If this doesn’t solve don’t get disappointed there are still a lot more solutions to go through.

Step Three: Connect to a Different HDMI Port

If the current HDMI port your Fire TV Stick is connected to doesn’t work and you’re on the right input, try finding a different HDMI port on your TV and connect your Fire TV Stick to a new port. A faulty HDMI port can be your problem.

If it functions, your television’s HDMI port is broken. There are a couple of other fixes to attempt if this doesn’t work.

TV with Netflix with red backlighting in a dark room
TV with Netflix

Step Four: Try a Different TV

If the HDMI port doesn’t work, try connecting your Fire TV Stick to another TV. And if this quick fix works, then your TV is the problem, not the Fire TV Stick. So you have to either get it fixed or buy a new TV. If your Fire TV Stick still doesn’t work after connecting to a new TV, then move on to step 5.

Step Five: Change Out the Cables

The final solution that doesn’t require any tinkering with the device itself and its hardware is changing out the cables. Whether you have it connected with a USB cable or with a power adapter change them out with ones that you are sure are in working condition.

If All Efforts Fail

If all efforts fail to work, then there’s a solution I won’t recommend but many people have tried it on the internet and confirmed it to work.

After a lot of use/wear and tear your Fire TV Sticks charging port can get loose and not get the necessary power it needs to work, causing it to malfunction or not work at all. To fix this you need to grab something thin and stiff to pry up the charging tab just a little bit so that it is slightly below the center of the port. This might or might not fix your problem even if it doesn’t. It’s safe to say that you tried everything.

If you came this far you are most probably an Amazon Fire TV Stick fan and wouldn’t mind spending on a new one. If so, read on.

Getting a New Amazon Fire TV Stick

If you are looking for a new Amazon Fire TV Stick, getting a newer model wouldn’t hurt your wallet that much. If you’re already a fan, getting a new model would only be upgrading, and isn’t much more expensive than previous models.

The Amazon Fire TV Stick 4k offers a 1.7 GHz quad-core CPU, 1.5 GB of DDR4 RAM, 8GB of internal storage, and a Technologies PowerVR GE8300 GPU. The Fire TV 3 Pendant is surpassed by this as the most powerful Fire TV device currently for sale.

A review of the Fire TV Stick


  • First of all, you need to make sure that you set up your Fire TV Stick right.
  • If your Firestick has a blank screen, rebooting it is the first thing you should do. You’ll need to hold down the “select” and “play/pause” buttons at the same time.
  • Now verify that the input you are using matches the input to which your Fire Stick is attached.
  • Connect your Fire TV Stick to a separate HDMI port on your TV if you can. A bad HDMI port can be the cause of your issue.
  • If this simple fix doesn’t work, try connecting your Fire TV Stick to another TV. If it starts working, then your TV is the issue, not the Fire TV Stick.
  • Change out the cable and power adapter with a working one.
  • You can try tinkering with the charging port and if that doesn’t work as well getting yourself a new and better Amazon Fire TV Stick is your last option.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: I Don’t Have an Amazon Account, Can I Still Set up the Fire Stick?

A: No, you need an Amazon account to set up a Fire Stick. However, creating an Amazon account is free, and if you’ve never had one before, you can even sign up for a free 30-day trial of Amazon Prime.

Q: What Does the Amazon Fire Stick Offer for Free?

A: You can access some channels that offer free material, including YouTube and some streaming services offered by television networks.

Q: How much does the Amazon Fire TV/Fire Stick cost?

A: The standard price of the Fire Stick is $40, while the Fire TV is $100. The Fire Stick and Fire TV are frequently discounted by $10 to $20 for Prime Day, Black Friday, or Cyber Monday. Amazon occasionally offers Fire Stick bargains.

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