Typewise 3.0 is available for free-download on the Google Play and Apple App Store.

Zurich, Switzerland, 28 April: Typewise has launched the Typewise 3.0 AI Keyboard. Typewise 3.0 is the next-generation AI keyboard app for smartphones. The Typewise 3.0 app uses all new auto-correction technology that is patent pending. To speed up your smartphone typing.

Typewise is an AI keyboard concept that uses a patented honeycomb-style keyboard. That is designed specifically for smartphones to increase your efficiency and typing. And reduce typos. Typewise claims that they have been able to minimize typos by up to 4x and increase typing speeds by 33%, compared to standard on-screen keyboards.

Typewise‘s AI keyboard has figured out how to recognize the user’s slang and those mannerisms (or your own language) to accurately autocorrect or predict your words as you type.

One of the main features of Typewise is that it does not collect any typing data. None at all. It protects the safeguards. It uses safeguards that protect user privacy.

Typewise has already received 1 million downloads.

Typewise has won 2nd place in the Swiss AI award, Gold in the functionality category, and silver in the innovation category at the best of swap out. Swiss App Awards 2020 and has been named CES 2021 innovation awards honoree.

“Typewise began as a solution to make daily life easier to put a stop to annoying typos and cumbersome typing and our mission is to change the way we input information into our devices, and our latest offering brings us ever closer to realizing our goal.”

Typewise is available in over 40 languages and is available on the Google Play Store or the Apple App Store.

Using Typewise

I have been using the keyboard off and on. The Typewise App comes with intuitive tutorials to help you get used to the next-generation typing method. It also comes with a in-app typing game to assist you to help you type faster. If you’re interested in a new and faster way to improve your typing and reduce your typos, you might consider Typewise. My thumbs can’t handle the existing keyboards – I rely on autocorrect all the time. Typewise might come in handy.

About Typewise

Typewise is a Swiss deep tech company, on a mission to make daily lives easier by decoding human thoughts. Their first product offering is an AI smartphone keyboard created to remove the frustration from typing and change the way users input information into their devices. Founded by Janis Berneker and David Eberle, Typewise combines smart autocorrection and text predictions with a multi-language capability, and a dynamic hexagonal keyboard designed for two-thumb typing; the app saves time, increases accuracy, and boosts productivity. Employing 100% private algorithms capable of running offline, Typewise has been designed to always ensure user privacy – the antithesis of most keyboard apps on the market.

Website: https://typewise.app/
Typewise iOS: https://apps.apple.com/app/typewise-keyboard/id1470215025
Typewise Android: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=ch.icoaching.typewise
Cambridge Typing Study: https://userinterfaces.aalto.fi/typing37k/

Image Source: Typewise