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Amazon Echo Show and Echo Show 5 – Prime Required

Amazon Echo Show and Echo Show 5 – Prime Required

Do you know Alexa?

Alexa is the friend with many benefits.

Amazon devices are out in the marketplace en masse. The competition for the home automation market is fierce. Amazon is trying to gain ground by getting Amazon services integrated into your thermostat, your TV, your speakers, mobile devices for cheap… and if it’s not integrated, they have their Echo Show, Show 5 (5″ screen), Plus, Dot, Sub, and Fire Tab/TV to ensure that you’re well taken care of.

There are as many ways to call Alexa for help as there are for the Google Assistant, and as many opportunities for Amazon to provide value for your home.

However, there is one significant caveat when comparing Amazon devices to the rest of the marketplace. In order to make use of the full value of the Amazon’s devices, you will need a Prime Membership.

Alexa can connect you to all Amazon has to offer, however, your account with Amazon needs to be Prime in order to access them. The cost is approx. $12.99 USD per month or $119.99 USD per year.

Prime Membership

Amazon is all about Prime. In order to experience the variety of Amazon’s offerings, you’ll need Prime. Here are few product offerings:

  • Amazon online shopping Free One/Two Day delivery
  • Reading (lots of books are free)
  • Drive (cloud storage)
  • Prime Video
  • Music
  • Unlimited Photo uploads to Amazon cloud
  • Twitch Prime (for video game enthusiasts)
  • Comixology (for comic book fans)
  • Amazon Prime Day (special deals for Prime Members only).

The list keeps going; you’ll have to go to and scroll down to the bottom of the page to see the rest of the Amazon fleet – it’s tremendous.

Echo Show and Echo Show 5 – getting value.


If you’re thinking of buying the Echo Show or the Echo Show 5, you’ll need to realize it’s full potential. This device can be the centerpiece of information in your kitchen, bedside table, living room, or office. In order to access the services we talked about earlier (Photos, Reading, Online Shopping, etc.) you’ll need the Prime membership to ensure that your services are running smooth.

Lets be clear: you can still use Alexa and make requests to change the temperature in the house, or turn on lights, or ask for more information on something. You can still order things, and listen to some music. However, when it comes making the full use of your Echo Show or Echo Show 5 (5″ screen), you’re probably going to come across Alexa asking you if you want to continue with or without Amazon’s Prime services.

For example, to view photos, you’ll need the Prime membership to store your photos on the Amazon Photos service. To read (out loud) books for free, you’ll need your Prime membership to access the large selection of free books. To see your favorite movie, you may need a Prime account to view it on the Show

Hope this article helps you understand how you can make the most of the Echo Show or Echo Show 5.

Please feel free to post any questions or comments about Amazon Alexa or the Echo Show 5 on our community page.

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Thank you for reading; in the meantime, Don’t hate, Automate.