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Amazon Echo Show and Echo Show 5 – Exclusive Prime Access

Amazon Echo Show and Echo Show 5 – Exclusive Prime Access

Regarding its build, this smart speaker, Echo Show 5 is similar in design to its precursor, the Echo Show. It has more color variations too. Moreover, because it has Alexa, you can answer calls from someone who’s also using an Echo device.

Alexa can connect you to all Amazon has to offer. You will always need an Amazon account to use Alexa, however it’s not a requirement that you subscribe to Amazon Prime.

On the other hand, if your account with Amazon has a Prime to access then you will be able to enjoy a lot more benefits. It’s only approximately $12.99 USD per month or $119.99 USD per year. And you can cancel it thru Manage Prime Membership section on your phone.

Are you curious to know the benefits you can use Prime for with yout Amazon Echo Show? Read more.

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Do you know Alexa?

Alexa is “the friend” with many benefits. It’s Artificial intelligence; if you know Siri And Google Assistant, that’s Alexa’s group of friends, made by Amazon.

Amazon devices are out in the marketplace en masse, and the competition for the home automation market is fierce.

Amazon is trying to gain ground by getting Amazon services integrated into your thermostat, TV, speakers, and mobile devices cheaply. And if it’s not integrated, they have their Echo Show, Show 5 (5″ screen), Plus, Dot, Sub, and Fire Tab/TV to ensure that you’re well taken care of.

There are as many ways to call Alexa for help as there are for Google Assistant and as many opportunities for Amazon to provide value for your home.

Does Amazon Echo Show 5 support Alexa?

Sure. While there are many versions of Amazon’s Alexa display, the Echo Show 5 can be set up with Alexa making it easier for you to track and control your smart home devices. You can even watch moves on Hulu and Prime Video aside from calling and listening to music.

However, there is one significant caveat when comparing Amazon devices to the rest of the marketplace. In order to make use of the full value of Amazon’s devices, you will need a Prime Membership.

How do I set up Alexa on Echo Show 5?

With whichever version of Echo you have, the installation steps is always similar. It will just depend on what version of App you’ll be using. Nevertheless, it’s best that you always install the latest one to avoid issues.

Phone screen with Amazon App
Prepare your Amazon application and Amazon account.

Here’s how you should do it.

How to Set up Alexa in your Echo
Make sure you memorize your Wi-Fi’s password
Download the Amazon Alexa App or
Update your App on your mobile phone
Open your Echo Device
Log in to your Amazon Account
Amazon Alexa App will scan your Echo Device
Add your Echo device manually on the App if it didn’t scan automatically
Follow the instructions that will be shown on your App
Once the set up is done, enjoy waking up your device by saying “Alexa”

In order to manipulate the setting and shortcuts, just visit your settings and adjust your shortcuts. THere’s even some tips or manuals there that will teach you on how to use Alexa.

Click this link in case you faced an issue about Amazon Prime Sound Issues (Problem Solved)

What’s the Prime Membership

Amazon is all about Prime. It’s a membership that gives its users extra privileges in streaming and free deliver charger with only $139 annual fee. In short, if you wan’t to upgrade the things you need to experience the variety of Amazon’s offerings, you’ll need Prime.

Here are a few product offerings:

  • Amazon Online Shopping Free One/Two Day Delivery
  • Reading (lots of books are free)
  • Drive (cloud storage)
  • Prime Video
  • Music
  • Unlimited Photo Uploads to Amazon Cloud
  • Twitch Prime (for video game enthusiasts)
  • Comixology (for comic book fans)
  • Amazon Prime Day (special deals for Prime Members only).

The list keeps going; you’ll have to go to and scroll down to the bottom of the page to see the rest of the Amazon fleet – it’s tremendous.

Echo Show and Echo Show 5 – Getting Value

Get a bang for your buck on Amazon!

If you’re thinking of buying the Echo Show or the Echo Show 5, you’ll need to realize its full potential. This device can be the centerpiece of information in your kitchen, bedside table, living room, or office.

In order to access the services we discussed earlier (Photos, Reading, Online Shopping, etc.) you’ll need a Prime membership.

Let’s be clear: You can still use Alexa and make requests to change the temperature in the house, turn on lights, or ask for more information on something. You can still order things and listen to some music. However, when it comes to making full use of your Echo Show or Echo Show 5 (5″ screen), you’re probably going to come across Alexa asking you if you want to continue with or without Amazon’s Prime services.

For example, to view photos, you’ll need a Prime membership to store your photos on the Amazon Photos service. To read (out loud) books for free, you’ll need your Prime membership to access the large selection of free books. To see your favorite movie, you may need a Prime account to view it on the Show

What is Echo Show 5 used for?

The Echo Show 5 can be used as a bedside clock and also an alarm for your morning routines. You’ll like the display at night because it’s pretty dim but not as dim as the latest Nest Hub. (You should keep that in mind when you’re sensitive to light when sleeping.)

I didn’t have any problem setting up the Echo Show 5. Despite the ambient noises, I like that it can still hear me from across the room. Overall, setting it up was a smooth experience!

Check out the video on how to set up the Amazon Echo Show 5!

WATCH & LEARN: How to Setup the Amazon Echo Show 5

Can the Echo 5 play Netflix?

You’d be happy to know the Echo 5 can play Netflix!

With the Echo 5, you can stream series and movies on Netflix. However, the 5.5″ screen may not be suitable for a long Netflix marathon, but sufficient for watching TV in bed.

Unfortunately, the Echo 5 isn’t designed for streaming as a smart display with a speaker but as a practical helper for the bedside table and desk. I’d say it’s good for looking at kitchen recipes. But movies and series? Not sure!

Can you watch TV on Echo Show?

You can watch live TV on Echo Show using certain streaming services such as Hulu + Live TV subscription.

If your streaming service is unavailable on Echo Show, you can still access it using the Amazon Silk browser provided with the Echo Show.

If you want to upgrade to Amazon Echo 8 in the future, check out this article!

Final Say

The Amazon Echo Show and Echo Show 5 are great Amazon automation tools that you should have.

Both can be used as a streaming device or a speaker system and can make your everyday life a lot easier and more relaxed. Just bear in mind that you need a Prime membership to enjoy the Amazon Echo Show and Echo Show 5!

I hope this article helps you understand how to make the most of the Echo Show or Echo Show 5.

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