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Does the Ring Camera Record Without Being Connected to the Internet? (Let’s Find Out!)

Does the Ring Camera Record Without Being Connected to the Internet? (Let’s Find Out!)

Ring cameras do not record without wifi. A wifi connection is necessary to capture and save videos.

It’s also needed to see the camera’s live broadcast and use two-way audio. The camera may still have electricity without wifi, but it’ll not operate.

Ring security cameras must be connected to a 2.4 GHz wifi network; 5GHz networks are incompatible. For optimal recording quality, they must also have download and upload rates of at least 2 Mbps per device.

Previous video clips are kept in the cloud, so you can access them even if your camera is not connected to the Internet.

Which Ring Cameras Do Need Wifi to Record?

The Ring produces four versions of security cameras:

  • Indoor Cams \ Stick Up Cam
  • Spotlight Cam
  • Floodlight Cam

Wifi is also essential for the following camera functions:

  • Storing videos
  • Sending motion alerts
  • Viewing the camera’s live stream on the Ring app
  • Using two-way audio
  • Performing automated firmware updates

In addition to a wifi connection, a Ring Protect plan is needed to capture and save videos. Check out this post for additional information on each Ring camera model and Ring Protect package.

Ring CameraWifiWithout Wifi
Store VideosYesNo
Motion AlertsYesNo
Live StreamYesNo
Two Way AudioYesNo
Ring camera functions without wifi.

Wifi Connection Required for Ring Cameras

Ring security cameras must be linked to a 2.4 GHz wifi network, incompatible with 5GHz networks. Additionally, Ring recommends wifi download and upload rates of at least 2 Mbps per device for optimum recording quality.

You may verify the speeds of your wifi connection using the following steps:

  • With a phone or laptop, stand near the Ring camera.
  • Open this free Internet speed test on your device’s web browser.
  • Perform the speed test.

Is it Possible to Use Ring Camera Without Wifi?

ring camera
Rng camera functions without wifi

Your Ring camera may still function without wifi, depending on its power source. You may still change the camera settings in the Ring app if your phone is linked to wifi or mobile service.

Previously recorded video clips are saved in the cloud, so you can access them even if your Ring camera lacks wifi. You may watch previously registered videos in two ways:

  • Using the Ring app on a smartphone or tablet
  • By using a web browser to access your Ring account

The device you wish to view the videos must be connected to the Internet. Without the Internet, you won’t to able to do these functions.

Connecting a Ring Camera to the Internet

The Stick Up Cam Elite is the only Ring camera that can be linked to the Internet via Ethernet cable.

The Stick Up Cam Elite may be used both indoors and outside. It includes a ”Power Over Ethernet Adapter” that connects to your home’s wifi network through the Ethernet wire. This cable supplies the gadget with power and an Internet connection, allowing it to record videos.

The Stick Up Cam Elite can connect to a 2.4GHz or a 5GHz wifi network.

How to Troubleshoot Ring Camera Wifi Issues

Ring camera records over wifi, and you must verify that it has a robust and steady connection.

  • Select the camera you wish to test in the app.
  • Select the ”Device Health” tile.
  • Under ”Network,” check the status and signal strength.

Reconnecting the Ring Camera to the Internet

If the device status shows “offline,” try rebooting your modem and router. Unplug the power wires from the modem and the router to accomplish this. Allow at least one minute before reconnecting them.

You may also use the app to rejoin the Ring camera to your wifi network. Under Device Health, select “Reconnect to wifi” or “Change wifi Network.”

Then, proceed as directed on the screen. It might be helpful if you input your wifi password again.

Improving Wifi Connection

A weak wifi connection may degrade Ring camera recordings’ video and audio quality. You might consider increasing the wifi strength if the signal strength is inadequate or the RSSI number is -75 or less. You can do so by:

  • Increase the distance between the wifi router and the Ring camera.
  • Remove any bulky furniture in the way of the router and the camera.
  • Remove any devices that aren’t in use from the wifi network.
  • To extend the range of your wifi connection, get a wifi extender.

Can Ring Doorbells and Cameras Record Locally (Rather than a NAS or SD Card)?

Ring doorbells and cameras are entirely cloud-based. As a result, they do not support any form of local storage, including SD cards and NAS (Network Attached Storage).

While offline, the devices will not record or save the video. However, any data you have previously committed to the cloud will not be lost.

Once your wifi or Internet connection is restored, you may resume recording and uploading to the cloud.

What Happens to Your Ring Doorbells and Cameras When You Turn off Your Wifi?

Ring Doorbells and Cameras cannot detect or record motion unless connected to the Internet. Your Ring doorbell will continue to ring, but only from outside the device.

Nothing else will be enabled, neither the Ring Plug-in Chime, your phone notifications, or smart home devices like the Amazon Echo.

SIP technology is used by Ring devices to communicate with one another. SIP is an abbreviation for Session Initiation Protocol. SIP (Session Initiation System) is a signaling protocol that links two sites on an IP (Internet Protocol) network, similar to a WhatsApp or Zoom conversation.

However, for the two places to be connected, an internet connection of some kind is required, as the term Internet Protocol implies. Without it, the two network endpoints cannot interact and will not function.

What happens when Ring goes offline?

Ring Cameras May Still Record Without Wifi

Ring doorbells require wifi to record. Ring provides four distinct security camera models. Except for the Spotlight Cam, which requires a Bluetooth connection, all these devices require a wifi connection to record video footage.

The Ring camera is an outdoor system that does not require a network connection to function; it’s entirely based on motion detection and continuous recording. You’ll, however, need wifi connectivity to watch or save any shot film.

If your wifi goes down or you lose internet access, your Ring camera will be unable to record anything until the issue is resolved and coverage is restored. It’s critical to fix the camera as quickly as possible to minimize considerable gaps in coverage.

What Are the Advantages of Using Ring Security Cameras With Wifi?

There are several advantages to utilizing Ring security cameras with wifi. One of the essential benefits is monitoring your house from anywhere in the world.

You may also feel secure knowing your house is safe even when you are not present. Ring security cameras are straightforward to set up and operate and come with various capabilities.

The Stick Up Cam Elite and the Stick Up Cam Wired are two cameras that may be hooked to your Internet. The Stick Up Cam Elite is an indoor/outdoor camera with a power adapter for your home wifi router.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is it Possible to Record Ringtones Without WIFI?

Ring Doorbells and Cameras cannot detect or record motion unless connected to the Internet. Your Ring doorbell will continue to ring, but only from outside the device.

There must be an active internet connection for all ring camera devices to operate them properly.

Is WIFI Required for Ring Cameras?

For setup and operation, Ring products require an existing home wifi network, a smart device (phone or tablet), and the Ring app, which allows you to monitor and control all of your Ring devices from a single location.

All Ring devices operate with 2.4 GHz wireless networks because the 5GHz networks are currently incompatible.

Is the Ring Camera Always Recording?

Ring’s smart doorbells and cameras do not offer continuous 24/7 recording; they only support on-demand live view and motion-based recording.

In 2019 ring’s official said that they are bringing a 24/7 recording feature, but still it’s under processing.

cctv ring camera on wall
Ring cameras do not record all time.

Is it True That Shutting Off Wifi Disables the Ring Camera?

Turning down wifi will, indeed, deactivate a Ring camera. Ring cameras do not have local storage and must broadcast everything to the Ring cloud.

They can’t connect to Ring’s servers to save footage, broadcast lives, or send notifications if they don’t have a decent wifi connection.


  • Ring’s services require an active internet connection, whether wired or wireless.
  • If there’s a temporary outage, your Ring devices will be rendered inoperable at some point during that period.
  • Ring devices connect using the SIP protocol. SIP (Session Initiation Protocol) is a signaling protocol that connects two locations.
  • Most Ring cameras no longer function without wifi.
  • Wifi is required to capture movies, receive movement alerts, watch the camera’s live stream, and use two-way audio.
  • If your internet connection is restored, your units will resume regular operation and will be able to record and upload videos to the cloud.

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