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Why Does Ring Doorbell Not Record All Motion? (Investigated)

Why Does Ring Doorbell Not Record All Motion? (Investigated)

Doorbell cameras are extremely crucial for one’s safety, almost every person installs these cameras even though they might have other security cameras. These doorbell cameras are quite advanced, however, that could depend on the brand.

Unlike a few brands, Ring doorbell cameras can detect all motion, whether it’s a car, animal, or person. Nevertheless, you might have to manage the settings accordingly, because the feature that will allow the doorbell to detect and record all motions may not be enabled by default.

If your Ring doorbell camera didn’t record all the motions, you should consider checking the motion settings and making sure that it’s connected to Wi-Fi at all times.

What I personally like about Ring Doorbell cameras is that, they use different motion detectors to differentiate between person and other motions. As soon as your Ring Doorbell camera detects a motion it’ll immediately send you a notification on your phone if you have downloaded the Ring app and connected it to the Ring Doorbell camera.

Nonetheless, if you still see gaps in the recording of your Ring Doorbell camera, I suggest you keep on reading to fix this issue.

Why Are There Gaps In My Ring Footage?

Ring Doorbell Box
Ring Doorbell can record audio from up to 18 feet, record video up to 30 feet, and covers about 120 angle

Not all doorbell cameras record all the time, some only start to record when they detect any kind of motion, while some only detect the motion of a person or animals, and others also record motions like cars.

Your camera will only record 24/7 if you have subscribed to the Ring Protect Plan. If you have this subscription and still see gaps, make sure that the Wi-Fi your Ring doorbell camera is using is fast and connected all the time.

A fast and stable Wi-Fi is extremely important for Ring doorbell cameras, poor connection can cause low sound and video quality and delayed notification, in fact, it might not even detect motion as quickly.

Does Ring Only Record When Motion Is Detected?

The motion detection in doorbell cameras depends on the type of the brand, if you’re using the Ring doorbell and have subscribed to the Ring Protect Plan, it’ll record all the time.

However, if you don’t have this subscription, the Ring doorbell camera will only start recording when it detects a motion.

Basically, what and when your doorbell camera is recording depends on which brand you are using. For instance, the Google Nest Doorbell camera will record 24/7 and detect all the motions without any subscription plan.

There’s no denying the fact that the Google Nest Doorbell is one of the advanced cameras, nevertheless, it might cost you more than a normal doorbell camera, but it certainly will be worth every penny.

There’re a few doorbell cameras like Google Nest that could be perfect for your home, so check out the table below:

Doorbell CameraFeaturesCost
Arlo Essential Video Doorbell (Wired)Sends specific alerts when detects a motion.
Covers a 180-degree angle view.
Records in 1536×1536 resolution
Comes with Night Vision
$70 to $130
Eufy Security Video Doorbell 2K (Wired)Records in 2560 x 1920 resolution.
Includes HDR.
Detects in the body shape and the face pattern.
Has Night Vision.
Ring Video Doorbell (Wired)Records in 1920 × 1080 resolution.
Provides clear audio and video.
Includes Two-way audio.
Google Nest Hello (Wired)Has a resolution of 1600 x 1200
Comes with HD Two-Way audio.
Provides useful face recognition.
List of doorbell cameras and their features

What Is The Ring Doorbell Motion Detection Range?

The back of a Ring box
If you subscribe to the Ring Protect Plan, only then your Ring doorbell will record 24/7

Ring doorbell is rather normal and basic as compared to other brands like Arlo or Google Nest, while many advanced doorbells provide a detection range of up to 50 feet, Ring can detect a motion only up to 30 feet.

Nevertheless, because of the advanced motion detectors, Ring can easily differentiate among animals, people, and other objects.

In addition, if we’re talking about the range of the angle the Ring doorbell covers, it’s 120 to 160 angles, which is also less as compared to other advanced doorbells, those doorbell cameras can cover about 180 angles.

Does Ring Doorbell Detect Motion Without Wi-Fi?

buttons on a wifi device
You’ll not receive Motion and Ring Alerts on your phone if your Ring Doorbell isn’t connected to a Wi-Fi

Ring doorbells may record and detect motion without being connected to a Wi-Fi, but unfortunately, it will not send you any push notifications, alerts, or upload the recorded footage onto the Cloud.

However, if your Ring doorbell also comes with an SD card along with the Cloud, it automatically uploads the recorded footage to the SD card instead of the Cloud if it isn’t connected to the Wi-Fi.

Furthermore, if your Ring doorbell disconnects from the Wi-Fi, you also won’t be able to watch the live footage from your phone, which is why I suggest you make sure that your Ring doorbell is hooked up to a stable Wi-Fi connection.

What Is The Difference Between Ring Alert And Motion Alert?

Ring doorbells are said to have advanced motion detection, they can differentiate between a person, an animal, or an object, and when it detects a motion, it notifies you through the app that you have downloaded on your phone.

However, these notifications are called Motion Alerts, you’ll also receive a notification when someone presses the ring button on your Ring Doorbell, such notifications are called Ring Alerts.

This is a smart feature, because if the notification doesn’t specify what kind of alert it is, then there wouldn’t be any need for a doorbell camera.

Well, lucky for us, doorbell cameras don’t only specify the notification, you may also feel safe if you knew other features that they have, so keep on reading to find out.

Does Ring Doorbell Have Night Vision?

Along with many features, Ring Doorbell also comes with a Color Night Vision feature, if you enable this feature, you’ll see the footage recorded at night in color, however, if it isn’t enabled, you’ll view the footage in black and white.

You can turn on and off the Color Night Vision feature by going to the settings on the app.

In addition, Ring Video Doorbell (2nd generation) is supposed to have the best Night Vision, however, other versions are fine as well if you can’t afford the 2nd generation as it’s a new version, which means it may cost a bit more.

Check out this video to learn about some more features of Ring Doorbells:

7 Hidden Features of a Ring Doorbell

How Far Can A Ring Doorbell Hear?

The audio capabilities of a doorbell may depend on the model, if we talk about Ring Doorbell 3 Plus, it can record clear audio from 18 feet, which means your Ring Doorbell 3 Plus is recording all the sound possibly coming from your front lawn.

Unfortunately, this means that for anything over 18 feet, the audio might come off as a little muffled.


  • Ring doorbell camera has advanced motion detection features, and is capable of differentiating animals, people, and objects.
  • Ring Doorbell requires a stable Wi-Fi connection to record and work properly, it will record 24/7 only if you have a Ring Protect Plan subscription.
  • Gaps in the recording could occur with a poor Wi-Fi connection.
  • If you haven’t subscribed to the Ring Protect Plan, your Ring doorbell will only start recording when it detects any motion.
  • There’re many doorbell cameras that record all the time without any subscription, however, they might cost you a little more than the Ring doorbell.
  • Ring doorbell only detects motion up to only 30 feet, can record audio from up to 18 feet, and cover 120 angles, which is slightly less than other doorbells.
  • Ring doorbell will be able to detect and record without Wi-Fi, but it won’t send any alerts and won’t upload the footage to the cloud.
  • Ring Alerts are the notification that is sent when someone rings the doorbell, Motion Alerts are the notifications that are sent when your Ring doorbell has detected a motion.
  • Ring doorbell includes Color Night Vision as well, you can enable and disable it by going to the settings on the app whenever you want.

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