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Does LG TV Have Bluetooth? [Find Out]

Does LG TV Have Bluetooth? [Find Out]

LG could provide the greatest selection of Bluetooth-enabled TV models out of all the brands now available. Almost every TV they produce has Bluetooth 5.0 capability.

Yes, Bluetooth is available on the OLED, QNED MiniLED, NanoCell, and 4K Ultra range of LG TVs. Go to Settings > Sound > Sound Out > Bluetooth and then choose your device to turn on Bluetooth on your LG TV.

If the device you’re connecting isn’t in pairing mode, it won’t show up.

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Are LG TVs Bluetooth-enabled?

LG tv has Bluetooth or not?

Yes. The majority of LG Smart TVs include Bluetooth. The most recent LG TVs come with Bluetooth version 5.0.

The 5.0 Bluetooth version differs from Bluetooth versions 4.2 and below in that it’s quicker and has a greater range. When compared to Bluetooth 4.2, Bluetooth 5.0 transfers data at a rate of 2 Mbps.

Four LG TV series—4k Ultra, OLED, NanoCell, and QNED MiniLED—have Bluetooth technology embedded into them.

You may link your mouse, headphones, wireless keyboard, gaming controllers, smartphone, and other LE Bluetooth gadgets to your TV with this technology.

How Can I tell Whether My LG TV Is Bluetooth-enabled?

A youtube video on LG tv has Bluetooth or not?

There are various techniques to determine whether an LG TV has Bluetooth built-in. To check, select one of the choices below:

  • Verify the TV’s manual
  • Examine Your TV
  • Observe the Web

Examine the TV’s Manual

A TV handbook is provided with each new LG Smart TV. The TV’s characteristics and features are all included in the handbook. Check for “Bluetooth Support” under “Connectivity” in your user handbook.

The Bluetooth version that comes with the TV will also be shown. If you can’t find your TV’s manual, use the additional options listed below.

Check Your TV

To start, make sure the TV remote is a Smart Remote. The majority of LG TVs with Smart remotes have Bluetooth technology built in.

Pressing the Home button on your remote control is an additional choice. ‘Settings’ can be chosen from the menu selections. ‘Product Support or System Setting’ should be chosen. ‘System Information or Customer Support’ should be chosen.

Use the technique below to validate if you don’t have the TV’s manual or if you haven’t purchased one yet.

Browse the Web

Go to the LG website. In the search box in the upper right corner of the screen, type the name of the TV brand, model, or series. Another choice is to exclude the precise TV series using the filter option on the left side of the page.

With the precise model or series, you’ll get a list of characteristics. Check the Connectivity section for “Bluetooth support.”

Additionally, you may enter the model number of the TV brand into Google to get prominent tech websites’ descriptions of its characteristics.

LG TvBluetooth
NanoCell TVYes
Which LG tv has Bluetooth

How to Activate Bluetooth on an LG Television?

To enable Bluetooth on your LG TV and pair it with a nearby Bluetooth device, just follow the steps listed below.

Your TV remote’s “Settings” button should be pressed. If your remote doesn’t have a settings button, press the Menu button. Select “Settings” from the menu option by scrolling down.

  • Select “Advanced Settings” from the menu.
  • Select “Sound Out” from the menu by navigating to the “Sound” option and scrolling down.
  • Select “Bluetooth Device List” from the menu. The Bluetooth is now in pairing mode. To finish connecting your device automatically, click on its Bluetooth name.

Connect AirPods or other Bluetooth Headphones to the LG smart TV

One of the things you may pair with your LG Smart TV via Bluetooth is a pair of headphones. To finish the procedure, adhere to the procedures listed below.

  • Aim to keep your Bluetooth headphones 30 feet or less from your LG Smart TV.
  • To activate Bluetooth and start pairing mode, press and hold the Bluetooth button on your headphones.
  • On the remote control for your LG TV, select “Settings.”
  • From the menu, choose Bluetooth Device List, and then select the ‘Sound Output’ option.
  • The Bluetooth menu will list all nearby wireless devices. Find the Bluetooth name of your headphones. To finish the procedure, click Pair and Connect.

Other Methods of Attaching a Device to an LG TV

There are still ways to connect a device to your LG smart TV if it lacks Bluetooth.

To begin, you may attach your TV to the gadget via an HDMI wire. To connect your gaming console to your LG TV, for instance, utilize the HDMI console. The audio output ports are additional choices.

Instead of using built-in Bluetooth, you can use a Bluetooth audio adapter. You may select from alternatives like these on Amazon.

Can I Use My Magic Remote With Bluetooth on My LG TV?

Users adore LG’s newest tech toy! The magic remote is the name of it. In addition to being able to operate your television from anywhere, it also functions much like a computer mouse to move around your screen.

Additionally, it’s a universal remote that can quickly operate your TV as well as gadgets that it automatically identifies.

To top it all off, it can be controlled by voice, so if you want to use Bluetooth to connect a device to your TV and it is already connected, just say “Bluetooth” into your magic remote, choose the external device, and you are ready to go!

Connectivity Issues

Now that you are aware that your LG TV has Bluetooth capabilities, you have followed the instructions to connect it to the appropriate gadget.

But it simply won’t connect! Fortunately, there are a few easy measures you may do to potentially remedy this issue.

Make sure your external device is turned on and that “pairing mode” is enabled before you do anything else. This common oversight prevents users from ever being able to locate the device on their Bluetooth list.

If the external device is listed but won’t connect, try unpairing and repairing the two devices.

When using technology, the greatest suggestion is to turn it off and back on. Try it out with your Bluetooth device, your television, or even an external device. This works the majority of the time!

Before you call in the big guns, there may be a couple more alternatives for at-home fixes if you’re still having difficulties connecting your Bluetooth. To make sure you’re following the directions correctly, look at this LG support page.

Overview of Current LG TVs

As previously noted, LG offers a wide selection of TV models in four categories. OLED, NanoCell, 4K, and 8K TVs are some of these types.

Since it’s not immediately clear how these four categories differ from one another, we’ll outline them in this section along with the performance benefits that each category can provide.

Overview of LG TV


The market was first introduced to OLED (Organic Light Emitting Diode) technology in 2013.

Because each pixel that makes up the on-screen image of an OLED TV is individually controlled, the screen can generate darker blacks and more contrasty colors.

OLED TVs can operate more smoothly than traditional LED LCD TVs, which is advantageous when watching anything with a lot of quick motions (like an action movie or a sports match).

An OLED TV will provide you with a more vibrant image than an LED LCD TV if you frequently watch TV in a dark environment.

NanoCell TV by LG

LG created the exclusive technology known as NanoCell. In summary, by absorbing undesirable light wavelengths, NanoCell technology is employed to produce purer red and green hues.

All you need to know, if this is still too complicated for you, is that NanoCell technology can provide you with a larger variety of colors than a typical LED LCD TV.

NanoCell TVs are superior to OLED TVs in terms of overall picture quality, but inferior to regular LED LCD TVs. But they also frequently cost less than OLED TVs.


First, a little clarification: 4K refers exclusively to the screen’s resolution when referring to TVs, not to the technology utilized to make the image itself.

There are four times as many pixels in a 4k resolution (3840 x 2160) as there are in a full HD screen (a.k.a. 1080p).

A variety of 4k TVs are made and sold by LG, some of which include OLED technology and others that do not.

The quality of the colors, not the amount of detail each of these TVs can display, is what makes them different from one another.


The resolution that the TV can display is all that 8K refers to once more. With a resolution of 7680 × 4320 pixels, 8K TVs feature four times as many pixels as 4K TVs.

The fundamental benefit of a greater resolution is that it may provide a clearer image than a lesser resolution. Additionally, a higher resolution greatly reduces the visibility of individual pixels.

Unsurprisingly, 8K TVs are among the most costly ones you can now purchase.


Do all Smart TVs Come Equipped With Bluetooth?

Be aware that not all Smart TVs support Bluetooth connections for remote control apps.

Some manufacturers demand that you join the same wireless network that your Smart TV is a part of in order to use your phone.

Why Doesn’t My TV Appear on Bluetooth?

Investigate connectivity problems Your Bluetooth device should be turned off and then back on.

Reset your device, then attempt to link it once more. Disconnect the devices you aren’t using if your TV is linked to numerous devices. Ten seconds after unplugging your TV, plug it back in.


  • Yes, the majority of LG TVs are factory-equipped with Bluetooth.
  • Bluetooth options are available for the majority of LG’s key TV classes, including OLED, QNED MiniLED, NanoCell, and 4K Ultra.
  • Go to Settings > Sound > Sound Out > Bluetooth and then choose your device to enable Bluetooth on your LG TV.
  • Verify that the device you’re attempting to connect to is in pairing mode.
  • You may always go to LG’s website, search for your specific TV, and then go through the SPECS if you’re unsure whether or not your LG TV has Bluetooth.
  • You’re in luck if the Connectivity section shows Yes or Bluetooth 5.0!

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