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Does EUFY HomeBase 2 have to be Connected to Router? (Facts)

Does EUFY HomeBase 2 have to be Connected to Router? (Facts)

As you set up your new EUFY HomeBase 2 home security system, you may be wondering if the HomeBase 2 unit itself needs to be connected to your Wi-Fi router in order to function properly. The short answer is yes, the HomeBase 2 does require a connection to your router to enable key features like 24/7 professional monitoring, smartphone alerts, and remote access to your system.

However, the individual security sensors and devices that pair with the HomeBase 2, like door/window sensors, motion detectors and cameras, connect directly to the HomeBase 2 using a proprietary wireless protocol and do not need to join your Wi-Fi network.

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What Is the EUFY HomeBase 2 and How Does It Work?

Eufy Homebase
Eufy Homebase: One unit for all your cameras

The EUFY HomeBase 2 is like a controller of a racing car. All your Eufy security devices can be controlled by using one centralised HomeBase. It does not necessarily have to be connected to your Wi-Fi router to function, but connecting it will provide additional benefits.

To utilize the EUFY HomeBase 2, you must first download the EUFY Security app on your mobile device and connect the hub to a power source. Once powered on, the HomeBase 2 will create its own secure Wi-Fi network which your EUFY devices can connect to. The hub stores footage from connected security cameras on its built-in hard drive.

While the HomeBase 2 can operate independently, connecting it to your Wi-Fi router provides significant advantages:

  • Smart Home Compatibility: A router connection allows the HomeBase 2 to integrate with smart home ecosystems like Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant. You can then use voice commands to view camera feeds, lock doors, turn on lights, etc.
  • Software Updates: Connecting the HomeBase 2 to your router will allow for automatic software and security updates to ensure optimal performance and protection. Without a router, you will need to manually download and install all updates.

Why does the EUFY HomeBase 2 Require a Wi-Fi Connection?

wi-fi router
Wifi for the Eufy cameras: Is it necessary?

To function properly, the Eufy HomeBase 2 does require a Wi-Fi connection. The base station connects wirelessly to your home’s router to enable several key features, which are:

Remote AccessBy connecting the HomeBase 2 to your Wi-Fi network, you can remotely access your Eufy security system through the Eufy Security app on your mobile devices. This allows you to view live camera streams, receive motion alerts, and more from anywhere, whether you are at home or away.
Cloud StorageWith a Wi-Fi connection, the HomeBase 2 can upload camera footage and recordings to secure Eufy cloud storage. This feature enables you to view and download recorded video clips at any time. The HomeBase 2 provides free basic cloud storage and optional paid upgraded storage plans for increased storage and longer video retention.
Software UpdatesLinking the HomeBase 2 to your wireless network ensures that it can automatically download the latest software and security updates. These updates are essential for optimal performance, bug fixes, improved functionality, and enhanced security against potential vulnerabilities.
Integration with Voice AssistantsA Wi-Fi connection allows you to integrate your Eufy security system with popular voice assistants such as Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant. This integration enables you to use voice commands to view live camera streams, receive notifications, and control basic functions conveniently.
Functions of Homebase along with descriptions

Connecting Your EUFY HomeBase 2 to a Router

To take full advantage of your Eufy HomeBase 2, it is recommended you connect it to your Wi-Fi router. This will allow the HomeBase 2 to communicate with Eufy Security devices like cameras, motion sensors, and entry sensors placed around your home.

eufy homebase
The Eufy Home base is your ultimate assistant to manage Eufy devices


  1. Place your HomeBase 2 in a central location in your home within range of your Wi-Fi router’s signal for the best connectivity.
  2. On the back of the HomeBase 2, locate the Ethernet port. Connect one end of an Ethernet cable to this port.
  3. Connect the other end of the Ethernet cable to an available LAN port on your Wi-Fi router.
  4. The status LED on the front of the HomeBase 2 will start flashing blue, indicating it is attempting to connect to your router. Once a successful connection is established, the status LED will turn solid blue.
  5. If the status LED continues flashing blue for more than 3 minutes, try restarting your router and HomeBase 2. There may be an issue with your router’s security settings that needs to be resolved.
  6. For the strongest connectivity, place the HomeBase 2 in an open area away from walls.
  7. If running an Ethernet cable from your router to the HomeBase 2 location is not possible, you can connect the HomeBase 2 to your router’s Wi-Fi network during the initial setup process in the Eufy Security app. However, Ethernet connectivity is the most stable and recommended method.

By following these steps to connect your Eufy HomeBase 2 to your Wi-Fi router, you’ll be on your way to building a comprehensive whole-home security system with 24/7 professional monitoring.

Using the EUFY HomeBase 2 as a Standalone Device

The Eufy HomeBase 2 can function as a standalone smart home hub without needing to connect to your Wi-Fi router. This allows for a simplified setup and bypasses the need for you to share your home network credentials with Anker. However, operating in standalone mode does come with some limitations.

Limited Capabilities

When not connected to your router, the HomeBase 2 can only utilize Bluetooth communication to control Eufy smart devices within range. Wi-Fi-connected devices like smart plugs, lights or cameras will not be accessible. Automations and schedules cannot run without an active internet connection.

Reduced Functionality

Geofencing, an integral automation feature for many smart homes, requires access to your location which is provided through your router connection. In standalone mode, the HomeBase 2 has no way to determine if you have left or entered the area to trigger geofencing actions.

Isolated System

Your Eufy devices will operate as an isolated smart home network, separate from any other platforms or ecosystems you may have set up. The HomeBase 2 cannot connect to voice assistants like Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant without Wi-Fi, cutting off voice control and integration options.

Manual Updates Required

Software and security updates for the HomeBase 2 and connected Eufy devices must be installed manually via the Eufy app when not connected to Wi-Fi. Your system may become outdated if updates are not routinely performed, potentially impacting performance or security.

While the Eufy HomeBase 2 can function without a router connection, connectivity provides a vastly improved experience with increased capabilities, a fully integrated smart home and always up-to-date software. For most users, connecting the HomeBase 2 to your home Wi-Fi network is recommended to unlock its full potential as a smart home hub. For more info on Eufy and its products check this video:

How good is Eufy’s security?


Does EUFY HomeBase 2 have to be connected to a router?

No, EUFY HomeBase 2 can most certainly work without the Wi-Fi but for proper functionality connection with your router is recommended. The HomeBase 2 acts as the central hub for your EUFY security devices, like cameras and sensors. It uses an Ethernet cable to connect to your router, establishing a stable and reliable internet connection.

This connection enables you to remotely access and control your EUFY devices through the EUFY app on your smartphone or compatible devices. Without a router connection, the HomeBase 2 cannot communicate with your devices or provide remote access and monitoring capabilities.

Can I use EUFY HomeBase 2 without a Wi-Fi connection?

No, you cannot use EUFY HomeBase 2 without a Wi-Fi connection. The HomeBase 2 relies on Wi-Fi connectivity to communicate with your EUFY devices and provide access to their features and functionalities. Wi-Fi allows the HomeBase 2 to connect to the internet, enabling you to control and monitor your EUFY devices remotely.

Without Wi-Fi, the HomeBase 2 cannot perform essential functions such as sending notifications, recording videos, or allowing you to view live feeds from your security cameras. Therefore, it is necessary to have a Wi-Fi connection for the EUFY HomeBase 2 to work properly.

Can I connect EUFY HomeBase 2 to a mobile hotspot instead of a router?

While it is technically possible to connect EUFY HomeBase 2 to a mobile hotspot instead of a traditional router, it is not recommended for optimal performance. Mobile hotspots usually have limitations on the number of devices that can be connected simultaneously and may not provide a stable and reliable internet connection compared to a dedicated router.

Moreover, using a mobile hotspot as the primary connection for your HomeBase 2 may result in increased data usage, especially if you have multiple EUFY devices connected that stream video footage. It is generally advisable to connect the HomeBase 2 to a reliable and dedicated router for the best performance and stability.


  • You now have a better understanding of the EUFY HomeBase 2 and its connectivity requirements.
  • While the base station does need a Wi-Fi connection to function, it does not have to be directly connected to your router.
  • As long as you have a strong Wi-Fi signal in the location you intend to place the HomeBase 2, it should work perfectly well.
  • The base station simply needs internet access to connect your devices, enable voice control, and provide smart home automation – but a direct router connection is not required.
  • With this knowledge, you can now decide if the EUFY HomeBase 2 is the right smart home hub for your needs and setup.
  • Make the most of smarter technology and enhanced home connectivity with EUFY.

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