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Does Chromecast Need Wi-Fi? (Revealed!)

Does Chromecast Need Wi-Fi? (Revealed!)

Chromecast does not require Wi-Fi to function; instead, you can cast using your Apple or Android phone as a hotspot.

You’ll need two devices—one to operate as the hotspot and the other to cast—in order to use Chromecast without Wi-Fi. The same device cannot be used for both.

Using your phone connection, Chromecast may be used without Wi-Fi in the broadband sense.

The ease of casting that Chromecast provides for users is what makes it such a valuable gadget. Whether at home or on the go, you can watch your favorite Netflix, Disney, YouTube, and other content on your TV using your smartphone.

Typically, this means that Chromecast makes the TV smart even if it isn’t already. You only need a Chromecast device, an Android or iOS smartphone, an HDMI-equipped TV or monitor, and WiFi.

Does not having Wi-Fi prevent you from using your Chromecast device?No, you may use your Chromecast by using your mobile hotspot. Additionally, you must have two smartphones, one for hotspots and the other for casting.
How can I use Chromecast without an internet connection?You can use either of these two approaches:
First Approach- Guest mode,
Second Approach- Mirroring your casting device wirelessly.
How to Use Chromecast Over an Ethernet Connection?Use these procedures to use Chromecast with a cable internet connection rather than Wi-Fi:
1. Connect the adapter to a USB port.
2. Install an Ethernet cable.
3. Connect the Adapter to a Power Outlet.
4. Test out the Chromecast app for streaming.
An overview of the article

Does not having Wi-Fi prevent you from using your Chromecast device?

No. Using your mobile hotspot, you can use your Chromecast.

You’ll also need the items listed below:

  • Two smartphones, one for hotspots and the other for casting. Hotspots must have data about them. Because it uses a lot of data, you should think about getting one. Android or iOS smartphones are both options. Alternatively, you can use a PC with a Chrome browser, such as a MacBook, Chromebook, or Windows machine. We’ll demonstrate Chromecast usage on iOS and Android devices without WiFi.
  • A TV or a monitor (make sure it has an HDMI port).
  • Your third-generation Chromecast gadget. Due to the fact that only third-generation Chromecast devices have the guest mode feature, only those can support casting without wifi.

How can I use Chromecast without an internet connection?

No Wi-Fi
No Wi-Fi

There are several approaches to this. When your Chromecast isn’t connected to the internet is one way.

The second situation occurs when neither the Chromecast nor the casting device is connected to the Internet.

Both approaches are straightforward and theoretically supported with Chromecast functionalities.

First option: Guest Mode

In 2014, Google introduced “Guest Mode,” which enables Chromecast to connect to any device that supports Google Cast but lacks Wi-Fi internet.

The catch is that the Chromecast still needs an internet source via a host (hotspot, router, or ethernet). A unique Wi-Fi and Bluetooth beacon is released by the Chromecast when the Guest mode is engaged.

Consider that you are starting a mobile app that works with Chromecast on a visitor’s phone. When the unique Wi-Fi or Bluetooth beacon is present, the device recognizes it and displays the Cast symbol in the application.

Casting to a “Nearby device” is provided as an option when this icon is tapped. A random 4-digit PIN will then be generated by your Chromecast in order to cast it in Guest mode.

When a neighboring device tries to connect, the Chromecast immediately sends the PIN through brief, inaudible ultrasonic audio tones.

Your visitor can attempt to connect it by manually entering the 4-digit PIN available on your Chromecast Ambient Mode screen and in the Google Home app if the audio tone pairing fails by chance.

Users of iOS 11.0 and later can also accomplish this, though there are a few limitations. This function lets you keep your Wi-Fi password private while allowing visitors to use your Google Chromecast to cast content.

Second Option: Mirroring your casting device wirelessly.

Google Chromecast

Chromecast doesn’t necessarily need a host with an internet connection, even though it does as a regular component of the Google Home environment.

You will need two devices to accomplish this—one to set up the Chromecast and the other to establish a Wi-Fi Hotspot.

Establish a Wi-Fi hotspot on device A (such as a smartphone), then attach device B (such as a computer or laptop) and the Google Chromecast to the hotspot.

Connect device B, then use it to configure the Google Chromecast.

On your smartphone, go to the Home app, and select the mirror option. Ignore any notifications regarding internet disconnections. The Android phone will be mirrored to the TV for you.

How can I use Chromecast without WiFi or the Internet?

How to Use Chromecast Over an Ethernet Connection?

Ethernet Cables
Ethernet Cables

A strong Ethernet connection is preferable to a poor Wi-Fi connection. It might increase your speed and make using Chromecast more enjoyable.

You’ll need an Ethernet wire and a Chromecast Ethernet adaptor for this.

Google only sells Ethernet adapters for Chromecast with Google TV, and one is included in the package with Chromecast Ultra, according to a chat with Google support.

However, an Amazon search turned up available aftermarket Chromecast models for various generations.

Be aware that as these are unofficial Chromecast adapters, they might not function with all models.

To utilize Chromecast with a wired internet connection rather than Wi-Fi, follow these steps:

1. Connect the adapter to a USB port.

Ensure that the HDMI port on your TV has your Chromecast connected. Connect the Ethernet adapter cable to the Chromecast’s port that typically holds your small USB cord.

2. Install an Ethernet cable.

Select an Ethernet cable that will allow you to connect to your router over the internet. Connect your Ethernet wire to the Ethernet adapter for Chromecast.

3. Connect the Adapter to a Power Outlet.

Simply insert your Ethernet adapter into the power outlet that normally houses your Chromecast device once everything is connected.

4. Test out the Chromecast app for streaming.

Cast content from an app that is compatible with Google Cast using your smartphone (iOS or Android). Try streaming something via the user interface if you’re using Chromecast with Google TV.

You might need to factory reset your Chromecast if you run into problems. Following that, you may re-install the Google Home app on an iOS or Android device and set up the Chromecast using your Ethernet internet connection. Just proceed as directed by the on-screen directions for a Wi-Fi setup.

Other FAQs

Where is the Chromecast’s reset button located?

Answer: Below the micro-USB port, there’s a black button.

Why is my Chromecast constantly crashing?

Answer: The power supply may be to blame for this. To avoid this, try utilizing a power supply rated for at least 1 Amp.

How long does it take to set up Chromecast?

Answer: It doesn’t take more than 30 minutes to set up a Chromecast.


  • You can use your Chromecast using your mobile hotspot. Two smartphones are also required, one for hotspots and the other for casting.
  • You can use any of these two methods to use Chromecast without an internet connection: Guest mode and wirelessly mirroring your casting device.
  • To utilize Chromecast using a cable internet connection rather than Wi-Fi, follow these steps: connect the adaptor with a USB port, install an Ethernet wire, attach the adapter to a power outlet, and try streaming using the Chromecast app.

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