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Simplify: Building Action Blocks for Android Home Screen

Simplify: Building Action Blocks for Android Home Screen

You can use Google Action Blocks to create awesome routines and buttons straight from your home screen on your android phone or tablet.

Google made Action Blocks to be a part of the Accessibility program to help people to navigate through the settings to get what they need. They made it really simple to use. So, why not use Action Blocks for everyday home automation?

Let’s get some awesome automation working straight from your tablet or phone. More ways to create your own Home Automation Command Centre. You don’t need voice commands. You’re basically creating your own Voice Command through Google Assistant and making a button for it!

How intuitive. Isn’t that exciting!?

Keep reading!

What You Can Do with Action Blocks

Well for starters you can create Action Blocks to:

  • Make a Phone Call
  • Start a Video Call
  • Send Text Message
  • Play Video
  • Play Music
  • Set Alarm
  • Create Custom Actions like:
    • turn on lights
    • turn off lights
    • send broadcast messages – this is one of my favorites “I’m on my way home!”
    • create reminders
    • open apps
    • open calendar
    • get directions
    • home control actions like setting the temperature, turning the lights on, or turning the lights off.

Oh ya, we’re going to have fun with these.

How do I put blocks on my home screen?

There are two ways to add Action Blocks to the home screen:

  • Select Action Block on the Action Block App. Go to Place on Home Screen. (This option may not be available on all devices.)
  • Go to your Home screen. Touch and hold until a menu pops up. Select Widgets, then look for Action Blocks in the list of widgets.

In addition, you can also move an Action Block on your Home screen, and here’s how to do it:

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    • Hold the Action Block on your Home screen.
    • Slide it to where you want it. And lift your finger when done!

    If you wanna know more about hacks, especially on Google Home, watch the video below!

    Hacks to Remember with Your Google Home Mini

    If you need to relink your Google Home Mini to your Google Account, I have talked about it in this article. Check it out!

    How do I create a Google Home action?

    To create a Google Home action, you should follow these steps:

    1. Click Then That.
    2. Search for an action service.
    3. If the service asks you to connect your account, follow the steps.
    4. Choose an action, then fill in the required fields.
    5. Click Create action. …
    6. Click Finish.


    Creating Action Blocks for your Home screen is fun and will allow you to make the most of your device. There are various Action Blocks that you can try such as making a phone call, sending a video, and so on.

    If ever you’re struggling and you want to know some basic troubleshooting ideas, you can always go to the Google Support Page to get some answers.

    Let us know what Action Blocks you have added to your Home screen so far!

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