Automate Your Life provides consultations and support for companies in a number of ways.  We have tested, reviewed, and implemented hundreds of products.  This coupled with an extensive background in engineering and design gives us a unique skillset that can help companies get their products to the right customers, at the right time, and with the right resources in hand.

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Product Reviews

Want your product reviewed by an industry professional?

We provide detailed written reports that gives you an index by index breakdown of your smart home product.  Your product will be reviewed based on design, technology, features, and where it stands in the marketplace.  The official written report we provide back to you includes opportunities as well as all of the major positives and negatives we found.

With your product being reviewed by a professional engineer, as well as a YouTube creator, you can be certain that you're going to get a detailed, thorough, and thoughtful report that will help you attack the smart home market.

Reports start at $100 USD, payable through Paypal. Contact us here to start today.

Press Releases

We would love to help you get the news out!

  1. Contact us here to send us your press release information.
  2. We will work with you to ensure the press release meets your standards.

Product Launches

It's not just about having a great product anymore

Not only do you need a great product, but you also need a well-thought through launch strategy.  We can collaborate or cooperate in a number of ways, including:

  1. Providing marketing opportunities through our many communities/networks.
  2. Providing video and written content for your campaigns, websites, or other multimedia spaces.  This includes set up videos, tutorials, product showcase videos, and more.
  3. Creating content for our YouTube channel about your product.
  4. Connecting you with other YouTube Creators that we work with on a regular basis.  These are high quality creators that will treat your brand and product appropriately.

Fees vary with complexity and scope. Contact us here to start today.

Video and Web Reviews

Automate Your Life is heavily invested in our YouTube Channel, our website, and our community boards.  All three of these communities offer specific opportunities for marketing your products and/or services.

  1. We charge Social Bluebook median value for YouTube videos dedicated to your products on our YouTube channel. We have proven product sales track records as we have built trust with our community of smart home owners.
  2. Website reviews costs start at $100 USD.
  3. Social media promotion is included with any of our current packages.
  4. Packages are available to combine marketing on our YouTube Channel, Website, and Forum Boards.
  5. Products can be sent to Automate Your Life and we may include your product(s) on any of our platforms.  However, your product is only guaranteed to be placed on one of our platforms if you order one of our packages.

Contact us here to start a promotion with us today.

Support Your Customers

Customers expect many different levels and methods of support for your smart home products.  You don't need to create all of this content in-house.  We can help.

With the production of hundreds of tutorial, set up, and how-to videos and articles, we are uniquely suited to create content that fits your customers needs and wants.

We can provide you both video and written content for your website and/or YouTube channel that includes set up, tutorials, troubleshooting steps, product showcase videos, and more.

Contact us here to talk with us about your needs and to get a quote.