Connecting IKEA SYMFONISK to TV or Home Theatre FAQ

There have been many queries into the IKEA SYMFONISK Wi-Fi Speaker. Mainly about how to connect the SYMFONISK Speaker to the TV or Home Theatre or, in other words, how to connect the SYMFONISK to TV.

You can set up your own IKEA SYMFONISK Bookshelf Speaker here:

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The IKEA SYMFONISK: Here’s what you need to know

The IKEA SYMFONISK was designed with SONOS technology and functions much like most Sonos speakers (Actually much like the Sonos Play1). This is a huge advantage for audiophiles who want to have a nice table lamp or bookshelf item that doubles as a powerful speaker. The thing to note is that the IKEA SYMFONISK uses Apple AirPlay 2.

Connect the SYMFONISK to TV using AirPlay 2 User Guide

Connecting to the SYMFONISK to Apple AirPlay 2 is as easy as turning on your Apple TV. [Here is the Guide]. The Apple TV will detect the AirPlay 2 capable speakers (SYMFONISK or SONOS). The configuration of the speakers is done on the SONOS App. So if you were able to pair the speakers into the SONOS system through the SONOS app, the speakers should automatically be integrated in the same way you set them up.

The IKEA SYMFONISK does not directly connect to:

  • Smart TV’s. The term here is ‘not-directly‘. If you have a TV that can connect via the Sonos app or Apple AirPlay 2 you may be able to make it work. The SYMFONISK Table Lamp Speaker uses the SONOS App. The connection to the TV has to come through the SONOS app at this time. No direct integration with Chromecast or FireTV at this time.
  • IKEA SYMFONISK cannot connect to Bluetooth: Ikea SYMFONISK is not a Bluetooth Speaker. It is designed to be a Wi-Fi Speaker exclusively. IKEA did not want your SYMFONISK WiFi Table Lamp or Bookshelf Speakers to not be interrupted by notifications or phone calls on your mobile device that usually happen through Bluetooth connections. That was thoughtful.

The IKEA SYMFONISK can connect to your TV or Home Theatre System if:

SONOS Speakers that work with Apple TV

There is a way to connect your Ikea Sonos (IKEA SYMFONISK) to TV. So, if you have a Sonos home theatre product, like the Sonos Beam or a Hub like the Sonos Boost (not verified yet); you may be able to pair your Ikea SYMFONISK speakers using the Sonos app.

IKEA SYMFONISK Connection to TV or Home Theatre FAQ

Can I connect the SYMFONISK speaker to my Sonos system at home?

Yes, You can connect the IKEA SYMFONISK to your current or existing Sonos Home Theatre.

How do you connect the IKEA SYMFONISK to your TV?

There is no direct way to connect your TV to the IKEA SYMFONISK Wi-Fi Table Lamp Speaker. You can use the existing Sonos Home Theatre system and pair your IKEA SYMOFINISK with the Sonos App or you can use Apple AirPlay 2 to connect the system or with an Apple TV, that has Apple AirPlay 2 firmware or an AirPlay2 compatible device.

Can you connect the IKEA SYMFONISK Speaker to Bluetooth?

No, you cannot connect the IKEA SYMFONISK to Bluetooth. Ikea designed the SYMFONISK to connect directly over Wi-Fi. The intent was to ensure that you were not interuppted with notifications or phone calls over Bluetooth.

How many speakers can I connect in one system simultaneously?

IKEA and Sonos says you can connect up to 30 speakers. You can also pair groups of speakers with the Sonos App.

I hope that clarifies how to connect your IKEA SYMFONISK to the TV or Home Theatre System.

Thank you for reading. Enjoy listening to the IKEA SYMFONISK! You can read our review of the IKEA SYMFONISK WiFi Table Lamp and Bookshelf Speaker here.

Ikea Symfonisk Setup Tutorial Video

You can also check out our Tutorial Video on how to setup the IKEA SYMFONISK right here:

3 thoughts on “Connecting IKEA SYMFONISK to TV or Home Theatre FAQ

  1. Terrible I have two Android TV and phone it is practically useless, really very thoughtful not to put ablitooth receiver so that I must use only Sonos approved app to cast. Hopefully I can return it and buy a proper wireless speaker that works universally.

    1. Yeahhh this pretty much forced me to get a spotify account. And that’s not being thoughtful, it’s making sure I can’t use it to listen to free music. Good try with the whole “thoughtful” approach

  2. Good thing I read this. I have an Android TV and hoped that there would be Android app that would connect the speaker to the TV, or even better a group of Speakers . Since it can’t, best that I go buy a traditional bluetooth sound bar with Optical/Coaxial inputs.

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