Connected Home over IP Announcement projected for 2021

Project Connected Home over IP, otherwise known as project CHIP, is almost here. The ZigBee Alliance formed a working group to create a new open standard so that all your devices can be quickly developed over one specification. This would make it easy for Alliance Group members such as Ikea, Samsung SmartThings Phillips. 

Hue Google Amazon Apple to all create devices for your home that all run on the same protocol. So that way, it all is a matter of choice of what smart device you need, and it will work with other devices that use the same protocol. That’s intuitive. 

IP-Based Convergence for the Commercial Market

This is a pretty fancy way of saying the Zigbee Alliance is figuring out how to get this open-standard into the developer’s hands to commercialize the future CHIP smart devices.

That they are now forming a dedicated team for the development and promotion of commercial markets. This is pretty exciting because all those IoT devices will start to have categories for electrical lighting, HVAC controls, safety, security, window coverings (like Ikea’s Fyrtur), TVs, access points, and smart devices, like light bulbs.

The working group will. Figure out a couple of things here (Zigbee Alliance):

  1. They’ll clarify the commercial use cases that can be readily supported by the project’s initial specification;
  2. To define the new features required for additional commercial use cases;
  3. Facilitate conversation and collaboration among members to strengthen the adoption of the IP based connectivity standards in the retail market globally; and 
  4. Advocate and encourage others to join and contribute to this market-leading effort. 

So this is pretty exciting. Last year, the Zigbee Alliance announced that the Connected Home over IP (CHIP) would be coming out in late 2020. However, based on an article here from the Verge (Chaim Gatenberg), they are going commercial in 2021 instead.

Connected Home Over IP in 2021

The number of active member companies is 145, including companies like Assa Abloy and Tuya Smart. Heard of them? They make a lot of smart devices.

In any case, that means in 2021, we should see a way to connect all of our smart home devices into one open-standard/protocol. This includes intelligent home devices for HVAC, smart window coverings, TVs, and smart light switches. I’m excited, yet thinking of what a world with one open standard might really look like. Does it leave other improvements out of the picture? I hope we’ll see something inspiring here from the big smart home tech players. It’s fun to see how everyone is trying to get their devices to speak the same language.

Source: Zigbee Alliance, The Verge