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Connect TV to AirPlay 2 Compatible Devices or Speakers

Connect TV to AirPlay 2 Compatible Devices or Speakers

In order to connect your TV to the Apple HomeKit ecosystem, you’re going to need AirPlay 2 now. This means that your Apple TV will or Apple Device (iPad, HomePod) will need iOS 11.4 or tvOS 11.4 or later to ensure you get sound from your TV.

For those who have bought speakers such in the SONOS line or IKEA SYMFONISK, you probably already found out that you’re going to need AirPlay 2 in order to make your TV play sound on your speakers or home entertainment system.

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Connecting Speakers to a TV with AirPlay 2: Setup

It’s a pretty simple setup once you have your AirPlay 2 compatible device (speaker) configured with the manufacturer app. You can check out how we set up the SYMFONISK (a SONOS-made speaker) here:

  • Once you have your AirPlay 2 Speakers configured with the manufacturer app (our example of using Sonos App for SYMFONISK), you will need to start up your Apple TV.
  • Get out your Remote and select the Settings menu.
  • Once in Settings, you’ll need to go to Audio and Video.
  • Then select the Audio Output for your TV. If your Speakers have already been set up on the SONOS (or other) App and they are AirPlay 2 compatible, your Apple TV should recognize the speakers right away. In our case, the SYMFONISK Bookshelf speakers were paired as ‘Bedroom‘ speakers.
  • Now your speakers should be ready to go. You’ll notice in the media menu (right side of the screen) for your iOS device (Apple TV), the AirPlay 2 button at the bottom right of the menu. Your speakers will now be the default speakers for the Apple TV.

I hope you’ve enjoyed setting up your AirPlay 2 speakers to your TV. It’s going to make your media streaming experience special!

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Tuesday 5th of January 2021

Hi, is it possible to connect SYMFONISK with Samsung smart TV which supports AirPlay 2 or do I need another device? Thanks

Alan Varughese

Tuesday 5th of January 2021

How to Connect A Sonos Speaker to A Samsung TV


Wednesday 21st of October 2020

Thanks for a very informative article