There is a rumor on the street that Chromecast Ultra may get Android TV. It remains to be seen, but it would look a lot like the Nvidia Shield. Protocol’s Janko Roettgers found the filing for the FCC. The filing for the new device with remote passed through on March 10, 2020.

Update June 10, 2020: More information on the upcoming Android TV Device,

Codename Sabrina: New Chromecast Ultra

Modifying the current Chromecast Ultra to include a remote control is much like the Nvidia shield may mean that Google is getting more serious about the TV streaming market to compete with the likes of Amazon’s FireTV Stick. You may remember the article that talks about Google blocking TV manufacturers from installing both FireTV and Android TV on a single TV. TV manufacturers will have to choose between the two.

Android TV – Google Stadia Powerhouse

Google already has a powerhouse open-source streaming service through Android TV. Pair that with Google’s entry into the gaming streaming market, and you now have a device that runs all your favorite apps and plays your favorite games. This might be where Google’s Stadia might shine with rumored 4K HDR graphics. Let’s just call it a surefire way to say ‘Advantage – Google’.

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What is Android TV?

Android TV is an opensource Smart TV Streaming service that can be operated on Android OS. Users can use an Android TV box or streaming apparatus to stream free or paid apps. Android TV gives users access to apps such as YouTube TV, Netflix, Hulu, Disney+ and so much more.

What is Chromecast Ultra?

Chromecast Ultra is Google’s TV Streaming Device that provides 4K or Ultra High Definition (UHD) Streaming (3840p x 2160p). You will need an a TV with HDMI inputs and a WiFi connection. Chromecast Ultra has Bluetooth connectivity as well.

What is Codename Sabrina?

Codename Sabrina is rumored to be Google’s entry into the mass streaming device marketplace – the next generation Chromecast Ultra with remote, that will likely run Android TV as well as other Gaming features such as Google Stadia

Update June 10, 2020: More information on the upcoming Android TV Device,

Updated June 16, 2020: New information on Stadia performance from XDA