Samsung has come out in CES 2021, blazing out of all the press conferences so far. Samsung has provided the most innovative experiences based on their new devices coming out. Samsung themes are called better normal for all.

Samsung Bespoke Fridge, 4-door Flex refrigerator

Samsung has now introduced a new Bespoke fridge, which is basically a 4-panel phrase that you can change the colors to. Each panel has its own function, whether it’s a crisper or water cooler or flex zone or whatever you can store whatever you like in this fridge. 

New Samsung TV at CES2021: The 110-inch MicroLED

Samsung is a TV technology leader showed last year, and in CES 2020, they showed the Serif, the Sera, the Wall, and the Frame. Today, Samsung mentioned or shown off the new 110-inch MicroLED TV. Using the same technology they use for the wallet see, in 2020, they basically use non-organic LED colors. This is a new term for me. I have to figure out more about what it actually means. 210 micro LED TV has no bezels. And you can split up the screens into four different screens so you can watch one main program and you can watch three programs off to the right. Samsung is offering the Samsung TV plus, which gives you customized recommendations with their universal guide. 110-inch Micro LED TV will be available in March 2021. no price tag yet

Samsung 110-inch MircoLED TV

SmartThings Cooking with Samsung Family Hub

Samsung has also come out with SmartThings Cooking. Samsung’s SmartThings presentation showed the main character interacting with their fridge and oven. Both the refrigerator and the stove were considered SmartThings devices. The New SmartThings Fridge becomes the new Family Hub (releasing in 2021). It comes equipped with an interactive user screen, with tailored meal plans, Recommendations using food AI, and recipes to cook your favorite meal. I don’t know if anybody noticed this, but the character gestured his head (a nod to the screen); in other words, he made a gesture and walked away. The ingredients and the steps of the recipe Then followed suit. The recipes can go straight to your mobile phone so that you can go to the store and pick up the right ingredients based on the recipe that you selected on your fridge or the family hub. Those ingredients can then be transferred to your shopping list, giving you the option to order them from your favorite online grocery store. Then you can have those grocery items shipped to you by the time dinner is prepared. You can see the live stream of your favorite cooking class on the Family Hub display.

When the ingredients are prepared, you go to the Family Hub and transfer command to your Samsung Oven, telling it to begin preheating for the recipe you selected. You walk to the oven and press start. Your food is now being baked in the oven.

SmartThings Cooking will notify you on your mobile device or from your family have that your preheating is finished And then tell you when the cooking is complete/

Samsung Health Trainer

Coming to All of Samsungs Smart TVs: Samsung is now creating SmartThings Health Trainer; and an interactive Exercise platform.

Samsung Health will have several interactive exercise routines, encouraging you to keep the pace as the workouts are being presented. The Exercises will keep track of your progress. You will need a Samsung Smart TV with a camera.

Samsung AI, Samsung JetBot AI+, Samsung Bot Care, and Samsung Bot Handy

Samsung AI is now incorporated in many of Samsung’s devices. Samsung introduces the Samsung AI NeoQuantum processor. It takes current High Definition (FHD and UHD) images and converts them to 8K images through it’s 8K upscale process. Samsung AI is also incorporated into Samsung Washer and Dryer cycles with the new Smart Dial to give you customized cycle processes.

Samsung JetBot 90 AI+ with Samsung PetCare

Samsung also introduced JetBot 90 AI+: a robot vacuum that uses Object Recognition Technology to decide the best cleaning path. It will vacuum close to objects like toys but stay away from fragile items. The JetBot 90 AI+ navigates this with LiDar and 3D Sensors. The JetBot AI 90+ also comes with a camera, so you can find out what is happening in the home when you are away. Samsungs video presentation of the JetBot 90 AI+ shows the robot vacuum automatically responding to messes spontaneously. The JetBot 90 AI+ then motions towards the TV and turns it on based on control from the Samsung App user and sends back live-stream images to the homeowner. The JetBot 90 AI+ comes with its own docking station and automatic refuse collection to empty the JetBot 90 AI+ contents. The JetBot 90 AI+ looks like a standard cylindrical robot vacuum with an enhanced square bottom and track wheels like Wall-E. Samsung describes the AI within the JetBot 90 AI+ as the Samsung Pet to assist with managing smart curtains, lights, and SmartThing devices within the home. The JetBot 90 AI+ will be available in the US in the first half of 2021.

Samsung JetBot 90 AI+ Robot Vacuum

Samsung Bot Care

Samsung Bot Care will be available in the future as a robotic assistant. Botcare knows your schedule and can tell you when you’re next meeting is.

Samsung Bot Handy

Bot Handy uses AI to understand objects. Samsung’s presentation showed Bot Handy to put away dishes, pour wine, and pick up laundry. No projected date when Samsung Bot Care or Bot Handy will be available.

Samsung Bot Care and Bot Handy

New Samsung Technology at CES2021

Samsung’s presentation at CES 2021 gave us their impression of a Better Normal. Samsung positions us as a world where more time is spent at home, and more needs are required to maintain that home and lifestyle. Samsung communicated at CES2021 that its Innovation and Technology is based around you and your needs. They definitely didn’t disappoint at CES2021. Samsung talked about their AI and incorporated it into functional robots to clean up and manage your home. They also introduced new appliances like the Bespoke Fridge, which could really be a game-changer and how we store our food. The other refrigerator, such as the Family Hub (available in 2021); a new welcome addition to the Smart Home since the fridge is probably the place where everyone goes. Samsung has really found a way to incorporate all of its technology into the needs of the home. It was exciting to see that they were on point at CES2020.

Credit: Samsung