Day One of CES 2021 was Media Day. All the biggest news, product launches, and trends were on display, ahead of the full conference that spans from January 11 to January 14, 2021.

There were a number of exciting pieces of events that occurred from Bosch, Caterpillar (Autonomous Mining Vehicles – I used to drive one), and Indy Racecar that could drive itself, intelligent kitchen and bath appliances, to air quality, telehealth, new Robots from Samsung, home energy management systems, to rollable tablets. Oh yes, CES 2021 has already made some exciting news in tech. I took the liberty of updating CES2021 Media output into my own words!

Here a few of the CES 2021 Media Day updates:

Bosch: Showed us how they are behind a ton of global industrial initiatives to get to a carbon-neutral state. They also introduced a new AI-enabled fitness tracker (wearable) that recognizes what you’re doing and keeps track. (i.e. lifting weights. It can figure out if you’re bench pressing or lifting a dumbbell and count it!).

Caterpillar: CAT’s autonomous mining trucks can handle the most adverse terrain. They have the AI to do it.

Hisense: TriChroma Laser TV line coming in 2021.

Indy Autonomous Challenge: Dallara has created the first autonomous Indy Car! They are challenging over 500 students to develop the technology for it to race.

Intel/Mobileye: Mobileeye is the new Intel tech for LiDar. Let’s just say if Mobileeye can see it, it’s basically mapped it out in 3D, in a blink of an eye.

Kohler:  New ceiling mount kitchen faucet with simple touch control; a DIY home water monitor that mounts underneath the cabinets, and new automatic toilets, bidet, and a way-too comfortable bathtub.

Mercedes-Benz: Imagine seeing all the information you need in a uber-vehicle. Yes. You can see all the information you need in one place.

OMRON Healthcare:  VitalSight is the first remote patient monitoring service made for people with hypertension.

Panasonic: Basically confirmed that Panasonic has their hands behind almost everything from entertainment, media screens, Lithium-ion batteries. You name it. Pansonic has it.

Philips: Philips has the vision to get into the Health Tech Space. The new Philips Sonicare 9900 toothbrush uses AI to ensure that you are really brushing your teeth.

Samsung Electronics: Robots! Just read this:

Schneider Electric: I was really excited about Schneider’s Home end-to-end power management in the home. They have the SquareD electrical panel that can manage and track everything that uses power in the home.


Taiwan Tech Arena: Good things are coming from Taiwan.


  • New Google TV from TCL
  • NXTPAPER Tabet – You un-roll it like a scroll!
  • MOVEAUDIO S600 Wireless Headphones
  • TAB10s – TCL’s new Octa-core 10″ tablet.
  • MOVETRACK Pet tracker
  • TCL 20 Series phones

Look like some serious competition coming to the market! Move over Am…

Verizon: 5G. That’s all they got to say. 5G is the future.

Credit: CES2021, CTA