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Can You Use Your Own Modem With AT&T Internet?

Can You Use Your Own Modem With AT&T Internet?

If AT&T is one of the top network service providers, it’s no surprise that you’d want to connect to such a fast network.

However, because AT&T is such a well-known network provider, its name-brand modems can be more expensive than others. You may be asking if you are permitted to use your modem.

Although you can use your modem with AT&T internet, you’ll still be charged a monthly fee.

This article will help you through the steps of connecting a third-party modem to AT&T’s internet service.

Install DSL Filters on all devices that are connected to your phone line.If you must connect your modem and phone to the same jack, use a dual port filter and connect your phone to the phone port on the filter.
Turn off your computer and connect the data cable to the modem.You can connect the data cable directly to the wall jack if you don’t have AT&T phone service.
Turn on your computer and connect your modem.Press the power button on your modem to turn it on and wait for it to connect.
Reset Your ModemWhen your modem has finished booting up, press and hold the reset button with a pencil for at least 12 seconds. This will reset the settings to what the manufacturer originally set them to.
Activate Your AccountYou can activate your account by pointing your browser to Follow the procedure on the website to finish the registration process.
Steps required to connect your modem to AT & T internet service

What You’ll Need to Connect an AT&T DSL Modem to the Internet

A bunch of orange data cables
Data cables

Before you may connect your modem to your AT&T DSL internet, you will need the following:

  1. Your modem (which must be compatible with an AT&T internet connection. As you continue reading, you will come across a list of compatible modems).
  2. A power source (A suitable power adaptor has multiple outlets, such as this one from Amazon.)
  3. A data cable.
  4. A network connection.
  5. Filters (This is needed if you have voice service on your DSL line)

Let’s walk through the process of connecting your modem to AT&T internet.

How to Connect an AT&T DSL Modem to the Internet

Follow the instructions below to connect your third-party modem to your AT&T DSL internet:

  • Install DSL Filters on all devices that use your phone connection.
  • (If your DSL connection does not include home service, please skip this step.) Install no filters on the phone jack to which your DSL modem will be connected.
  • Use a twin port filter and connect your phone to the filter’s designated phone port if you need to connect your modem and telephone to the same jack.
  • Connect the data cable to the modem and turn off your computer.
  • If you don’t have AT&T phone service, connect the data connection directly to the wall jack.
  • Connect the Ethernet connection from your modem to the PC.
  • Connect your modem and turn on your computer.
  • Press the power button on your modem and wait for it to power up and connect. On average, this can take up to fifteen minutes.
  • Restart the modem.
  • When your modem has finished, use a pencil to push and hold the reset button for at least twelve seconds. This resets the settings to their factory defaults.
  • A setup wizard may display on your computer’s screen depending on the modem you’re using. Simply follow the setup wizard’s instructions to complete configuring your modem.

You may need to input the modem’s product access code or create a new security password. At this point, you may be asked to provide your network username and password. Try signing in with the username [email protected] and the password attregas.

Create an Account

You can activate your account in your browser by visiting Comply with the instructions given on their website to complete the registration procedure.

  • Navigate to Modem Settings.
  • Check the documentation with your modem to find out how to access its settings. Most modems have an IP address that you can use to access their settings.
  • Enter your AT&T member ID and DSL Network password that you created during registration into the modem’s settings.
  • Finally, restart your modem to apply the adjustments. Your third-party modem is now up and running.

List of AT&T Compatible Modems and Routers

There are various reasons why you should use your modem and router to connect to AT&T.

Price comparisons, faster internet, more comprehensive range, and greater network control are all possibilities.

However, checking that the modem and router are AT&T internet compatible is vital.

The following are some suitable modems and routers to consider:

AX3200 Reyes 

The AX3200 Reyes  in black
The AX3200 Reyes  router
  • The most excellent router overall.
  • 3.200 Mbps is the maximum data rate.
  • Affordable price.

If you require a solid Wi-Fi connection for your AT&T Gateway, this Reyes model is consistently recognized as one of the best. It can handle all AT&T plans save the fastest – 5,000 Mbps – with speeds of up to 3,200 Mbps.

The Reyes AX3200 comes with practically every advanced router feature available. It comes with eight omnidirectional antennas, each with FEM amplifiers, so it can cut through walls to provide Wi-Fi to every room in your house. It has a staggering 3,000-square-foot coverage area.

TP-Link AX6600 

  • The maximum data rate is 6,579 Mbps.
  • Good performance.

Regarding enabling AT&T’s fastest plan, few routers are as advanced as the TP-Link AX6600. It can deliver Wi-Fi speeds of up to 6,579 Mbps, faster than any AT&T plan currently on the market.

It offers such speeds across three distinct bands, allowing it to support a vast number of devices connected to the internet at the same time. The router’s eight antennas use beamforming technology to guide your internet signal to specific spots, resulting in a more robust connection across your home.

Customer feedback has been very positive, with many users reporting faster speeds and increased coverage throughout the home. While it’s not our top pick for gamers, it does provide a Gaming Accelerator option that allows you to optimize game streaming.

Wi-Fi Extender
Wi-Fi Extender

TP-Link Archer A6.

  • Best non-fiber router
  • The maximum data rate is 1,200 Mbps.
  • Enhanced Wi-Fi coverage

You don’t need a router that can handle the fastest speeds if you have an AT&T DSL subscription. AT&T’s DSL services have a maximum speed of about 100 Mbps, whereas the TP-Link Archer A6 has a total rate of 1,200 Mbps. Even with that capability, it is one of the most economical wireless routers on the market. If you ever relocate or upgrade your internet plans, it can still handle everything but the fastest.

The only drawback is that it could struggle in larger households if you want to spread your Wi-Fi connection across your home; a more expensive device, such as our best mesh router choice, the Eero 6, maybe a better alternative.

Eero 6+

  • The greatest mesh router 
  • The maximum speed of Router Mesh is 1,000 Mbps.
  • Simple installation

If your internet connection does not reach every room in your home, a mesh router is one of the best (and most cost-effective) solutions.

A mesh system employs two or more access points strategically placed throughout the home to increase coverage. To cover the entire house, the eero 6+ can be ordered with up to three routers.

It’s a great mesh system for anyone interested in monitoring the performance of their internet connection. The eero app lets you configure routers, see which devices are connected to your network, and track your speeds and data usage.

ASUS ROG Rapture

  • The finest gaming router 
  • 5,700 Mbps is the maximum data rate.
  • A bit pricey

Any current Wi-Fi router can manage the requisite speed for lag-free online gaming, but not all of them contain the gaming-specific features featured on the ASUS ROG Rapture.

It includes hardware and software-based gaming acceleration and prioritization, as well as a slew of LAN ports and a lightning-fast processor.

It’s intended to have everything a gamer might need for the ultimate gaming experience. All of these features are accessible via the ASUS app or a browser. Most individuals do not require this level of router management, but hardcore gamers will appreciate it.

Learn to use your own modem with AT & T internet


What Is the Meaning of an AT&T Broadband Red Light?

Answer: When your AT&T broadband is operational, the modem gateway should turn green. The Gateway is starting up if it is glowing green. An amber light indicates that a software update is being carried out. Whereas, the red light indicates that the gateway or power supply is faulty.

What Should I Do If My Broadband Has a Flashing Red Light?

Answer: The first step is to turn off the Gateway for at least 15 seconds. This should give it enough time to rest and cool down if it overheats. Check to see if the broadband light has changed from red to green after reconnecting. This could take approximately 4 to 5 minutes to complete.


  • Users have found it handy to connect to the AT&T network using a third-party modem. Even if you use a third-party modem, this guide should help you optimize AT&T services.
  • When you choose AT&T as your internet service provider, purchasing your router will be less expensive in the long run than renting AT&T-compatible routers.
  • Furthermore, you will have various options to choose from to find one that matches your needs.
  • The best router for everyone provides fast connections and allows you to optimize your internet consumption while saving money.

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