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Can You Connect an Ethernet Cable to a Smart TV?

Can You Connect an Ethernet Cable to a Smart TV?

A smart TV is an excellent addition to any home since it allows users to stream directly from any application to the television.

Many people connect to their smart TV through Wi-Fi, but this isn’t always feasible. When your smart TV fails to connect to Wi-Fi, you may wonder if it can be used using an Ethernet cable.

Smart TVs rely largely on the Internet to give capabilities such as Netflix streaming video. All new smart TVs include Ethernet ports if you choose to connect to the Internet through a wired connection rather than WiFi.

You may be wondering how to connect your WiFi network and Ethernet cable to your smart TV. Don’t worry. We’ll go through the setup process as well as the advantages and disadvantages of using an Ethernet cable below.

QuestionsBrief Explanation
Do Smart TVs have Ethernet ports?Almost all smart TVs have an Ethernet cable port on the back.
Which Ethernet Cable Type Do I Need for My Smart TV?There are various types of Ethernet wires. Some people will be far faster and more reliable than others. Aifxt Cat-7 Ethernet Cable for Smart TV, Jadaol Cat-7 Ethernet Cable, and AmazonBasics Cat-6 Ethernet Patch Cable are the top three choices.
Is Ethernet a better choice for smart TVs than Wi-Fi?Depending on your situation, an Ethernet cable might provide you with a more dependable internet connection.
How much faster is ethernet than wifiEthernet is capable of reaching rates of up to 10Gbps. Wi-Fi has a usual maximum speed of 6.9Mbps.

What is the Ethernet cable used for?

The Ethernet cable is used to connect your modem to your computer or TV for an Internet connection.

Ethernet cables can be connected to any device that has an Ethernet port. Usually, you can get a stronger Internet connection when you use Ethernet cables since it’s a more direct link to the local network.

Is an Ethernet cable better than WiFi?

An Ethernet cable can provide a stronger connection but WiFi is more convenient for mobile devices.

If you have a large computer set-up that you can place near a modem, then connecting an Ethernet cable to it can be a more viable option. However, if you prefer to be on the go or just use mobile devices like a smartphone or tablet, then using a WiFi would be better.

Do Smart TVs have Ethernet ports?

An ethernet cable and an ethernet port
An ethernet cable and an ethernet port

On the back of almost every smart TV, there will be an Ethernet cable port. Follow the steps below to connect the Ethernet cable:

  1. Connect the Ethernet cable to the Wi-Fi router. Connect one end of the cable to your wireless router. Check that your router is turned on and working properly.
  2. Connect the other end to your television. Connect the opposite end of the cable to the internet port on the television.
  3. Utilize network settings. Turn on the TV and go to Settings, then Network Settings from the home screen.
  4. Select wired Internet. In the settings, “Enable Wired Internet” or “Use Wired Internet Connection” should be choices.
  5. Enter your Wi-Fi password here. The TV will now request your Wi-Fi password. If you haven’t already done so, your router’s password is most likely on the back or side.
  6. Ascertain that it is operating. The television will most likely display a message. Visit an app or streaming service to ensure that the setup was successful.

My Smart TV is unable to connect to the Internet through Ethernet.

If your smart TV is experiencing trouble connecting to the Internet through Ethernet, turn off both the smart TV and the router, then detach the two devices to reset.

  • If the wires are accessible, inspect them for physical damage.
  • Wires that are exposed regularly undergo physical damage. As a result, it’s essential that you keep your Ethernet lines safe and secure (e.g., tripping or pet damage).
  • If there’s no risk, connect your smart TV to the Internet via another network port.
  • If it still does not work, go to the Network Settings on your smart TV and check the connection.

Typically, any issues will be reported here, with the option to diagnose the problem. In most circumstances, resetting your router should solve your Internet connection problems. If the problems continue, contact your network provider.

What Kind of Ethernet Cable Do I Require for My Smart TV?

 fiber optic ethernet cable
An Ethernet cable

Ethernet wires are not all the same. Some will be far more dependable and quick than others.

The top three options are shown below:

Is Ethernet a better alternative than WiFi for smart TVs?

An Ethernet cable may give you a more dependable internet connection depending on your circumstances.

However, there are a few minor disadvantages to using a cable rather than Wi-Fi.

  •  The TV and router must be near each other. Because a cable will be running between the TV and the router, they must be in the same room with as little as possible distance between them.
  • Pets and minors aren’t permitted. Unless the TV and router are right next to one other, there will be a cord on the ground. This might be dangerous for little children or pets.
  • There’s less motion. If you want to move your TV, you must also move the router and cable. This might be annoying.

But of course, Ethernet provides several significant advantages as well, such as:

  • The connection is always steady. A linked connection ensures consistency and speed.
  • This is preferable for streaming. Because of the higher bandwidth, streaming apps can operate quicker and for longer periods of time without being interrupted by frequencies.
  • It uses less energy. Ethernet frequently consumes less power and is more energy-efficient.
  • There are fewer breakdowns. There are no bandwidth constraints or radio frequencies that interfere with the connection.

When compared to Wi-Fi, how fast is Ethernet?

We’ve already demonstrated that the ethernet connection is always dependable, but how much faster is it?

Ethernet is almost always faster than Wi-Fi, depending on your location and service provider. Ethernet is capable of reaching rates of up to 10Gbps, while WiFi has a usual maximum speed of 6.9Mbps.

Also, data transmission is more rapid for Ethernet since data is sent directly from the router to the TV through Ethernet.

A video on how to connect ethernet cable to TV.


Does it matter what port you use for Ethernet?

Answer: It’s usually a distinct color from the other Ethernet ports. Check that the Ethernet wire from your modem is plugged into the right Ethernet port on your router. Make certain that the wireless gateway to the internet connection entering your home is appropriately secured. The sort of connection is determined by the type of internet you have.

How many different Ethernet ports are there?

Answer: In most LANs, three types of ethernet cables are used: coaxial cables, twisted pair cables, and fiber optic cables.

Does the Ethernet port affect speed?

Answer: Of course, your network speed is distinct from and unrelated to the speed of your Internet connection. So, swapping out your Ethernet connections may have little influence on how quickly you can load webpages because your Internet speed is nearly always dwarfed by your network speed.

Which LAN port is faster?

Answer: As previously stated, Fast Ethernet has a speed of 100 Mbps, but Gigabit Ethernet has a speed of 1000 Mbps, which is exactly ten times faster than Fast Ethernet.

Which Ethernet cable is best?

Answer: A Cat6 cable is the best option for cables up to 150ft if you want a quicker networking experience of up to 10Gbps. They also provide far superior noise and crosstalk shielding, providing a high-quality connection.

What is the maximum distance for Ethernet cables?

Answer: An Ethernet cable can be as long as 295 feet (90 meters). Good quality cables with insulation and bigger conductors can go further, but it will take some trial and error.


  • By placing Ethernet cables into the TV and connecting them to the Wi-Fi router, Ethernet cables can provide a dependable connection. Try it the next time your normal Wi-Fi fails to connect!
  • An Ethernet cable provides a reliable, consistent connection, although Wi-Fi is more convenient.
  • Nobody wants an unstable connection or to be inconvenienced, which is why both are available as Internet connectivity options on smart TVs.
  • Everything is dependent on your own choices and current Internet settings.

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