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Can I Still Use A Vivint Camera Without Service?

<strong>Can I Still Use A Vivint Camera Without Service?</strong>

Vivint offers a range of indoor and outdoor cameras with various features to meet different home security needs.

However, if you intend on relocating or switching smart home security providers, you may be asking whether you can keep using Vivint equipment, such as the cameras, even if you no longer pay for Vivint’s services.

Unfortunately, Vivint cameras require an active service subscription to function properly, as they are designed to be a part of a larger home security system.

Nevertheless, the Smart Home Video Monitoring service offered by Vivint covers a wide variety of other functions in addition to video recording. 

If you decide to finance the purchase of your equipment, the cost of the service plan will be added to the monthly payment that you make for the equipment.

Read on to learn more about the service and contract choices available via Vivint if you’re interested in finding out what takes place if you decide to cancel your membership.

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Advantages & disadvantages of low-cost security cameras

Services of Subscription Offered by Vivint

Vivint offers its customers various subscription plans
Vivint offers its customers various subscription plans

Vivint offers a range of service subscriptions to meet different home security needs. Here are some of the main subscription services offered by Vivint:

  1. Home Security: This is Vivint’s core service subscription, which includes 24/7 professional monitoring, alerts for security events, and access to the Vivint app to control your system and devices remotely.
  2. Smart Home: This subscription includes all the features of the Home Security subscription, plus smart home integration with devices like smart locks, thermostats, and lighting.
  3. Video Security: This subscription adds video surveillance to your home security system, with access to cloud storage for video footage and the ability to view live and recorded video feeds through the Vivint app.
  4. Smart Complete: This subscription includes all of the features of the Home Security, Smart Home, and Video Security subscriptions, providing comprehensive home security and automation.

In addition to these main subscription services, Vivint also offers optional add-ons like a video doorbell camera, outdoor security cameras, and additional sensors for doors, windows, and motion detection.

It’s worth noting that Vivint’s service subscriptions are customizable, so you can choose the features and services that best meet your needs. The cost of the subscriptions varies depending on the level of service and equipment you choose, as well as your location and any current promotions or discounts.

What Will Happen If I Cancel My Vivint Subscription?

If you cancel your Vivint service, there are several things that will happen:

  1. Disconnection of Vivint Equipment: Vivint’s equipment, such as security cameras, door locks, and sensors, are designed to work with the Vivint system. If you cancel your service, the equipment will be disconnected from the system and will no longer function as part of the Vivint service.
  2. No More Monitoring: If you cancel your service, you will no longer have access to 24/7 professional monitoring, which means that if an alarm is triggered, there will be no automatic response from Vivint’s monitoring center.
  3. No More App Access: If you cancel your service, you will no longer be able to access the Vivint app to control your devices or receive alerts.
  4. Cancellation Fees: Depending on your contract terms, there may be cancellation fees associated with canceling your Vivint service before the end of your contract term.
  5. Loss of Recorded Footage: If you had video surveillance as part of your Vivint service, any recorded footage stored in the cloud will no longer be accessible once you cancel your service.

It’s important to carefully consider the impact of canceling your Vivint service, especially if you are relying on Vivint for home security. If you are unsure about canceling your service, it may be worth discussing your options with Vivint’s customer service team to see if there are any alternative solutions or services that better meet your needs.

How to Get Out of Your Contract with Vivint

image of Vivint camera
By putting up a Vivint surveillance camera in your house, you’ll be secured 24/7.

You’ll need to write a Notice of Cancellation letter and mail it to Vivint in order to have your contract canceled. In your letter, you need to be sure to include the following:

  • The date
  • Your account details.
  • The reason behind your decision.
  • Your name and signature.

You may send the letter requesting cancellation to [email protected] through email. Because there have been incidents of Vivint claiming that they’ve never received the letters, it’s suggested that you phone Vivint to check that they got your letter. You can find the number for doing so on the website.

You also have the option to sell or give away your Vivint system and service to another customer if you’re unable to get out of your current contract but still want to cancel. 

If the individual who is taking over your service doesn’t sign a new contract, they’ll be required to pay a transfer charge of $99. When you transfer your contract, you will not be responsible for paying any fees.

Without a Vivint account, will I be able to use any of the company’s products?

A video on Vivint Home Security System

Some customers have claimed that their Vivint equipment would continue to operate locally even after they have canceled their Vivint account, provided that they have the smart home panel installed. 

Because of this, they are unable to remotely monitor or control any of their devices. However, they’re able to do so by using the Vivint panel that is installed in their home. This includes seeing the live feeds from the Vivint cameras on the panel.

In 2018, Vivint introduced its new Sky control panel. Some users have mentioned that the Sky panel cannot function as a smart hub for your other Vivint devices if you don’t have an account associated with it.

It’s important to keep in mind that none of your devices will get expert monitoring if you don’t create an account.

There will be no access to your equipment for you online or in the Vivint Sky app.

So, in order to make use of the Vivint Sky app, a monthly membership plan is required.

An outdoor security camera
Outdoor security cameras can make your home safe

Is it still possible for Vivint to access the feed from my camera?

Even after your Vivint account has been terminated, the company will never access the live feed from your cameras. 

The response of trained professionals to the alarms that are activated in your home is the primary goal of professional monitoring

Vivint will not view the live feed from your cameras or watch the recordings you have made to investigate why an alarm was triggered.


Can you use Vivint without an Internet connection?

Answer: Will Vivint function without Wi-Fi? It certainly does. Vivint uses a wireless cellular connection, similar to your smartphone, so it will continue to function even if the internet is down.

How can I get around the Vivint camera?

Answer: Navigate to the Vivint Smart Home app. Choose Device Settings. Choose the desired sensor. To bypass the sensor for a single arming event, move the Bypass toggle to the right.

What happens if you decide to cancel Vivint?

Answer: According to a Vivint cancellation customer care agent, you’ll need to pay off the remaining sum on your contract in most circumstances. Some individuals may be able to avoid prosecution by paying just half of what they owe, but this is entirely dependent on the contract you sign with the alarm provider.


  • Access to the intelligent features of Vivint cameras is only available to customers who subscribe to a monthly video monitoring subscription package
  • The package already contains two cameras, but if necessary, you may pay an extra fee to have more installed. 
  • If you’re financing your Vivint equipment, you are obliged to sign a contract for a period of 5 years, and the contract must be paid in full before you are able to terminate your subscription.

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