Bosma X1 Indoor Security Camera Review

The Bosma X1 Indoor Security Camera is essentially your all-in-one security camera with a ton of features. Please note that the Bosma X1 camera and two-door contact sensors were provided to us for us to do a review. However, this review is not impacted by Bosma.

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Bosma X1 Indoor Security Camera Features

For a camera, the device has a nice weight to it. The camera device sits on its own pedestal with a solid rectangular base. It offers rubber pads on the bottom of the camera base so it can stay in one place. There is a large speaker on the base as well. This speaker is for the built-in siren. Yes, the camera has a siren that can output 110 dB – which is really loud.

You’ll probably be wondering why this camera has a solid base compared to most indoor cameras. It’s because it’s housing a ton of smarts inside.

Advanced PIR Sensor: PIR is short for Passive Infrared. Most PIR sensors are built to sense motion across the sensor range. However, the BOSMA X1 has an Advanced PIR Sensor. The Advanced PIR will be able to tell the difference between objects, pets, shadows, lights and real people. This is really important to decrease false alarms and a ‘million’ notifications on your phone.

1080p and 145 degrees: This camera has a quality processor that provides 1080p resolution in real-time. You can set the camera to 720p or 360p, however, if you have an SD card you’ll probably just stick to the high-quality videos of 1080p. The camera is a wide-angle lens that can span 145 degrees without panning.

Color Night Vision: Before you say ‘Say What!?, Yes the color night vision works with a very small amount of light in the area (like a night light), the black and white scene turns into a full-color view of the dark. Amazing. This will help identify anyone entering the viewing range of your Bosma X1 Camera. Bosma is actually working on a glow light product that can assist with low lighting. They are also working on an outdoor version of the camera. This will make the Bosma camera tech stand-out.

Two-way Audio and microphone: The sound between your smartphone app and the camera works quite well. You can hear audio from the camera as well.

Local Security for any location: Bosma X1 is a Hub.

The X1 Camera is essentially a hub for your smart home security need. The door sensors or doorbell connect to the X1 Camera in order activate and pan to a preset location that you define. So if you set up the door contact sensors, you can pre-set where the camera is to pan. I set up two-door contact sensors in my laundry room. Once the door contact sensors are triggered, the camera will pan to that specific pre-set location that I define in the Bosma Smart App. This is intuitive. However, Bosma X1 does not have automatic panning.

What I liked about the Bosma X1 Indoor Security Camera:

  • The camera is well built, sits well atop any surface. You can orient the camera in any direction (90 or 270 degrees orientation).
  • Siren: having a built-in siren is a great feature for a security camera.
  • Advanced PIR motion sensor: fewer false alarms. It will actually figure out if it’s a person vs. a pet or an object. Which is miles ahead of most smart camera manufacturers on the market.
  • Price: You’ll find the cost for a camera to be approximately $100. Considering that you’re not getting just a camera, but a local hub that has an Advanced PIR, Panning to 360 degrees, two-way audio, and color-night vision, you might be getting a ton of value.

What I did not like about the Bosma X1 Indoor Security Camera:

  • Security Modes: Remember, The Bosma X1 system with connected devices such as Bosma door/window contact sensors, or Bosma doorbell. It is its own system. So if you change the security setting in the Bosma Smart App to ‘Away’ or ‘Home’ everything is activated. So you may just trigger the siren if you open one of the doors or windows. This is Bosma’s ideology of how you should secure your space. I would like to adjust these scenes in the future.
  • Managing the Bosma App: I think the App in its entirety gives you lots of options to manage your Smart Security. I think it’s going to be a work in progress to manage how you control your system (X1 camera with door control) as one system, rather than adding components and managing each door/window contact sensor. I know some competitors also have this issue, so I think Bosma is going to get better at this.
  • Applications: The Bosma X1 Security Camera is its own local setup. There is no real connection to Google or Alexa right now. The Bosma Smart App is the main way to make the X1 function. The Bosma X1 Indoor Security Camera was made to apply for a closed-loop security system, much like home security systems today. It’s portable and can function in a number of locations. I think about the garage or shed, or an area where you want to create a safe zone for your family or employees (lunchroom). There is a demand for local management of security in certain areas. The idea that the Bosma X1 is its own local hub helps when the WiFi connection goes down. You can still record data (with an SD card), and the camera will still function the way a closed system is supposed to; which makes the Bosma X1 system reliable. The fully integrated Bosma X1 system could be what you need for a specific room or entryway.

I hope you enjoyed the Bosma X1 Indoor Security Camera.

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