Bluetti – Your Off-the-Grid Portable Power Station

My Smart Home Dream to make my house “off-the-grid”

As a smart home tech guy and automater, I’ve always thought about turning my house into an off-the-grid home with all these fantastic smart home technologies. Everything would run by itself, and everything would be powered by renewable energy such as solar or geothermal. I’ve been thinking of solutions to put in your garage or utility room, like the Tesla power wall. Yes, there is some hype on the power wall. However, I also need to figure out if it is practical. It would be great to consider an Uninterrupted Power Supply (UPS) when the electricity goes down.

I’ve even thought about taking a portable generator or inverter with me when I go out camping. There are locations where there is no power at all, and it would be great to keep the lights running in those remote locations or even in emergencies. However, most reliable generators and inverters run primarily on gasoline or diesel. You have to make sure that you have enough fuel to keep those generators running. That’s where the portable battery storage solutions come in. Enter in Bluetti.

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Bluetti Energy Storage

Bluetti has touted itself as the ‘Tesla power wall killer’. How’s that for an introduction? Bluetti has been in the power storage business for approximately 30 years, producing residential and industrial power storage systems. You may have seen many Bluetti power storage devices in the US, Europe, or Japan. You probably didn’t even notice that it was a Bluetti product powering up those devices. Now you know – Bluetti has been here for some time.

Bluetti EB150 fitting right in at the farm

You’ll find Bluetti power storage systems on farms, garages, shops, or in isolated places in the countryside. Bluetti units are found in industrial situations where people need to work in remote locations. Remote work needs reliable portable power to keep equipment running. You may even find Bluetti storage units with those who run drones and video cameras, and power tools.

Bluetti Power Stations

Bluetti provides power stations or portable generators that output anywhere from 300 Watts (300 Wh) to 2000 Watts(5100 Wh). Bluetti delivers several products for a wide range of applications, from power for portable music to whole-house backup solutions.

Bluetti AC50S – 500 Wh/300W

The Bluetti AC50S 500 Wh/300 W Portable Power Station Helps run your 12V appliances, PCs, laptops, drones, camera equipment. It comes with a carrying handle, portable emergency light, and 4 USB-A and one USB-C connection for most of our mobile charging needs.

Bluetti AC100 – 1000Wh/600W

As your needs progress and become a little bit more serious where you need a bit more power, you should consider the AC100 1000 Wh/600 W Portable Power Station. The Bluetti AC100 contains a Lithium-Ion (Li-ion) Polymer Battery Cell. 67,568 mAh at 14.8 V. The AC100 also comes with a 12-volt car cigarette lighter adapter, emergency lighting, and SOS siren. It also comes with two external interfaces that solar panels can used to charge up the power station. It also comes with a sturdy handle to carry wherever you need the power.

Bluetti EB240 – 2400Wh/1000W

And suppose you’re looking for something to back up the necessary appliances in your home or RV. In that case, you can look at the Bluetti EB240 (2400Wh/1000W) power system. The EB240 is one of Bluetti’s most versatile energy storage systems with 1000 W of continuous power.

The ALL NEW Bluetti EP500 and EP500 Pro

Here is competition to the Tesla Power Wall: The Bluetti EP500/Pro

You can buy the EP500/Pro HERE (Bluetti Affiliate)

The EP500/Pro is launched its Kickstarter on March 23, 2021. Bluetti is excited to show off its new portable power station. The new sleek design and wheels should allow the EP500 and EP500 Pro to fit anywhere in the home or farm.

The Bluetti EP500/Pro comes is truly portable as it comes with:

  • Wheels – large and small set of wheels to move on most terrain
  • 12V Cigarette lighter port
  • 100 W USB-C
  • 4-USB-A ports
  • 2-12V (10A) DC outlets
  • 1-12V (30A) RV outlet
  • 2-Wireless Charging pads

Bluetti Power Storage

Bluetti has a wide range of power storage units to meet your needs. Whether, you’re out on the beach, or having a picnic to powering up your power tools and large appliances, Bluetti has the energy storage solution. I’m hoping that one of these storage units make it’s way to my house. I would like to see if I could keep all my smart home devices running in the case of power failure. Especially, my smart cameras and security systems.

Bluetti Power for the Spring Sale Event

Bluetti has their ‘Power for the Spring’ Spring Sale event. You can find their portable power storage units on sale up to $800 on selected power storage units. Bluetti also provides its solar panel solutions to bundle with your Bluetti Power Storage unit.

You can find out more about the Bluetti power storage devices at

You can buy the EP500/Pro HERE (Bluetti Affiliate)

You can also find Bluetti products on Amazon:

BLUETTI 2PCS 120w Monocrystalline Solar Panel: (Amazon Affiliate)

Image Credit: Bluetti