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Bluetti EP500, EP500 Pro: Portable Power Stations

Bluetti EP500, EP500 Pro: Portable Power Stations

Suppose you’re looking for an alternative to the Tesla power wall that had more competitive pricing. In that case, you might want to look at the Bluetti’ Powerwall Killer’ (Bluetti’s words), the EP500, and EP500 Pro. Instead of wasting space on your wall, you could have a portable and movable power storage unit to back up pretty much everything in your home. The EP500 or EP500 Pro is movable. There is no installation required. Just bring it with you, wherever you go; It can follow you in situations of emergency evacuations or powering up your cabin or Cottage during vacation. The Bluetti EP500 and EP500 Pro provide 5100 Wh capacity over 2000W power output to meet most of your back-up power needs.

You can also connect your solar panels to the EP500/Pro for continuous battery storage to power up most of your appliances in your home, RV, or Cottage.

Charge your Electric Vehicle with the Bluetti EP500 or EP500 Pro

Bluetti EP500, EP500 Pro Features

  • Multiple Charging Outlets: You can plug up to 4 2000W devices—power up your RV’s, power tools, or the essential appliances in your home.
  • Bluetti App: Monitor and Control your Bluetti EP500/Pro portable power station with the Bluetti App. You can also get real-time power usage notifications. 
  • Fixed UPS: Make your own Uninterrupted Power Supply. You can get a qualified electrician to create a dedicated circuit to connect the EP500 or EP500 Pro to your home’s main circuit panel.
  • Charge your EV or Car Battery: The EP500 and EP500 Pro can be used to provide some extra miles (11- 18 Miles or 1800W) for your Electric Vehicle, E-Bike, or boost your car battery.
  • Solar and AC Charging: Plug in your EP500 or EP500 Pro into your wall outlet to keep the batteries charged. You can also simultaneously connect Solar Panels to speed up the charging time.
  • Pure Sine Wave Inverter: Sometimes, you might need to make sure the power is stable to power up appliances to account for power fluctuations and outages.
  • 18 Ports: There is pretty much every type of output port provided by the EP500 and EP500 Pro, including; Quick charging, Wireless charging, and 240 outputs.

Bluetti EP500, EP500 Pro Technology

  • TI Dual-Core Processor: The Bluetti EP500 and EP500 Pro use the TI (Texas Instruments) Dual-Core C2000 processors to minimize latency and provide closed-loop performance. 
  • Bluetti Circuit Self-Test (BCST): Bluetti has designed the EP500 and EP500 Pro to reduce system complexity, which means that power is supposed to go exactly where it needs to reliably.
  • Advanced Battery Management (BMS): Bluetti BMS provides protection against short circuits, over-current, over-voltage, high-temperature or low-temperature, surges, and over-loads. The BMS is continually ensuring the battery is operating within safe operating parameters.
  • Peak Load Shifting: You can reduce your electricity bill during peak loads in the system. You can charge the battery during non-peak hours in the day, then use the EP500/Pro to supply power when you need power, thereby offsetting high electricity charges.
  • Mobile Power System: The EP500 and EP500 Pro are made with wheels so that you can move the unit anywhere in the home, garage, farm, or campground. Just plug-and-play when you need the power.
  • Lithium-Ion Phosphate (LiFePO4) Battery: The LiFePO4 batteries are the safest Lithium-Ion batteries in the market. They were designed for high life cycles (6000+) and higher performance at higher and lower operating temperatures.

You can buy the EP500/Pro HERE

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Bluetti EP500, EP500 Pro Specifications

AC Rated Power2000W (4800 W Peak)
2 mins, 2000W to 2500W
10 s, 2500W to 3000W
500 ms, 3000W to 4800W
3000W (6000W Peak)
2 mins, 3000W to 3750W
5 s, 3750W to 4500W
500 ms, 4500W to 6000W
Weight167 lbs (76 kg)182 lbs (83 kg)
Dimensions580 mm x 300mm x 760mm
(22.8 in x 11.8 in x 29.9)
Battery Capacity5100 Wh5100 Wh
Battery Cell TypeLiFePO4LiFePO4
Rated Life Cycle6000+ cycles6000+ cycles
Charge Temperature0-40C (32F-104F)0-40C (32F-104F)
Discharge Temperature0-40C (32F-104F)0-40C (32F-104F)
Storage Ambient Temperature0-45C0-45C
Working Humidity10-90%10-90%
CertificationPSE, FCC, CE, UN38.3, UL, SAA, ROHS
Warranty36 Mos
AC Input600W Max, 100-264 VAC3000W Max
PV Input1200W Max
55-145VDC, 20A
2400W Max
35-145 VDC, 12A*2
12V/24V, 8.2A
AC3 220-240 VAC
4 100-120 VAC
3 220-240 VAC
5100-120 VAC
USB-A2 Quick Charging, 36 W Total, 2-5VDC, 3A Total
Cigarette Lighter1 12VDC, 10A1 12VDC, 10A
RV (Aviation Port)1 12 VDC, 30A1 12 VDC, 30A
DC 55212 12 VDC, 10A Total2 12 VDC, 10A Total
Wireless Charging Pad2 5/7.5/10/15W2 5/7.5/10/15W
US-Japan, EU and UK Version of the Bluetti EP500 Powerstations
Bluetti EP500 can be used anywhere in the world

You can buy the EP500/Pro HERE

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Bluetti EP500/Pro: What’s in the Box?

  • EP500 or EP500 Pro
  • AC Charging Cable
  • Solar Charging Cable
  • Warranty Card
  • User Manual

The Bluetti SP200 Solar Panels are sold separately.

Split Phase Box (coming soon): You can also connect two EP500 and EP500 Pro together using a Bluetti Power Fusion Box. The Bluetti Power Fusion Box is sold separately. More details to come. Price has not been determined.

Connect two EP500 or EP500 Pro units with Bluetti Split Fuse Box
Bluetti Split Fuse Box connecting two EP500/Pro power stations

Bluetti EP500 and EP500 Pro

Bluetti EP500 portable power station sitting outside
Bluetti EP500

The EP500 and EP500 Pro are on their way to being a premium competitor in the portable power storage business. They have made the EP500/Pro series to be portable and provide as many electrical outputs as practically possible. Bluetti has put a lot of research and development into the EP500 and EP500 Pro. The Bluetti EP500/EP500 Pro is currently under its Kickstarter event. If you decide to participate in the Kickstarter, you will receive a discount of up to 21% from the retail price. The prices change as they get closer to the actual launch of the product. Initial deliveries of EP500 and EP500 Pro units are estimated as early as August 2021. You can buy the EP500 and EP500 Pro with Bluetti SP200 Solar Panels as well.

For more details on how you can purchase your own Bluetti EP500 or EP500 Pro power station, click here:

or find Bluetti power stations here at Amazon (Affiliate):

Bluetti EP500 and EP500Pro FAQ

The Bluetti EP500 Wheels are made of plastic with rubber wrapping. It is recommended that the EP500 and EP500 Pro be used on flat surfaces.

The Bluetti EP500/Pro portable power stations come with wheels for mobility. However, the EP500 and EP500 Pro are not equipped with a handle.

The Bluetti EP500 and EP500 Pro are rated for wide operating conditions of -20℃ to +75℃. The temperature of the LiFePO4 battery can reach a peak temperature of 350℃ to 500℃.

The Bluetti EP500 and EP500 Pro power stations can operate at low temperatures (-20℃), however, the power stations cannot be stored at low temperatures of -20℃.

You can also connect two EP500 and EP500 Pro using a Bluetti Power Fusion Box or Split Phase Box. The Bluetti Power Fusion Box or Split Phase Box is sold separately. More details to come. Price has not been determined. Split phase bonding is only available in the US.


For Non-Solar installations: You will need a certified electrician to a Bluetti UPS Box. The UPS box is then connected to your home circuit breaker panel. When the power fails, the EP500 or EP500 Pro will provide backup power to the house circuit breaker panel.

For Solar Powered UPS Installation: If within PV (photovoltaic) input range, the EP500 or EP500 Pro can be connected to the Bluetti UPS Box. However, if the PV input range exceeds the EP500 or EP500 Pro input range, a PV step-down module is required.