Blog: Smart Tech companies that you should know of – March 26, 2021

One of the great things about being involved in the tech industry is that you get to meet a whole bunch of people. People from all different parts of the world who have innovative technologies that can help improve your life. Technology that could provide portable power or help improve video conferencing at work or at home. It could also be smart-home technology that cleans your windows with a touch of a button. These companies are reached out to us, and I wanted to share what they do.

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Bluetti: Portable Power Stations

Emergency Lighting, Bluetti AC50

The first company that I wanted to talk about is Bluetti. Bluetti provides portable power storage devices to live off the grid; have power available in emergencies or when electricity is not readily available. Bluetti labels itself as the “Tesla power-wall killer” (Not my words). They just came out with the new EP500, which is essentially a portable power station that can replace the Tesla power wall. It also has cool wireless charging stations. You can read more about them here:

You can buy the EP500/Pro HERE (Bluetti Affiliate)

Coolpo: 360 Panoramic View of the Meeting

The second company is called Coolpo. They created the Coolpo 360 AI Huddle PANA video conferencing station. As the name suggests, the Coolpo 360 AI Huddle PANA can display the whole boardroom, crop and divide the attendees in conversation, and present the video feed to the audience intuitively. This tech can be used in classrooms, medical facilities, and even your dining room table when you have a large gathering. You can read more about Coolpo here on their site:

HUTT: Window Cleaning Robots

Smart Window Cleaning, ModelW66 by HUTTCleantech

I was able to have a conversation (over LinkedIn) with a person who represents a company called HUTT this week. HUTT is the maker of window cleaning robots. Yes, you can have a window cleaning robot that will automatically stick to your windows and clean them. Sounds like a dream. After looking at their website, it seems like HUTT is one of the companies that is developing technologies that you might start to see in your smart home in the future. You can get smart robotic window cleaners that respond to voice or are controlled by remote control. You can find more details about HUTT’s flagship models here:

Smart Technology from all around the world

Please note that I’m not sponsoring these products. These companies have not invested in AYL either. But they did reach out to us. As you know, I get excited when I get close to innovative smart tech. I start thinking about how we can integrate these technologies for all kinds of applications. I dream. I figured you should know about some of these cool technologies out there regarding how they are compatible with the North American Market. I don’t know. So you need to do your due diligence here. 

Maybe you’re in the business of bringing products like this to different markets international markets. Or you’re just excited about some of these new technologies entering your new smart home. I hope these introductions give you some insight into some of the technologies developed every day outside the North American Market. I know I’m excited to see these companies try to make it to your living room.

If you have smart home ideas or tech that you would like to get showcased (reviewed) here on

I would love to learn more about you, and see how we can improve our smart home together.

Image Credit: Freedom and Safety, HUTT, Coolpo, Bluetti

You can buy the EP500/Pro HERE (Bluetti Affiliate)