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Blink Camera Subscription (Answered)

Blink Camera Subscription (Answered)

“Does Blink Camera have a subscription?” Like many others, you might also have the same question.

In short, the answer is yes. Blink Camera is a handy gadget for homeowners who want to monitor what’s going on in or out of their houses.

If you have a house and want to monitor it from your office or other places, Blink Camera is for you.

Yes, you need to pay a subscription to get all the features, but you can also use Blink Camera for free. In that case, you’ll get access to less number of features.

QuestionsBrief explanation
Can I use a Blink Camera Without a Subscription?Yes, but you won’t get all the features.
What features Blink Mini offers without a Subscription?1. Live view streaming
2. Motion-activated notifications
Can older customers use Blink Cameras without a Subscription?Yes.
How to save Blink Camera footage without a Subscription?You can save Blink Camera footage on a local USB flash drive. For that, you need to buy a Sync Module from Blink and connect it to the camera.
What are the Subscription plans for Blink Camera?There are two plans. 1. Basic Plan ($3/month), and 2. Plus Plan ($10/month)
Blink Camera free trialBlink offers a 30-day free trial of the Plus Plan for eligible cameras.
Blink app without a SubscriptionIf you use the Blink app without a subscription, you’ll get access to live streaming and motion-alert features only.
How to get a Blink Subscription plan?You can get the Blink Subscription plan on the Blink app.
An overview of the article

Can I use a Blink Camera Without a Subscription?

subscription image
A Blink Camera can still operate without a subscription.

Yes, you can use a Blink Camera without a Subscription fee, but for that, you’ve to sacrifice some lucrative advanced features offered by the Blink Camera.

The features for which you need to pay the Subscription are usually the most crucial feature of the gadget. For example- if you want to record a video through Blink and save it on the cloud storage for the future, you have to pay a subscription because this feature isn’t free.

Many users complain that Blink hardly provides useful features to its users who don’t have a Subscription plan. It only offers a Live View of the camera from the Blink app and Motion Alerts for free.

Note: The users who purchased the Blink camera within April 15, 2020, also have to pay the Subscription to watch the video clips. But for the existing cloud storage, they don’t need to pay an additional Subscription fee.

What features Blink Mini offers without A Subscription?

If you want to use a Blink Mini Camera without a Subscription plan, you’ll be able to stream the live footage on the Blink mobile app, and you’ll be able to send motion-sensing alerts.

But if you want to record video clips and save them on the cloud storage, you must pay some money for the subscription free.

Can Older Customers Use Blink Cameras Without Subscription?

Users of older models like XT or XT2 don’t need to pay a Subscription. They can enjoy the same feature without a Subscription.

How to Save Blink Camera footage without a Subscription?

In the past, Blink didn’t allow its users to save their Blink Camera footage for free.

But now, you can save your Blink Camera footage locally on a USB drive without a Subscription.

To save your footage on the USB drive, you need to buy a Sync Module from Blink and connect it to the camera.

However, I’ll suggest you get cloud storage if you can afford a Subscription plan. Because many users have reported that the local USB drive stops working or storing video clips after a short time.

What are the subscription plans for Blink Camera?

Blink white camera
Blink Camera

Usually, Blink offers two types of Subscription plans to its users.

Basic Plan

The Basic plan includes 60 days of watch history with one year of warranty. This plan also offers motion-activated alerts and two-way talks. You can use only 1 camera with this plan.

For this Basic plan, you’ve to pay $3 per month as a Subscription fee.

Plus Plan

While you can use only 1 camera with the Basic plan, the Plus Plan offers to use an unlimited number of cameras per account. There’s also a 10% off Blink devices on offered by Blink to Plus Plan users. But there’re some terms and conditions applied.

The Plus Plan also includes extended warranty coverage. The device must be within its original warranty period when you subscribe to Blink Plus Plan if you want to apply this extended warranty coverage to your Blink device.

To get the Plus Plan, you’ve to pay $10 per month.

Blink Camera Free Trial

Blink offers a 30-day free trial of the Plus Plan for eligible cameras. In the free trial, you’ll be able to access the cloud storage and store videos on it.

After the free trial, these videos will no longer be stored if you don’t pay for the paid plan. However, you can still store video on the USB Flash drive by purchasing Sync Module from Blink.

Blink App Without Subscription

Blink logo
Blink App

Using the Blink app without Subscription limits the number of features for all types of camera setups. Whether you’re using an indoor camera setup or an outdoor camera setup, you must have to pay a subscription if you want to get access to updated features.

If you’re satisfied with the live streaming and motion-alert features only, the free version is enough for you. But if you’re looking for a stable storage solution which is one of the most vital features of a security camera like Blink camera, you have to buy either Basic Plan or Plus Plan.

Yes, you can store video clips on the USB Flash Drive for free by using a Sync Module, but it’s not the best option.

How to get Blink Subscription Plan?

To get the Blink Subscription plan, you need to follow these simple instructions:

  • Go to the Blink app and sign in with your Amazon account.
  • Navigate to the Blink Subscription Landing page.
  • Choose the best Subscription plan for you.
  • Now, you’ve to attach the selected plan to your device (for the Basic Plan) or your Blink Account (for the Plus Plan).

And that’s it!

You can see this video if you want more insights about Blink Camera Subscription.

Blink Camera Subscription plan video

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is a Blink Subscription Plan required to use my Blink Products?

Answer: No, you can use some standard features like- live streaming, two-way talk, and motion alert without any Subscription.

Can I use multiple phones or tablets with my Blink products without a Blink Subscription plan?

Answer: Yes, multiple phones or tablets can be used to manage and monitor Blink products.

I have Blink Products at more than one address. Does one Blink Plus Subscription cover them all?

Answer: Yes. If the Plus Plans are under the same blink account, they will cover eligible devices at multiple addresses.

Can I gift a Subscription Plan?

Answer: No, you can’t gift a subscription plan.


  • Blink Camera provides such unique features at a very small rate. It’s well known for high-definition day and night videos.
  • Blink Cameras offer customizable activity and privacy zones, two-way audio, and customized motion detection alerts.
  • To get all the premium benefits of a Blink Camera, you have to pay some amount based on your subscription plan. But if you don’t need to store videos and all you want is to just get motion alerts and see the live camera view, then no need to pay a subscription.

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