April Fools – Smart Home Ads that made us laugh. Thank you

It’s not every day that you get to make bloopers or laugh it all up in the Tech or smart home industry. I have colleagues that would love to use their smart home to play pranks on their guests or use the smart home for entertainment and playing games with each other. Well, I’m going to link you to some creators and smart home developers that have created videos that made me laugh. I hope that they make you laugh too:

Tech with Brett: Brand New Google Assistant Voice for Nest Speakers

Check out the new Google Assistant Voice here.

Paul Hibbert: He loves Shiny things

Paul Hibbert is always safe for work. Yes, Paul. Thrusting pelvis while screaming ‘Oh the Zigbee’ is, well…. so Zigbee. In any case, you could watch any of Paul’s videos and laugh. So take some time today and get some giggles in.

AirThings: Love is In the Air

An indicator that can tell when you’re in hea… in love.

Laugh with your Smart Home.

There are a ton of creators and manufacturers out there that so behind what they do, they have the ability to take their story and make it relevant to your experiences. And make it funny. I hope that you take the time in your day to laugh and enjoy all the things that make your smart home a happy and fun place. Laugh with Your Smart Home. Enjoy the content.

Remember, Don’t Hate. Automate.

Featured Image Credit: Airthings

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