Apple getting ready to take on Google Search Engine

There have been several reports based on Jon Henshaw’s Coywolf post on changes in Applebot’s behavior in the past year. It looks like Apple is getting ready to launch a search engine to compete with Google search engine.

Henshaw states there are several reasons why Apple might be launching a search engine:

  • Apple has tons of cash in the bank. They don’t need Google’s money.
  • Apple is starting to put money into search and putting out job postings for a new endeavor.
  • Apple’s spotlight search is taking over Google search on iOS and iPadOS 14 beta.
  • Applebot started crawling Coywolf’s site.

New Apple Search Engine

If Apple is making a push, it might be the push the world needs to have a competitive market in search-engine land. Apple will have their interests in mind. Apple has the resources to put its resources at the forefront and has the buying power to ensure manufacturers and developers make more Apple compatible devices.

My take: Apple is pushing towards full integration of their products with everything else. Read that statement and it sounds obvious. However, Apple is working towards open-source standards to not just connect the smart home, but every aspect of life. The search engine is not just about getting information and data mining, but using information and controlling apps, devices, vehicles, appliances, and everything you need in your space. 

Henshaw’s (What will this mean for SEO?) observation is merely that right now – but it’s a good one. I suggest we think about what the information is going to be used for. To manage everything in your daily life; Apple is pushing those boundaries.