It was a bright and colorful day for those ready for the Apple Event 2021. Apple showed off new colors and performance like never before. Apple’s new M1 chip has made Apple really successful. Apple has included the M1 chip in the new iMac and iPad Pro. You can now do things faster and easier with the touch (ID) of a button on the new Magic Keyboard. Need to find your lost wallet, keys, or anything important? Apple has a solution for that as well – the New Apple Airtags.

Apple Card

Apple has come out with their new Credit card, called Apple Card. You can share it with the family. Your credit lines can merge with anyone in the family.

Apple Podcasts

Apple podcast basically started the podcast. Pretty much everything you want to listen and watch. You can get that with Apple Podcast Subscriptions, so you can now listen to without ads. Apple Podcast

New Purple iPhone

Apple is really excited to show off their new color – Purple. It will be released April 30. Is this a big deal?

Apple Find My – The New Airtags

End-to-End encryption to find all your iOS devices anywhere. But what if you could use AirTags!? Yes, Apple has launched the AirTags to help you find your things. Attach them to anything including luggage, keys,

Precision Finding

Precision finding uses their SoC chip to help you find your item to the closest meter. Apple says that the feature is designed to help find Airtags, not send your data to Apple, or anyone else. And orders start April 30, 2021, for $29.

Apple TV 4K

Ok, what’s new with Apple TV 4K. The next gen Apple TV 4K is built with Apple’s new A12 Bionic. You can now watch HDR in faster frame rates for things like sports programs and games.

Apple has also created Color Balance. Color Balance will now balance your Apple TV with your iPhone’s light sensor. Just place your phone up to the TV, and your Apple TV 4K will begin adjusting the TV’s color to balance the perfect saturation.

New Apple TV Remote is aluminum. It comes with a new clickpad, fully touch-enabled, and the circular gesture is back (remember the first iPod?). Apple wants to let you know that the aluminum is fully recycled. The new Apple TV 4K is available on April 30, 2021.

M1 iMac

Apple has designed the M1 chip to create powerful Mac devices. Apple states that the Mac division of their business has never done better, and it’s all because of their new M1 chip.

The new iMac comes in many colors, which range almost all colors of the rainbow. It’s thin and slick. It uses a single sheet of glass on the front of the screen. However, if you look from the side, you’ll notice that it basically disappears – it’s so thin. 11.5 mm thin.

The fans run under 10 dB of sound. That’ quiet. The new display is 24″ with 11.3Mpixels with a 4.5K retina display. I understand that they say that the new iMac is 50% faster graphics and 3x faster performance than its predecessor.

4 USB-C ports, including 2 Thunderbolt ports on the back. The new power connector connects magnetically with a long braided cord. This braided cord also includes the ethernet connection, so it’s out of the way. Just one cable going up to the display.

The new iMac comes with an 8-core CPU (Computer Processing Unit), 7-core GPU (Graphical Processing Unit), 8GB Memory, 256 SSD, and magic keyboard. The iMac starts at $1299. For $1499, you get a choice of more colors, better graphics, keyboard with Touch ID, and ethernet. You can begin ordering April 30, 2021. It should be available end of May 2021.

M1 iPad Pro

The M1 chip is now in the iPad Pro. Looks like this is what most Apple users have been waiting for. Apple says that the next level of performance starts with its 8-core CPU. Of course, it’s also 40% faster than the predecessor (much like the new M1 iMac). They used the 8-core GPU as well, which made it 1500x faster than the 5th Gen iPad Pro.

It actually looks more square than a rectangle. Kind a like a window – if I could say that word with an Apple device.

2x faster storage with up to 2TB. Why didn’t Apple put this in the iMac? Apple has also added Thunderbolt connection.

And 5G is now in the iPad Pro. It looks like this is the new Flagship, (in my opinion) device for Apple. I know we have the iPhone.

Apple has made the iPad Pro into the newest high-performance media editing device (Most Advanced Mobile Display) to include for Augmented Reality, design, and media editing.

iPad also has a 12MP wide-angle lens. This is an addition. The camera follows and zooms into the people on your video calls.

The new M1 iPad comes in the 11-inch and 12.9 inch, 10,000 LED, Liquid Retina XDR (12.9″) display. It also comes with 4 speakers, the Pro Camera, support for the Apple Pencil, Thunderbolt connectivity, works with the Magic Keyboard, LiDar Scanner, Face ID, and so much more.

The Apple Event 2021

Apple has released new devices full of color and performance. Apple’s new devices are embedded with the future of M1. Apple showed off the new Apple AirTags so you can find anything, anywhere; the Apple TV 4K, the new M1 iMac, and M1 iPad Pro. Most devices are ready for ordering on April 30, 2021. Lots of colors in the future of Apple.

Image Credit: Apple