Apple Buys Dark Sky

Apple Inc. has acquired The Dark Sky Company. The Dark Sky Company was created to provide people with as much weather information as possible in the palm of your hand or wearable. Dark Sky created a weather API and app that could predict weather forecasts to the minute and to the specific location.

Imagine being able to look at all the information like humidity, precipitation, temperature, wind, UV index and have it all in one place. Dark Sky developed a way to present all this information using dynamic maps and saturation of colors to present the weather.

Most of Dark Sky’s products will still be available until July 2020, however, their API will be available until 2021 (only current subscribers).

Why did Apple buy Dark Sky?

This is my take on the acquisition: Apple wants to get more information to your fingertips. Apple usually gets the execution for your commands just right. What I mean is: Siri knows how to follow your commands, and wants to be able to change the Smart environment (your devices) to ensure you are getting what you need. Apple is already looking into changing the settings of your devices to match your needs. Automate Your Life started talking about Apple’s recent patent filing in February 2020. However, it does provide a way to take the App from Android users as well. So it’s also a strategic marketplace move as well. Sorry Android users.

Imagine that Siri could request that your awnings retract when the wind speed gets higher than 10 mph, or if you could plan out your running route based on weather conditions. This is the power of having weather information translated into great automation shortcuts that could keep you safe at home or work.

Congratulations The Dark Sky Company.