The focus of Apple’s announcements veer away from what most of us think in annual updates. It’s actually that the company has found ways to make improvements through it’s software rather than the hardware. That’s right, there were no hardware updates. However, the wide range of software updates has put a bunch of new features that could make it ready for future hardware upgrades anticipated later this fall or in 2021.

Apple is building its own processors now.

Apple has made the move to build its own processors. Intel used to be their major supplier of processor power, however, Apple has been figuring out how to make their own for the past couple of years. It looks like they can create their own pace and run their own devices any way they want.

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iOS 14 : Major Update in Picture in Picture (PIP), Homescreen Widgets, New Memoji’s

Apple decided that they are going to give iPhone users the iOS 14 later this year. If you haven’t noticed, Apple has gone crazy with their Shortcuts in the last year or so, so it doesn’t surprise us that they have figured out that most people need widget shortcuts to get their Smart Home or Smart Life in order and organized for that matter. You will be able to shape up the widgets in different sizes and shapes to fit your home screen. I find this interesting since Google released Action Blocks earlier. There is definitely a trend emerging here.

Memoji’s – what do we say about Memoji’s? Memoji’s have been the major form of communicating through messaging for a few years now. Apple has decided to create Memoji’s to match age groups, and enact certain emotions like embarrassment, happy, joy. Memoji’s have now become Anime…

Picture in Picture (PiP), although not new, has now been included in iOS 14. You will be able to view your videos while switching between apps.

Start Your Engines with your iPhone: Apple Digital Car Key

You will now be able to start and unlock your BMW 5 Series vehicle with iOS 13 and 14. The iPhone will use NFC to unlock and start the vehicle once the iPhone is placed in its holder. It’s like they have been listening to my thoughts! And the iPhone will have different profiles for safety so that my kid doesn’t have the same option as a trusted driver. Smart.

Airpods – Getting Spatial Audio

The Airpods can connect itself to any paired device playing audio, so you can basically just play the music from anywhere, and you’ll get sound to your Airpods.

What is Spatial Audio? The Airpods Pro will be able to place you into a virtual realm of the music. No more just left and right stereo. Spatial Audio will place you within the middle of the music band, so you can enjoy being a part of the ‘live’ concert.

Apple announces its involvement with Connected Home Over IP

Well, we’ve talked about the new Connected Home over IP Project before. Apple is now saying that they were a part of it. I think this is one of the biggest pieces of news from Apple, apart from the other updates we’ve heard at WWDC 2020. If you don’t see it, Apple is finding a way to ensure their devices can be connected everywhere… Do you see it? If you could use your iPhone or iPad to manage devices anywhere with this new Zigbee protocol, that would be huge.

Apple WWDC 2020

So Apple decided that they are going to forge their own path. I think the WWDC 2020 announcements showed that Apple is able to make news just on the software, rather than the plethora of new devices. It’s a change. Apple showed us that they can make a ton of changes without having to give you new devices, which I think means that there is a ton of value in our iOS devices already, right!?