Apple acquired, Fitbit has SpO2

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It’s been a week since CES 2020 in Las Vegas. It was an amazing time for me. I thought I could just walk through and experience the visuals. But when it came time to meet people, I got blown away by the vision and innovation behind some of these devices. The conversations with these amazing people led to more questions and more opportunities to improve how we automate our lives. It was fascinating. More understanding creates more opportunities to innovate. It was overwhelming and it was good. I will be talking about what I learned throughout 2020 for the next couple of months. I’m glad to share my learnings. In the meantime, please feel free to ask questions through our community site (look for AYL_Alan) or connect via Instagram or Twitter. You can also share your experiences or questions on our Community site.

Apple and

I didn’t really know much about until Wyze introduced into its personal detection feature. Then we found out that Wyze and would no longer work together on the feature, and that Wyze is developing their own AI Personal Detection feature. Interesting how quick that happened. I thought that Wyze was doing this for our own good – in order to build a great AI, you need tons of data – ‘personal’ data. It kinda freaked me out. Well, now we know more of the story. The news is that Apple bought last week. is an Artificial Intelligence company that prides itself on creating ways to analyze data locally – no need to go to a cloud. No need to send your personal information away to get processed and sent back for the device to respond. That is the idea. However, needed our video data to perfect its technology with Wyze. Apple sees value in this AI-Edge Computing technology and can no longer provide this service to Wyze customers. Now Apple will be able to integrate this into wearables, smartphones, and maybe all things HomeKit. Makes sense. Apple has cash – time to acquire new technology. Ready to see what they are going to do with it?

Fitbit now provides Blood Oxygen Saturation SpO2

Speaking of acquisitions. Fitbit, recently acquired by Google, has told it’s customers that have the Versa, Versa Lite, Versa 2, Ionic and Charge 3 wearables will have the capability to read Blood Oxygen Saturation. For athletes, this is huge. For health and fitness enthusiasts, this is huge. It’s kind of a big deal. Even just for medical purposes, it’s great.

SpO2 is a measure of how much oxygen is taken in by the air we breathe. It sounds like in Fitbits case, they are using the infrared already built-in the Fitbit wearable to calculate SpO2, much like the pulse oximeters you see in hospitals. Nurses usually attach them to the tip of your finger. It’s an important reading to have. I would love to get into the science arterial blood gases here, but we’ll stick to the tech. Having this will help people figure out when your lungs are working properly. This could really help people with COPD or making sure you don’t overexert yourself during exercise. What a great feature. It might help me keep me in the right zone during exercise! You can shop for the Fitbits with SpO2 using our affiliate links below: (please note we may make a proceed from eligible sales):

I hope that you enjoyed catching up on some of the things that happened this week. Please feel free to share your ideas, comments, questions on our community page.

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