Amazon Updates February 10, 2021: New Echo Show 10, Alexa Reminders, Privacy, Energy Monitoring, and new Command Center

There have been some significant updates at Amazon (in the company) and with Alexa in the last week or so. I don’t know if it was because the Super Bowl was happening (lots of changes happen during Super Bowls), but Amazon has a new CEO. Alexa now gives you the ability to manage your home energy bills with the Alexa Energy Dashboard. You will also see new Alexa devices rolled out including a snazzy new Smart Display and a really competitive option for smart video doorbells. Alexa has also come up with new Reminders features that could make your life easier!

If you’re thinking about your Privacy and Security, Alexa has given you options to remove data from your history. We’ll show you how to do that in a video below.

Alexa also has a way to help you save on your energy bills. Alexa has come out with an Energy Dashboard. We’ll explain how that works below. We also have a video going through how to setup your Energy Dashboard.

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All-New Echo Show 10 Smart Display and Wired Ring Video Doorbell

Echo Show 10 was released. The All-new Echo Show 10 display can pan towards you as you move around the house. Probably a really good option for the Kitchen or Living Room. The All-New Echo Show 10 is available for $250.

The Ring doorbell now comes as a wired device for an affordable $60. This helps if you already have the wired connections available (which most people do). Ring hopes to have most wired doorbells changed with their competitive and full functioning video doorbell.

Alexa Helps you Remember Everything

Alexa can help you remember your tasks, or notify you when an email comes from a special person. This is a new feature for Amazon Alexa.

You can say: “Alexa, tell me when [AutomateAlan] sends me an email.” Alexa will then confirm with your contact details, who AutomateAlan, most likely ask you to connect your contact book or address book with Alexa. Alexa will then announce the next time AutomateAlan emails you.

You can change these settings in the Reminders section of the Alexa App.

You can also ask Alexa to remind you when a specific event happens like your favorite hockey team is playing. You can ask to remind you when your favorite tv show is on, or when Christmas 2021 is happening, or a Birthday or Anniversary.

Send Shopping Lists to Contacts

You can now send your Shopping Lists from the Alexa App to your Contacts as well. Just specify which shopping list you want to send and which contact you want to send it to, and Alexa will text the shopping list in point form to the contact of your choice.

Alexa Privacy Settings

Your privacy is important! We recommend the privacy settings that you should set. It only takes a few minutes. We’ll show you how in the video.

We’ll show you how to change your Privacy Settings with Alexa

New Alexa Energy Dashboard

Alexa now shows you energy consumption information in the Alexa App. We’ll walk you through the Energy Dashboard, and what you can do, and how to track your smart devices in your home.

Energy Dashboard

Alexa Guard Plus Features

$5 month gets you a new Alexa Guard feature: You can trigger sirens and an emergency helpline to contact 24/7. However, you can also have the ability to play dog-barking sounds to simulate a presence in your home.

New Echo Display User Interface

Amazon has provided a new user interface on Echo Displays. You need to ask Alexa to open up ‘Video Home’. You’ll now see a way to scroll through video content, much like the FireTV Stick interface.

Wall-Mounted Echo Control Panel in the plans?

We just found out about this. Amazon might be in the plans to build a flat 10″ or 13″ Echo Smart control panel for your smart home. You can read more about it here:

Credit: Amazon