Amazon is reading the Playbook

You’ve probably already been reading about Amazon’s latest push for Smart Home Automation-Domination. Amazon announced a number of new devices on September 25. These new products definitely bring more intrigue to how many items Amazon can integrate into. It also brings up another point, about how the technology behind the devices, are improving too. Microsoft, Samsung, Google will all be announcing some new products soon, so we’ll stay tuned to whats coming up. It’s a good reminder that Black Friday, Christmas, and Boxing Day is on the way.

Amazon released a number of products such as the new Echo Show (8), making it a competitor to the Lenovo Smart Display, and the Google Nest Hub Max. They also built a new powerful 3D speaker called the Echo Studio to compete against the Apple HomePod (remember when the HomePod came out? it was supposed to compete with the first Amazon Echo!), Google’s Hub Max, LG’s ThinQ, Sonos One, Bose Home Speaker 500 and Samsung’s future Galaxy Home. Now these competitors sans Google and LG have Alexa built in. Talk about turning the table.

Furthermore, Amazon announced that they would now have their own ear buds (Echo Buds) and integrated smart eyeglasses; Echo Frames (Remember Google Glass – it failed for some reason). But for some reason, we’re finding more ways to integrate Alexa into your daily life. They built a wearable ring, called the Echo Loop; Can you imagine the boardroom with people talking and listening to Alexa instead of you? Or a smart engagement ring that can actually say “Will you marry me!?”. Alexa, no, thank you.

Wait, there is more: devices for the kitchen and the technology for the Pantry. Amazon is giving you the Smart Oven; which can scan pre-packaged foods (barcode) and figure out how to cook it for you.

All these products for $100’s less than the competitors. How!? Amazon means business. Amazon wants to integrate into your life; which is what I wanted to talk about here today. Today we’re talking Amazon, later, we’re going to talk Google and et. al (Microsoft, Apple, Samsung, Lenovo etc.). Maybe Google and Apple has a response ready or different direction in October. Stay tuned.

Business of Home Automation – Reading the Playbook

Thinking about the business of home automation or in other words – how you want to live your life seamlessly, you can imagine all the sci-fi shows and games we watched and played when we were growing up (or still watching and playing – ‘play on playa’):

  • Smart Doors (Star Trek)
  • Smart Watches (Dick Tracy, Mission Impossible, 007)
  • Intercoms…. ok, I mean Smart Displays 🙂
  • Smart Cooking – (Star Trek again)
  • Autonomous Driving (Herbie – I had to add that one, and Kitt)

We think that these big competitors are watching how we use their services. We are concerned about privacy and them knowing everything. No, they are understanding how we live life now, getting data, and trying to integrate their new technology solutions into it. It’s simple – it’s basic business-sense. We have benefited from the advancement of this technology, and it’s making our homes smarter.

Where am I going with this?: They (Amazon, Google, Samsung, Apple) are watching how we live life in the consumer world. I think they read the playbook. Here’s an example: You want simple living; go to Ikea. Ikea is the world leader in making your home simple. It’s kinda their motto. Amazon is getting all the data on you the consumer, understanding your needs and trying to make life simpler, but this time, they are taking something out of Ikea’s playbook: Simple Home Integration. Ikea is getting into the home automation world, and should crush the market. IKEA – go crush the market, create some competition and innovation. The Big Tech’s know Ikea is the leader in home innovation. Ikea is not just about your home furniture and making living simple, it’s about innovation. They create furniture that is easy for you to put together and install. It fits so well into your house and is aesthetically pleasing. Guess What? You might not need 100 products when you can just use Ikea’s playbook. Ikea is one example. There are more. Amazon, Google, Apple are reading your playbook – your lifestyle and surrounding you with options. This is not a negative. It’s an amazing opportunity.

I believe its exciting when people start dreaming about how they see society improve in so many ways. I think the more you dream about what could happen (vs. what can’t), the more you start finding ways to make that a reality. It’s about creating things that are relevant to your needs and sticking to it. Amazon, Google, Apple and Ikea are businesses, yes, but you the consumer have a say on what you really need in your smart home.

You write the playbook. They read it.

Thanks for reading; It was a pleasure to share. Stay tuned here for more commentary. Same Bat-time, same bat-channel.

Remember, don’t hate, automate.

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