Amazon Echo Dot on Sale in the US ($40) and Canada ($45)

Amazon’s Echo Dot is now on sale in both the US and Canada for a limited time. You can get the 4th Generation Echo Dot in the US for $40 ($35 off) in the US, and $45 ($25 off) in Canada. For our friends in the UK, you can get the full-featured Echo for £40 (£35 off). I’ve been looking for a non-display smart speaker to put in my kid’s room. Adding another $10 for the smart-clock feature might be worth it too. According to Jon Fingas (Engadget), this deal might be limited. You might even find a cheaper price, but it’s probably out of stock.

If you’re looking for a comparison between the Echo Dot 3rd Gen and 4th Gen, you can read and watch it here.

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Echo Dot 4th Generation ( $40 ($35 off)

Echo Dot 4th Generation ( $45 ($20 off)

Echo 4th Generation ( £80 (£10 off)