Amazon Devices Event 2019 Echo Show, Buds, Studio, Frames, Loop and more announced

Amazon announced lots of products today at the Amazon Hardware Event. From the new Echo dot with a clock to a miniature Echo Flex. Amazon also released some new kitchen appliances such as the Amazon Smart Oven. It’s pretty interesting how Amazon found more ways to get Alexa into your everyday life. You’ll find most of Amazon’s announcements below.

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Privacy Concerns

Amazon is adding a feature to delete your history. You can ask Alexa: “[Alexa], Why what did I just say.” or “Alexa, delete everything I said today.”

Echo Dot with clock: Alexa, What time is it?

Amazon is updating their Echo Dot with an LED display that you can count down your alarms. The Echo Dot with clock will have a nine-second snooze for the alarm. The echo dot with clock will pre-order on Amazon for $59.99 USD. You can still get the Echo Dot without the clock. You can find the Echo Dot w/ clock here on our Amazon Affiliate link, where we may receive some of the proceeds:

Neural Text to Speech

Amazon has also improved their text to speech technology. It will make Alexa sound more human. This is very similar to Google Duplex, however Amazon claims this is much better.

Multilingual Mode

Alexa will now be able to speak in Spanish and English in the US, French and English in Canada, and Hindi and English in India. This should be a welcome addition to Amazon’s services. This has been a major complaint on forums for some time.

Frustration Detection

This is pretty neat; Alexa will figure out if you’re frustrated and change her tone or responses to provide you with better solutions.

All New Echo

The New Echo will also be released on pre-order today. The New Echo looks similar to Echo Plus. It will have cloth wrapping, and colors such as grey, black, light blue (twilight) and white. It is on pre-orders today for $99.99 USD. Get it for October 16:

Alexa Guest Connect

Now you can play music on your friend’s echo. If you have an account, use the Alexa Guest Connect feature while on the same network to connect. It may be similar to Google Home. More details to come.

Echo Studio

The Echo Studio is a high-end Speaker that has left, right and top midrange speakers, with a directional tweeter, and bass; essentially 3D Audio. Amazon is working with Sony, Universal and Warner to get more music for the Echo Studio. Looks like the competition has arrived for the Google Home (Nest) Max, and Apple’s HomePod. The Echo Studio will pre-order for $199.99 USD. This is significantly less than it’s competitors. But it looks similar to the Ikea Symfonisk. It should be released on Nov, 7. Pre-order here:

FireTV Cube

Amazon says that it has 37 Million monthly active users of its FireTV service. That’s impressive. Amazon announced the FireTV Cube at the IFA 2019 Conference in Berlin. You can read the article here: In the meantime, if you want to buy one, you can find it here:

Amazon Alexa Smart Screen SDK 2.0

In order to accommodate hardware manufacturers that don’t have FireTV or FireOS compatibility, Amazon released its 2.0 version of the Alexa Smart Screen Device SDK (Software Development Kit). The new SDK will be available to developers immediately. This should allow for some more great digital content streaming on your TV. You can find more details about Amazon’s Alexa blog [here]. Or you can go to the Amazon Alexa Smart Screen Dev Kit here.

Echo Show

The Echo Show 8 is available for pre-order at $129.99 USD. It will have an approximate 8-inch HD screen. Amazon claims it has a better sound than it’s the predecessor and has a privacy shutter on the camera. It should be available for Christmas, but maybe Black Friday!? It looks like a direct competitor to the Nest Hub and the Lenovo 8-inch smart display. Amazon is promoting its recipe services on this device, placing this device as a staple in your kitchen. The device will provide on-demand episodes on the Food and Discovery Network. The Echo Show 8 is going to be ready for November 21 here:

Drop-In Feature

Amazon has been talking about the Drop-In feature for a while now. You can now ‘drop-in’ and check on your family. The feature will allow you to conference in on the Echo Show device for you to check-in on your family whenever you want.

Echo Dot Kids Edition

The new Echo Dots Kids edition looks similar to the Echo Dot, however, with a colorful pattern on it. The contacts that can use the device can be whitelisted to ensure communication stays within the border of the family. Get the Echo Dot for your kids, Rainbow and Blue available at:[Buy 2 and save $30 with code DOTKIDS2PACK Discount reflected at checkout]

FreeTime on Echo Show

Amazon is also adding kid-friendly content on the Echo Show, such as games, videos.

Echo Glow

Amazon is also releasing a smart spherical light, as a companion device that will change colors with your music, or go into an ambient mode. It will be available on pre-order for $29.99. They are available November 20, you can order them here:

Eero WiFi Mesh

The all-new Eero is a dual-band radio WiFi mesh for your smart home. The 3-pack will be available in the US for $249 USD. It will be available later in Europe and the UK for approximately 279 Euros or 249 Pounds Sterling. A single Eero device will sell in the US immediately at $99 USD; 109 Euro or 99 Pounds Sterling. The single Eero Router is selling on Amazon here:

Alexa Hunches

Alexa will now be able to tell you if something is wrong with the communication between devices. Alexa will notice patterns and recommend things like whether your lights have been left on. Alexa will be able to understand and suggest what could be done to improve the situation.

Integrating Alexa into Ring Doorbell

The Ring Doorbell will now be integrated with Alexa. This means that Alexa can now answer the door for you. Alexa may ask whether the package that is showing up “needs a signature” or whether the package could be “left at the door.” The new Ring Doorbell will be released later this year.

Echo Flex

The Echo Flex is a miniature Echo that can be plugged directly into a wall outlet. It allows Alexa to be wherever you need Alexa to be. It will have a speaker and two buttons, with a status indication (LED light). It will also have a USB outlet to ensure you can use the outlet to charge devices. The Echo Flex is on pre-order for $24.99. The Echo Flex can also be retro-fitted with a Motion Sensor and Nightlight. These little Echo Flex should be released on November 14 on Amazon:

Ring Alarm

The Ring Alarm kits sell for $199. However, you can get the Ring Alarm Hub and Kit for $375

Ring Stick Up Cam

The Ring Stick Up Cam is battery operated and will integrate into the Ring Doorbell and Ring Alarm system. The Indoor cam sells for $59.99. Stick em Up one time! Pre-order: They should be available on October 23.

Amazon Smart Oven, Alexa Microwave

The new oven will provide convection cooking, and air fryer, and food warmer. The Alexa Microwave will ‘scan to cook’ your food while knowing how to heat up ‘hundreds’ of premade products. Let’s see if you save some money by automating your cooking: The Amazon Smart Oven is ready for Pre-order, releases on November 14;

Amazon Sidewalk

Amazon is stating that they will use a new communication standard called Amazon Sidewalk. It will use a new low bandwidth network using the 900Mhz to extend outside the home.

Amazon Fetch

Amazon is releasing a pet tracking device next year called Fetch. It will use the Amazon Sidewalk communication protocol to help find your pet.

Echo Buds

Amazon’s new earphones will compete with Apple’s Airpods, Google Pixel Buds, and Samsungs Galaxy buds. Amazon claims the Echo Buds feature Bose noise-canceling/reduction technology. The Echo Buds will have 5 hours of battery life (20 hours with case). Of course, the Echo Buds will have Alexa, Siri, or Google Assistant integration with a couple of taps of the earphones. They will be available on pre-order for $129. I think I may get a pair from Amazon; you can find them here:

Echo Frames

Amazon has released smart eyeglasses that integrate Alexa into the frames. The Echo Frame does not have a camera, however, will have integrated microphones and speaker to take Alexa on the go. The Echo Frames are on limited quantity and will sell for a Special Invite Price of $179. You’ll need to sign on to the invite list to see if you can get them (

Echo Loop

The Echo Loop is a smart wearable ring that you can put on your finger. The Echo Loop smart ring is equipped with two tiny microphones. Its titanium housing ring will activate once you press a button. You can then hold the Echo Loop to your ear to hear Alexa speak to you. The device is limited availability and sells for a Special Invite Price of $129. If you want to subscribe to the invite list, you can do it here:

Amazon Kindle Oasis, (honorable mention – not announced)

Honorable mention that didn’t make the Amazon Device Event – The Amazon Kindle Oasis (waterproof) was also announced on the site, but not at the Device Event. It retails for $249.99. Maybe this is why it wasn’t announced – because of the price point, however, the Kindle Oasis is waterproof, so you can read by the pool, hot tub, or bubble bath. You can buy the Kindle Oasis on Amazon here:

Amazon Device Event 2019

That was a lot of devices and new technology; 15 devices announced today from the Amazon Device Event 2019. What’s amazing about this is the price differential below Google and Apple. Hope you enjoyed reading about the new devices. We’ll have more to write about soon.

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