Amazon Build It Program – You decide which devices Amazon builds next

I have to be honest with you. I’ve been thinking about how great it would be I could build my own smart label maker. I would just ask Alexa and ‘bzzzp!’. I would have my own personal label for anything I need in the house. Well, guess what!? Amazon has a Build It program that implements ideas and looks for consumer support to get it started. It’s like a Kickstarter-ish program for future Amazon devices. They have already started with their own Smart Sticky Note printer and many other ideas that only move forward if it has your support.

Build It is one of Amazon’s Day 1 Edition programs to give you a say in what Amazon builds next. If enough pre-orders support the concept in 30 days, Amazon will begin building it. Those who support the initiative will be given first dibs at receiving the product once it ships.

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Amazon Build It Concepts

Amazon has already started on several concepts, including the Smart Sticky Note Printer, Smart Nutrition Scale, and Smart Cuckoo Clock. Brian from Automate Your Life shows you some of the ideas here in his Amazon update video.

Smart Sticky Note Printer

Now, imagine asking Alexa to print you a task list or remind you to do something and give you a physical reminder!!?? Amazon has begun building out its Smart Sticky Note Printer. It uses Voice-to-Print technology to convert your Alexa commands into lists, reminders, and calendar meetings. There is no toner or ink required. The Sticky-Note Printer uses thermal printing – so it’s going to last a long time. Just replace the paper.

The Smart Sticky Note Printer has met its pre-order goals, so it will start shipping between July to September 2021. I missed the pre-order deadline of March 19, 2021, at $89.99… but I’m guessing this is the beginning of my Smart Sticky Note Printer journey.

Smart Cuckoo Clock

Do you remember the Cuckoo Clock? I had family friends that had it. If you didn’t live there, you were not used to the Cuckoo coming out at the top of the hour! It was somewhat creepy. But if you enjoy having some live entertainment every hour, well, you’re in luck. The Amazon Build It has started its Smart Cuckoo Clock.

The Alexa compatible Smart Cuckoo Clock comes with 60 LED lights which are navigated around the clock. It also comes with a pendulum to track at each second. You can set up timers or alarms with Alexa commands.

Smart Nutrition Scale

Imagine asking Alexa to weigh in calories or how much sugar there is in something. Amazon Build It is proposing to build a scale that can tell you how many raspberries you can load into your smoothie based on the amount of sugar it has. The Amazon Smart Nutrition scale pairs with your Alexa-enabled smart display to tell you the nutritional information for a ton of ingredients. You can ask, “Alexa, ask Smart Scale how much sugar there is in these raspberries,” or “Alexa, how much sugar are these raspberries.” The Smart Nutrition Scale was ready for pre-order at $34.99. However, it did not make the cut…

Amazon Build It

It looks like the only device out of the 3 initial Build It concepts that made it was the Smart Sticky Note printer. It looks like Amazon is well on its way to get support for new concepts through the Amazon Build It program. I’m curious to know other Smart devices that are on the way. Which device do you want Amazon to build next?

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Image Credit: Amazon