We are working on the Amazon Black Friday 2020 Deals list as we speak. It’s a great time to get your family and friends something for the holidays. Otherwise, it’s just a great time to get caught up on tech and smart home devices. The smart home market is just bustling with new devices including Smart Home Security, Smart Plugs, Smart TVs, and Smart Entertainment devices. I hope that this list serves you well and that you’re able to find something useful to save you time and money in your home. Amazon has separated its events into Holiday Gift, Epic Device Deals, and everything in between. Amazon is hoping that you start your holiday shopping now through their Black Friday deals event.

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There are some exclusive deals on smart cameras like the Wyze Cam and iRobot vacuum cleaners to say a few. We’ll keep updating the list between now and Black Friday 2020. Keep checking back for updated info on your favorite smart home products. We’re just getting started! Amazon’s site is so busy, I think it’s having a time keeping up!

Amazon Device Deals Black Friday 2020

Echo & Alexa Devices

Echo Smart Displays

Smart Speakers

Alexa on the Go (Alexa Enabled Devices)

Fire Tablets

Kids Edition Tablets

Fire TV

Amazon Home Security


Security Systems


Amazon Smart Home

Amazon has made inroads into the Smart Home by developing smart home appliances that can help you save time cooking, automatically ordering new products, and keeping your devices connected. The all-new Dash Smart Shelf weighs a product and then automatically orders more before you run out. It keeps you stocked up. The Amazon Smart Oven gets your food to perfect cooking temperature by scanning the product barcode (UPC or QR) or by a pre-select menu. The Echo Glow is a mulit-color smart lamp for your kids. Program it to

WiFi Systems

Amazon Halo – Measure body composition, activity, sleep, and tone of voice

Then don’t forget about the all-new Amazon Halo Wellness Band:

Wyze Device Deals

iRobot Roomba Deals

If you’re in the market for something dependable and easy to maintain, you need to look no further then Roomba. I have an older model (non-WiFi) which has been in our house for a long time. I have replaced the battery already, but I love depending on my Roomba to help clean my living space. I’m excited about future deals on the Roomba series. I am really curious about the mops.

Amazon Samsung Black Friday Deals

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Updated November 17, 2020: Oh, we got a ways to go to build this list. Let’s check back.

Updated November 27, 2020: Added more Amazon Home Security devices on sale.