Amazon Alexa’s Newest Features and Products

The number of new products that now have Amazon’s voice assistant built-in is quite massive. I think you should watch the video from Brian talking about all the devices that are now Alexa-enabled. Please note that links provided my make AYL money on eligible sales.

Automate Your Life: Amazon Alexa’s Newest Features and New Products

Amazon Social Bot

Amazon is getting itself ready to talk to you more. Talk about building a relationship – Amazon has put out a prize for the top social bot AI system. They are testing it out by asking Alexa to “Let’s Chat”. Then you’ll spend about 10 minutes talking to different Social AI ChatBots. Have fun.

Alexa can modify Calendar Entries and Set Timers, Alarms/Reminders on FireTV

Now, you might think that Alexa changing Calendar Entries is not significant. It is. Ask Google Assistant to change an entry or figure out whether you have time to add another entry in between. Nope – Google Assistant cannot; Alexa can. You can ask Alexa to announce your calendar entries and ask followup questions like “Am I free at 8 pm tomorrow?”. You can also set timers, alarms on your FireTV system.

Wyze Sensors are now integrated into Alexa

Amazon’s voice assistant can now recognize Wyze sensors. I think that this might be more economical to get the Wyze starter kit than look for other sensors right now. You can get them here: US:, Canada:

New Alexa Integrated Products

C by GE Smart Light Switch

The new C by GE Smart Light Switch has a number of light switches that will tell you whether or not you need the neutral wire. We saw these switches work first-hand at CES 2020. The switches come with full-wiring right now, however, very soon will provide a light switch without wiring for the next generation of lighting to be totally on Bluetooth. Think about a light switch box without wiring – that’s where GE is going. The light switches have very intuitive controls too. You can check the line of smart light switches by GE here: [US], [Canada]

Alexa Enabled Smart Home Devices and Appliances

Citizen Smart Wall Clock is very classic, yet has the function of a timer by using LED backlighting to signify the countdown. You can see it here on Amazon:

Julia by CookingPal: The Julia is part of CookingPal’s smart cooking system. Julia is basically a smart food processor and cooking unit into one. It claims to Cook, Chop, Blend, Knead, Weigh, Boil and Steam, Grind, Grate, Whisk, and Emulsify. Ok, It can tell you if what you made is good or bad, but hey. You tried. All this and you can monitor the appliance remotely and manage it with Amazon’s Alexa:

Schneider Full Residential Electrical Panel: Now you can have complete management and control over devices that are plugged into your home. You can find out which devices are taking too much power, or ensure that you’re mitigating any over-heating or fire risk. Pretty smart.

Amazon Alexa’s Newest Features and New Products

These were just a few of Amazon’s exhaustive list of Alexa enabled products. We didn’t even get started on Alexa enabled vehicles!

I am excited to find out more and share what we’re learning here on Automate Your Life.

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