Airthings has announced their new View Plus – The World’s Most Advanced Air Quality Technology. 

Airthings has been providing real-time air quality monitoring smart devices for the past decade. Airthings Air Quality Technology helps monitor indoor air quality by measuring Particulate matter (PM2.5, PM1),  Radon,  Temperature, Humidity, and VOCs (Volatile Organic Compounds). The View Plus provides a visual indication of the particulate matter carbon dioxide,  radon humidity temperature Airborne chemicals like the VOC’s, and air pressure. This looks like the first time where Airthings has put all their Air Quality Monitoring Technology (except mold) into one smart device.

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Airthings View Plus

The View Plus is available in two versions one for the consumer industry and one for the public and commercial buildings.  The View Plus design is minimalistic. It has a small LCD screen that shows you the most relevant air monitoring data in your living space.  Waving your hand in front of the View Plus will display a color status light to tell you whether the air quality in your living space is adequate.

Child waving hand in front of View Plus to check in-home Air Quality

AirThings View Plus Features

  • Sensors
    • Radon [pCi/L]
    • Particulate Matter (PM2.5) [ug/m3]
    • Carbon dioxide (CO2) [ppm],
    • Temperature,
    • Humidity,
    • Airborne chemicals (VOC) such as paints, aerosols, cleaners, and disinfectants [ppb], and
    • Air pressure
  • Display: The view plus provides a 2.9” LCD display, which pans through the different measurements, including weather. There area also status indications that display red/yellow/green.
  • Battery Life: Up to 2 Years, 6 AA batteries. Optional USB-C Connection.
  • Fixture: Wall Mount or sits on Table.
  • Communication: Bluetooth (initial setup), WiFi, or Airthings Smartlink protocol (Hub)
Airthings ViewPlus sitting on table

Airthings Dashboard and App

They are things View Plus can be managed with the Airthings Dashboard,  or Airthings App to monitor the air quality levels in the home. The Airthings View Plus communicates over Wi-Fi and can be integrated into the smart home using Google Assistant, Amazon Alexa, or IFTTT.  You can also add other Airthings air quality monitors such as the Airthings Wave, Wave Mini, Wave Plus to your home with the View Plus’ built-in Hub functionality. The View Plus will communicate between the other Airthings air quality monitors.

View Plus – The World’s Most Advanced Air Quality Technology

Airthings has put all their advanced Air Quality Technology into the View Plus. Its simple, sleek design fits anywhere in the home. It can operate completely wirelessly and be placed almost anywhere on the wall or tabletop. The View Plus measures all the top Air Quality metrics that you would need in the home, including Radon, Particulate Matter, CO2, and VOCs. The View Plus gives you real-time awareness of what is happening in the home.

The Airthings View Plus (Model 2690) is $269 US and is available for pre-order at Free Shipping begins June 2021. The View Plus has a 12-month warranty with a 45-day money-back guarantee. The View Plus package includes the View Plus, 6 AA Batteries, a USB-C cable, and a quick-start guide.

Credit: Airthings